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    8x0.5mile reps off 90secs then.

    Just aiming for sub 6 really. Never as drilled down as a track would be, but easier straight out the door.

    5.56, 5.54, 5.54, 5.48, 5.53, 5.48, 5.49, 5.54

    Bits and pieces into wind, a couple mostly / totally on grass, others maybe a road to cross/hazards, but other bits lovely and smooth - so the full kaboodle really.

    Nice run around.

    Will probs do a 4miler in the woods route later, and then a 13 will take me to a 60mile week.
  • Stevie  GStevie G ✭✭✭✭
    13 today then, 7.19 ish eventually after a couple of 7.30s to get going.
    Took ages to get out, so it was about 10.40 by the time I'd scraped myself out.

    Had a few ideas for a route, but in the end went easy and dull - from the door, to Wycombe's ground, out to West Wycombe, then basically similar back and mucking about late on to make it up to 13.

    Quite a few ups and downs but nothing too major.
    Had a decent lie down after eating but one of that's not so easy you're feeling fresh after to say the least.

    First actual 60mile week after a month or so of nearlies, although 3 of those weekends had races in fairness.
  • I also finished the week with 13 but off-road and slow, suffering a bit of an ankle niggle where I have tweaked something. Might try an easy 4 today but I have physio tomorrow for on-going back issues so I'll sneak a bit of ankle time into the session!

    31 miles for the week which I am happy with whilst carrying an injury and with nine hours of swim/bike on top. Weight continues to fall too, I guess I am the lightest I have been since my early twenties when I wanted to put on weight!
  • Also 31M for me last week, but no swimming and just an hour of cycling :wink:

    Feeling rather beaten up currently - did my hip in playing basketball with my son on Thursday, my hamstring was sore yesterday randomly, despite 2 days rest and my back is really painful today, following lots of wrestling a ball off a small dog for best part of 2 hours on Saturday! I'm a bloody wreck and should probably just stay in bed :smiley:
  • Blimey Reg, lightest since early 20s is impressive! I was nearly 20kg heavier in my early twenties so avoid comparisons.

    Hope the niggles clear up soon, Bus. Anything non-running related tends to destroy me!

    Good paces on the reps, SG, especially considering the variety of terrain. Sometimes (most times) straight out the door is so much more straightforward, in spite of the speed sacrifice.

    Feeling better, SC?


    A solid week of running with just shy of 60M, including a first non-buggy parkrun since its return. The course has got harder and the conditions atrocious – lots of standing water, mud, slipperiness etc. Excuses!

    Really enjoyed a hit out including a few tussles with local runners I know well. Pleased to find an extra gear in the final uphill to the finish to beat my neighbour – neighbourhood bragging rights are critical!

    19:48. So whilst I am lacking in top end speed, it gives a good indication of how much harder the course is, but especially the conditions.

    11M buggy run on Sunday and a return to work today. Desperately need a healthy week – too much food and drink in the last fortnight has left me feeling distinctly sluggish. Especially need this in advance of my forgotten trail marathon at the weekend. Currently scrounging round the house for various bits of medical kit runners are obliged to carry.

  • Stevie  GStevie G ✭✭✭✭
    Reggie, your body always knows when you're trying to push back into run racing and throws a few curveballs in!

    Same for Bus, but unfortunately not even for the racing part! Though different sports and wrestling with random dogs, you should know are asking for trouble!!

    6&4 for me. Standard Monday fare.

    Good work SQ, 60 I always feel is a strong mileage with a turn out too. Can't be sniffed at.
  • Basically there now SQ, thanks, nose a bit snotty though still, feel ok though. Good mileage and PR.

    Bus - You'll be put down soon!

    Reggie - Impressed skinny!

    SG - Nice consistant reps.

    Missing the LFOTM was annoying as there were loads there that I knew from HHH. Will enter this months.

    Wet and slippy PR with the kid saturday morning - nice trip to Reading for the football saturday night. Roused myself for a steady 10 yesterday.

    XC relays on Saturday. Mansfield is going to spit me out badly...
  • Most probably Simon - many would consider it a mercy :smile:

    I think I'm about the same weight as I was when I was 20, but considerably lighter than I was when I was 30!

    Nice parkrunning bragging rights SQ!

  • Stevie  GStevie G ✭✭✭✭
    Post niggle then I've had 3 enjoyable turnouts, Marlow 10k, Silverstone 10k and Metros XC, and done arguably three "proper" sessions

    7x1k , 3x10mins and 8x0.5miles, all off 90secs and all straight out the door using the local park and roads.

    Fancied my first tempo for possibly half a year?!

    Thought a 5miler aiming in the 6.15-6.20 sort of mixer sounded reasonable, aiming to start across a grassy park, loop back and round and potentially do 2 laps.

    In the end, made it up to 5.5miles and changed direction midway to end with the start bit, if that makes sense :)

    Pleasing 6.16 pace all in, with a 6.10 last half mile counter balancing the 6.19ish first mile grassy biased start.

    Felt good. These always feel like a great building block, but can seem the hardest to get out for at times. Although having plenty of disclaimers in mind if needs be helps ;)

    Such as boy was today the day it turned to winter!! In a skin for a session for the first time I can even remember in yonks!!
  • Good mileage SQ, you seem to have been buggy running for some time, I have visions of you pushing around a teenager at some point!

    Old white men can't jump Bus or at least they feel beaten up afterwards :-) 

    Hopefully getting another month will mean a better time for LFOTM SC, my PB was set there and it's looking a bit dated so I might look to venture out there in the spring.

    Good session SG, I am sure those paces will tumble down below 6 too, if you make it a regular one. You are a sub 6 minute mile HM chap after all.

    I went for physio this morning, went to say who I was and who I was here to see and the receptionist announced me in as the winner of the village 5k before I could get my words out  :D. Turns out she ran it too and does the XC series running for Maidenhead AC. Anyway after a few minutes of running chat I was greeted by my physio who, as we walked up to the treatment room, also shared with me her knowledge of my legendary 5k exploits. After casually playing down the enormity of this race victory, she loosened up my back nicely and did ultrasound on my ankle where I have tweaked the ligament. I can run on it but not too much and avoid steep cambers.

    This is pleasing because I have not run since Saturday and it hasn't really improved.
  • Stevie  GStevie G ✭✭✭✭
    This session itself never got sub 6 on the road, even at 75.41 half days, it's more the base level 15-20secs above HM zone.

    However, back in Moz days, you'd start with a few of these, typically 6 - 6.5miles, and then progress it with stuff like ending faster, or adding 3-5min blocks of faster paces, but still keeping the same original pace as the recovery as such :D 
    No wonder that stuff got the fitness up!!  I'll try and get back into that flow and develop it week on week.

    I hope you wangled some free or cheaper physio if they're intending to use your name as PR ;)

    I can vividly remember the old "snap the back" treatment one local physio loved to dish out and was adamant it would fix any issue!
    (Until you were back a few weeks later!)
  • My physio is covered by insurance so it's all free after the first £100  :D 

    5.5 miles is a decent volume, the plan I am basing my LT/Tempo running sessions on peaks at about 6/7 miles. The effort is based on HR, I find them a bit aggressive at the upper end. I am pretty sure I'd be running around 10k PB pace if I even managed to get to the top end of the HR range prescribed in the book.

    7 much more sedate miles off road at lunch, pretty wet and muddy on the trails at the moment.
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    I've had a disgusting lurgy for a week now which hasn't helped my post-marathon recovery.
    Pottered along last week & doing more of the same this week: 5.1 yesterday & 4.2 today
    Only excitement was losing my car key on the warm-up at parkrun. Really didn't help my run which was an underwhelming 22:19 - it was an alternative route hastily put together that morning as the floodwaters rose, consuming parts of the usual route. Still one flooded section to run through 3 times & the course was about 200m too long. Miraculously I did find the key after 2 hours of combing the grass & puddles! Unfortunately this meant I missed the 1st XC fixture in the Glos League. Blessing in disguise probably given my illness & the reappearance of my adductor strain. Apparently the XC course was 3x3K laps each climbing 200'+ & very squelchy in places which doesn't suit me at all: I'm more of a sinker than a floater.

    I feel your frustration Bus - similar to my adductor. Nothing for a couple of weeks then kicks back in on Wednesday & again Sunday. Managed to get to 11 at least before pulling up Sunday - only had about 200m to go to the car or I might've pushed on through.

    You'll beat my weekly mileage at this rate Reg  :D  

    Solid training from you SG

    Keep on keeping on folks.
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    It's truly all about terminology Reg.

    I've long learnt my lesson at using Moz's "marathon pace" terminology, based on a theoretical zone of achieved HMP +15-20secs, as it just seems to aggravate people on one hand, and undervalue the effort of the session on another. (ie say my first marathon pace might only be 6.46 at best...that's a huge 30second differential, and wayyyy easier session)

    Therefore it's "tempo" all the way these days :D 

  • Stevie  GStevie G ✭✭✭✭
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    Good result on the key Jools!

    And I speak from experience of some key losing idiocy! 
    The one time I thought it was a clever idea to have the car key in an unsealed pocket, as I went off bouncing around on a (typically!) decent length run of about 8miles.

    I covered every blade of grass, every snifty of pavement repeatedly for days, walking, running, took a pal along, drove to different bits etc.

    No sign, never found it, and had to pay a good £100+ to get the key/car reflashed or whatever they do, to take away the risk of some dodgy punter finding it, finding where my car is and nicking it. Invalidating insurance etc

    Once you do that you always seal your key, and make sure you have lost car key insurance too!!

    I got through with a crappy "slave" key as a 2nd key after that, that if you were rude enough to try and use, would set an almightly alarm off.

    Anyway, off out to watch Wycombe. Cold and dark...will be fun once i'm there but doesn't feel that way just yet!
  • Good sleuthing skills Jools, hopefully you'll also find the key to the adductor issue.

    I also seem to have the lurgy, I initially thought it was just the chlorine effect but still suffering a couple of days after my last swim.

    As a result my pre Zwift race energy drink was a Lemsip and it was a brute of a race with over 800 metres of elevation. Sounds weird on an indoor race but every time you hit a hill the pace just goes beserk! All in it took 65 minutes. Some of the slower riders were out there for 90 minutes, quite a commitment for an evening Zwift race!

    Hoping to get out for 6-8 miles soon but I am feeling a bit grotty.
  • Stevie  GStevie G ✭✭✭✭
    It's that time of year as well isn't it Reg.
    The time of year you have to really want it to keep on training, it's darker, colder, more bugs about etc.
    At least we're not boring on about heat and in my case, humidity though :D 

    Couple of 4s today.
    Late night last night, and did 12miles over 2 runs, including a session, plus a couple of miles walking to and from footy etc, so a light double is just what the doc ordered.
  • It helps when you're still working from home as the sessions in the dark are avoidable. Speaking of which, just over 8 miles at lunch done, the benefit of a colder day and long sleeves is that I can run without looking at my watch. Anyone else have their Pace/GAP/HR/cadence misaligned on Strava web version? I just ran with a cadence of 17c which to be honest isn't even close to being the temperature either!

  • Mine's the same Reg, except no GAP. That Avg under Pace is GAP - they seem to have lost average pace hence the shift left for all other data fields. It's been like that for a week or two now.
    7.4 chilly miles along the canal first thing for me.
  • Hope you feel better soon Reggie. Couple of training partners and our coach have Covid, although feeling OK. My missus has the lurgy I had and the kid isn't 100% either. Seems like everyone is ill at the moment.

    Shame about the footy SG - Saw the goals on Sky. Loved the home goalie flying out for Ipswich's 4th ;)

    First fast ish stuff for a while last night, did 5 x 1k on the estate course off 90 secs approx. averaged about 3.22's. Not too bad. Got the LBAC stag trophy thing tonight, the 4k, 3 lap blast. Not going eyeballs out tonight tho.
  • Stevie  GStevie G ✭✭✭✭
    Pace can round up or down by a second in between strava and the garmin, but I don't think that's what you mean Reg?

    And yes very right with working from home, and to be honest just doing sessions in the morning.
    When I think of the early days of this thread storming around town in the dark doing tempos!! Heck, that wasn't ideal.

    SC - a very strange game. 1-0 up looking comfy. Deflection 1-1. Our corner, midfield screw up 1-2, big foul on our player, they immediately score 1-3, then the game was long gone and some bizarre goalkeeping.

    Still, 6 wins from 7 at home, and right up there, 16 games in, we'd all have taken that.
    Might not have a league game for 18 days now, which hopefully means we can ge the best player in the league back fit, Garath McCleary , ex Reading. Just embarrassingly too good for this division even at 34.
    We also have Sam Vokes and until last night's shenanigans' Stockdale, ex England and prem keeper. Quality throughout.
  • Stevie  GStevie G ✭✭✭✭
    Single 8 today, usual midweek medium long route. Some woman was hauling herself up the steep bank midway, but then stopped and walked back down,so looked like some sort of efforts. Fair play as that bank is steep.
    Around 7.30 a mile today, 3 seconds over the hour all in.

    Will enjoy the rest of today off.
    Couple of shorties tomorrow, Sat off, Sun turn out, all good.
  • Lots of niggles and bugs going round by the sound of things!

    It's very hard this time of year to keep motivation, particularly if you are not 100%.  I had a good run Monday - sociable and chatty, and a nice run yesterday morning in the woods, but the evening one was dire for a whole range of reasons!
  • Stevie  GStevie G ✭✭✭✭
    I have this thing where I'll do a string of violent sneezes for ages, getting to the point of tight stomach muscles :D 

    But normally disappears overnight / next day.
    Had it just before the last xc, but that still went well, and on a bit of it today post run.
    I suppose it can be as simple as a cold run opening you up a bit / slight allergy / dust, something really mild, but annoying.

    Working from home makes me think how much harder it was in days gone by, where you'd be up early, have to get to somewhere specific to do a blockbuster sesh, but then timing it to get to the office, presentable and ready for work - dealing with loads of varying characters!
  • Although I am feeling under the weather, I don't feel it when training, in fact I think I feel better being outside running than inside.

    I have recently bought a new turbo trainer, before I used my Wattbike but I want to train inside on the bike I race on. Did my first session on it at lunch today, just 45 minutes easy but enjoyed it. Easy run of 3.2 miles straight off the bike, felt really good and holding myself back with that one but still came out at 6:56 pace. I think I am starting to notice the benefits of carrying less weight about. I am also getting used to being told I look ill  :D 

  • Rge - that's because there's been a paradigm shift in perception of what's healthy as a result of the sheer the number of obese people around! I know what you mean about not feeling the lergy when out for a run too.

    Started back in the office this week SG (albeit just the one day!)  A strange mix of oddness and familiarity and got bugger all done because of the novelty and distraction of being with other people in an open plan office!

    Despite my earlier reservations, my lunch run was actually OK, and thanks to getting lost yet again in Wendover Woods ended up at 7.5 hilly miles.  Cold though, and I struggled to undo my laces of sometime when I got back thanks to numb fingers!
  • 'Couple of shorties tomorrow' sounds quite gangsta, SG  :D

    Fair point from Bus about the paradigm shift of healthy. When sub 7s are coming out as easy, Reg, you know you are getting fit.

    Good also that you have the woods so close to you, Bus. 

    Look forward to hearing about the stag trophy, SC. Don't know anything about it. 

    Did a little pre-race session on Tuesday - 10 min tempo on rolling hills, then 4 x 2 min fast uphill. Pulled up a little sore from this - silly really to try first 'fast' hills in a long time. Recovery 5.5M yesterday around the river.

    Weather looks fair for Sunday's trail marathon: 8-11C and 10mph winds. Hopefully the trails will have dried a little since last weekend's deluge. Some plooughed fields could be the end of me though  :D  
  • Reg WandReg Wand ✭✭✭
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    It's normally Bus beating the shorties up.

    I don't know how you knock out all these marathons SQ! Sounds like it will be fun though.

    Early meetings from 7am today so come 9am I pissed off out for a 12 miler in the crisp sunshine with a few hills and a couple of deer also made an appearance. Nice to have the long run done before the weekend.
  • Stevie  GStevie G ✭✭✭✭
    Trail half marathon.

    That's a horrible combination of words! The only saving grace I suppose is that like most trail / xc stuff, the pressure on time disappears.

    Reg - that is a nicely done longer run. The beauty of racing sometimes is that you don't have to do a long run of a weekend!

    Those guys who do a race, but then do loads of extra miles to make up say a 20 for marathon training must find that really difficult, as usually after a race the last thing you want to do is even a 1mile cool down, let alone anything more.
  • Stevie  GStevie G ✭✭✭✭
    4.5mile this morning, will do 3 or so later. As usual the insane sneezing fit was a half dayer, nicely beggared off by the next morning. Albeit will take the rest of today / tomorrow exceptionally easy!
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