Marathon deriders

Don't you just hate people who scoff at you, as a first timer, planning to run FLM.

I don't even get it that badly either, as people know I run, swim and cycle quite a lot (and that I'm a TA soldier too). I cringe to think the kind of sarcastic and deriding comments that must be chucked at the vast majority of first-timers, many of whom haven't done any serious running before.

It wouldn't be so bad, but one of the bods doing it is a PTI at work!! Talk about encouraging .. I don't think.

Right, whine over. I shouldn't complain. The deriders are providing a major source of motivation *grin*.


  • What sort of person is deriding you?

    I think that a lot of people don't relaise the effort that is put in, but that is ignorance.
    Whether you do it it in sub 3 or sub 7 it still takes alot of work.
  • I ran FLM last year as a first timer. Its an event not to be missed. Bin the deriders and crack on and ready yourself for an experoience not to be missed. Best of luck.
  • I ran FLM this year as a first timer. Its an event not to be missed. Bin the deriders and crack on and ready yourself for an experience not to be missed. Best of luck.
  • I rode 140 miles on my bike when I was 16 'cos someone said I couldn't do it.

    Use their comments to keep you going - you'll have a great time in London.
  • Hello there Psi,
    I am hoping to do the FLM next year too, and I am a first timer.. I like the folks that look at you like you have gone soft for just running - let alone being 'crazy' enough to want to do a marathon.

    I'll show em....

    How is your training doing? I am not fast by any means, and am still trying to get started on the RW 100 day half marathon plan.. I will get there and have entered a half marathon for january - as build up to the big one in April.

    Best wishes

  • My training is proceeding adequately, given that I live in central Manchester so have a limited amount of training gradients / surfaces (round here it's flat tarmac, tarmac and yet more tarmac) unless I travel out of the City. I was injured at work last Spring (ankle) so I've only recently recovered to full capacity again. At the moment I'm running reasonably nippy 4-milers with ease; 6-8 milers with more difficulty but still perfectly manageable; and 10-milers are trickier again, hence me not doing too many of them quite yet! (Except for slow runs).

    According to the RW schedules, this is actually about the level of running ability I should have by December if I want to finish in sub-4 hours, which I know I'm capable of, even on my first go round. So I'm doing okay.

    I need to go for a few more long-slow runs however; this will happen as soon as I can get myself another railcard - Pennines here we come!
  • Ignore all the detractors, most of them can't even run to catch a bus!

    I know what I'm talking about,because I'm slow in everything - but I've completed 29 marathons and 2 Ironman triathlons in spite of that and all the people who said I wouldn't make it.

    Keep on keeping on!

  • I believe only those atheletes/sportspeople who have a focused event, and have shown the determination to achieve such a goal can really appreciate the hard work involved. I ran the London Marathon last year, and I know just how how it was to be focused on the mornings of long runs, and when the weather was particularly bad during the winter. Overall, I never can back from training wishing I hadn't bothered. I've now done the marthon twice, I can tell you it is a brilliantly organised event, and the support the crowd give you is something that is hard to put into words. I've done many challenging things, but completing the marathon (in whatever time) was the most satisfying thing ever........what ever anyone says, this is an event not to be missed, perhaps not for personal bests, but for the shear guts and determination you will see from fellow runners........stick with it......good luck
  • In 2002 I achieved an ambition and turned 21 years of saying one day I will run London into actually running it. It was without doubt one of the best days in my life and certainly worth all the hours of training (and the injuries!)
  • NessieNessie ✭✭✭
    Psi, you are right to whinge. I don't mind people shaking their heads and muttering "mad, mad woman" but anyone who says "you can't do that" just get my back up. I can, I have and I will!

    Anyone needing inspiration, have a look at Mike ran last years FLM, and went through a lot to get there, but his "journey" was amazing, and I learned a lot from his site.
  • PSI, Nessie is so right I can, I have and I will' FLM tells us 26.2 is the number runners are measured by. For me I have now set the next challenge, New York Nov 2003, Disney Jan 2004, London to Brighton Oct 2004. The latter I am being questioned by lots of people about my sanity, but what the hell. Its not them running it its me, and it will be me who suffers the pain and lives in the glory of finishing, (and Cancerbacup who benefit from the sponsorship I plan on raising).

    If you want to do it go for it. There is only one voice that you should listen to and thats the one that says you can.

    What kept me going was the thought of the pain those I was raising money to help were suffering. They don't have a choice on thier condition I did, and I am sure that the pain of beating a PB far less than that of suffering from Cancer.
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