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  • Pinks keep your head up. I dont like looking at the top of the hill but keep my focus level with my eyes. If you look at the ground you will run yourself that way (into the ground).

    When you run down hill. Keep everything relaxed again on the balls of your feet. you should feel as if you are falling down it! You should use the same effort coming down as going up. If you slow your pace coming down you are likely to put a lot of pressure on your knees as you will be leaning backwards. Recipe for injury!!!!
  • Morning all,

    Everyone sounds like they have been doing some great running.
    I did 8miles last night in 9min miles so i was really pleased with progress and fitness untill i stopped and couldnt walk let alone run anywhere. Did all the RICE stuff and have a knee strap on this morning and feels fine even when going downstairs. Have also booked in with a sports physio. But am generally feeling down.. this kind of stuff isnt very good for my confidence... gutted am going to rest for rest of week hopefully still be there for
  • Fenn (((hugs))) that is the problem when you feel good. You will recover. Try a recovery run to stretch out those legs. But only if it isn't too painful - no longer than 20 mins very very very slow!!ie walk if you need to
  • hey Bananas must of missed last post.
    As Cas says they count the run to the park and back as part of the 4/6 or 8 miles.
    You should definetaly look out for me next week. I love the adidas runs being able to run with others is soo much fun times flys.

    I usually wear a bright green fleece with hoody Doing the 8miles next week all being well with injuries. You know people say they dont like there bum or belly etc... well i hate my left knee its such an attention grabing part of my body grumble grumble

    Think will have yo purchase Paulas book could do with some motivation

    Pinks/Cas how do you know what wave you are in?
  • Fenn, poor you! don't worry you will soon be fit again. think the first 2000 are in the first wave and if your number is after that its in the second wave. i'm 3344 so well into the second wave.

    Rio, so glad i asked you about the hills - i had no idea about running back down!! how are you supposed to catch your breath then?
  • You do that as you down anyway. because although the effort seems the same it is easier if you get what I mean. You wont recover completely but as much as you need to.
    The great thing is that you will be passing people on the way up and on the way down!! And this helps to keep you going.

    It is what Kenyan hills are all about - repeated hill reps for 20-30 mins over a slope that will take you about 2 minutes to get to the top of!
  • thanks :)

    Im 1336 so guess im in First wave... maybe i was over optimistic with times guess will see on sunday.

    Havnet tried any hill running to date.. havent got any near me to tackle guess when get back on the road will try the treadmill out

  • That sounds like a total killer!

    do you think i will need to wear anything different because of the wind/rain on sunday? at the moment i wear long running tights/pants and then a running vest with long sleeved running top over that and nothing else. i don't have a jacket or gillet or anything - are they useful?
  • If you have one fine. If you dont and have been out in all weathers then why worry about extra kit?
    You will have the bin bag to keep you protected at the start and also your "throw away" kit to keep you warm til you start running.

    And yes hills are a killer but they are speedwork in disguise and you can get a really good workout in minimal time!
  • well if i'm totally honest i haven't actually run in the rain...yet!! and it is fairly sheltered where i live and run so not too windy most of the time either!
  • I would only buy one if you really feel you must. I have one and I love it. It has zip off sleeves so is doubly useful.
    but you might find that you only need another top. You will get wet whateverand the wind is still a battle whatever you have on!
    It is more important for the start and the finish that you get warm and dry

    Oh and if it is raining take another pair of shoes and socks in your kit bag so you dont stay in wet feet for hours
  • pinks...am 4*** so will be with you...sound as tho Fenn is far too fast for me anyway!
  • so if you wear your running jacket thingy what do you find you need to wear underneath? is any one make better than another? only thin i find difficult with tops is that i have a long body and arms so quite often they feel short. one with zip off sleeves sounds a great idea - a two in one!

    Cas, will see you on the day then!

    is Chris2 doing it too?
  • I am a cold body so wear loads. But if you normally get warm you could use it in replacement for one of the long sleeve tops.

    Mine is a cycling one that I think I got from Wiggle. Maybe if you go for a mens one or unisex rather than women specific you might get a better fit
  • There seems so much preperation involved im getting excited nerves just thinking about sunday... is the weather gonna be bad then.

    Not fast runner just an naive beginner!!!
  • good idea Rio! think there are two running shops in Brighton so i will have a look when i am down there - quite looking forward to weekend away and some sea air!

    did you pick up any other useful info on your trailplus w/e Rio? how are you finding your running now you've switched to time - is it any different?
  • There seems so much preperation involved im getting excited nerves just thinking about sunday... is the weather gonna be bad then.

    Im looking forward to trying/making out the trow away gear with the gaffa tape on saturday
    Not fast runner just an naive beginner!!!
  • Fenn your times are pretty good for a beginner but everyone has their own capabilities.

    Pinks I have only just started trying the time thing and this weekend will be the first long run by time. I reckon that psychologically it will be better but I am also going to split it into 3rds as was suggested. First 3rd very slow, 2nd at marathon pace and last at recovery pace or if I am feeling really good a bit of threshold.

    Trying to remember tips is hard unless the right questions are asked as there was so much information given
  • are you judging your pace by using a heart rate monitor? I tried it as that was how keith Anderson explained the different speeds but it seemed that I was up to threshold very quickly but felt as if I could run faster.
  • I am in the same boat Linda but I am going to persevere with it. Having run with him though he was telling me to go quicker when my HR was telling me that I was up to 80%.
    I think the idea is that you can bring your HR down by training in the "zone" so that it all feels easier for longer

    WE shall see
  • perhaps my body is telling me Im too old to be doing this!!
    My husband keeps saying that the human body is not meant to run 26 miles, but I think he means his body.
  • Of course he means his body Linda!! You are never too old. There is that 90whatever indian guy who runs and is amazing!!!
  • how are you calculating your heart rate though because doing it on working heart rate makes a huge difference...i had the same problem when i started using hrm until i did the calsulations using whr.
  • oh, how do you do it your way? I was taking my maximum as 226-age so thats 176 and then working out the 60-65%, 70-75% and 80-85% of that for recovery, marathon, threshold etc
  • do the same initially ie 226-age and then take off your resting heart rate (best to take that first ting in morning over couple of dys and do average) and then you do the percentages and finally add back in your resting heart rate. made a huge difference to me...also check your resting heart rate every couple of weeks as mine has dropped as i have become fitter.

    theres loads of other stuff on heart rates on the RW website and lots of articles etc.
  • I left mine to my 301 but will probably have to revise it a bit. I am going to leave it a week or two though til I have some readings to compare as Keith suggested. but using that method my 80% is 158 and I reach 167 regularly?!!
  • "That" method being the 226-age etc one
  • think i am pretty much the same Rio!
  • So it kind of doesn't make much sense as I would be walking most of the time. Keith suggested that I get some regular readings and then adjust my zones accordingly
  • true but better than just the 226 - age method! maybe the 'perceived exertion' method is better after all?! i always wear my hrm and keep an eye on hr levels and provided they stay pretty constant to what normally are for that particular spedd i don't worry - nice just to know that you have a way of monitoring it so you know if suddenly went up then there was a problem.

    any of you done a max heart rate test? would be interesting to see how that affects the calculations.
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