can't eat after running

hi all

I run about 3 times a week and have done for approx 4 years. I compete in a few 10s, halfs and one marathon a year. I'm training for edinburgh at the moment and am doing long runs of approx 16 at the moment as well as a few shorter ones during the week. REcently I have noticed that when I come in from a long run (anything over say 6-8 miles) I just can't face food. I used to be starving when I came in and would eat anything I could put my hands on. Now I just can't and I have noticed my energy levels dropping, understandably. I've tried smoothies, rice pudding, nuts, even food that I normally can't resist but it just makes me feel ill. Anyone experienced anything similar or got any suggestions?

I'm female, 5'6 and about 8.5 stone (and veggie) if that makes any difference...

thanks in advance


  • ScreamScream ✭✭✭

    I get this quite a lot.  Try having a glass of chocolate (or ordinary) milk and a small sarnie or something similar.

    There are also quite a few recovery drinks on the market, but I'm not really into stuff like that; others probably are.

  • M..o.useM..o.use ✭✭✭

    I totally agree with Scream.

    I can't stomach food either but I can somehow manage a Slimfast drink.  That seems to settle me a bit and means I can eat later. 

  • I'd go for a promax shake. (I should get bloody paid for how often I recommend them) They are easy on the stomach, contain protein and should help until you feel like eating. Often I "go past" hunger and can't be bothered, but I can always get one of those down!

    8.5 stone at 5'6" is very light. BMI is only 19.2, so you don't want to lose weight. If you require a bit more, I have a slight surplus you can gladly take from! image

  • thanks for all your suggestions. Will try the shakes you suggest- never been big on anything milky but will have to try something.

    thanks again

  • LS21LS21 ✭✭✭

    I'm exactly the same after my long training runs - I can't face foo at all, and my BMI is pretty low too.

     I usually have a Recovery Drink/Shake (SiS Rego works for me, with an extra scoop of Whey Protein) - but I literally have to force it down. I then try and eat something quite carby, and again just force it down. It's not particularly pleasant, but I just think it's my body needing calories asap - so needs must type thing.

    The advice to just force food down your neck probably isn't what you were after, but at least you know quite a lot of other people suffer from exactly the same thing as you and that you're very much not alone!

  • I can vouch for REGO too. As long as you give it a really good shake!!! I really struggled after FLM on Sunday, and couldn't even eat half my dinner at 7pm!  I figure that managing the REGO means my body is getting something towards what it needs after a long run, despite me being unable to eat. 
  • <span>Make sure you’re not dehydrated! You need to drink lots of water through the days pre race day and sometimes when you’re dehydrated I’ve heard water isn’t enough you need electrolytes or sodium (more water if you’re TOO dehydrated and have had lots of water, water won’t help any more 😳). Not sure get on the google but I would recommend an electrolyte drink and you can buy tablets to keep in the pantry and add them to water. </span>
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