Creaking Knees

I'm 39 and currently training for my 3rd Marathon in 3 years, I'm trying to do this years un-injured. Unfortunately I tend to stop running after completing each marathon and put on a bit of weight in-between, nothing horrific I think. I'm currently 14 stone (and maybe a bit) and traditionally lose just over a stone in training.

Whilst warming up and stretching tonight my knees were really creaking. Very loudly, No particular pain - slight discomfort, should I worry? I've heard cod liver oil is OK. Are there any quad exercises i can do that won't stress my knees anymore?

I did search the forums as I doubt this is new but couldn't find anything.

Cheers, James.


  • Just found a few other threads without answers. So I doubt if I'll get any advice? 

  • Just read a thread on another site where a doctor said of creaky joints, if they don't hurt don't worry about it.
  • James,
    It develops with age(!) Think of it as a sign of maturity ...
    On the other hand, having had creaky knees on and off for a while now, I have found that regular stretching helps and making sure that I do some stuff other than simply running, so that I use a range of joint movements.
    One final pointer that helped me (pointed out by my physio) is that as we get older the synovial fluid that basically lubricates our joints, isn't quite as smooth flowing as we get older, so we may need to warm up a bit more and loosen our joints off before we exercise properly.
    Personally, I usually start the day walking around reading a book, then after a few minutes, gently roll each of my joints from the neck down, and then do any particular exercises for that day.
    Hope that helps. and ...
    Good luck image
  • Every year I have to concentrate stretching out a different part of my body to the max.
    So far... toes, arch of foot, calf, thigh, bum, lower back and now Knees. Looks like I have the full set!

    Very soon my warm up routine will take longer than my run! image

  • If it's any consolation, in the winter, unless I am marathon or half marathon training, my warm up and cool down nearly always take longer than my run!
  • Another creaky knee-er here, various opinions ranging from Chrondromalacia through resultant effects of Osgood Schlatters as a teenager, through age, wrong shoes, and "Christ, what the feck is wrong with your knees, have you seen someone about it?" and a few others.

    So I turn my hearing aids off and now I can't hear it. It doesn't really hurt unless I catch it wrong so Hooray all round.

    General consensus seems to be if it don't hurt, don't worry about it.
  • Did you ever find the root cause?
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