Hi, advice please.

I completed a c25k in 6 weeks after years of weight gain and no exercise, although just before I did, started to swim for a couple of months doing about 1200m in the pool 4 times a week. I'm now 4 weeks into running my own routine, around 5 - 6k 3 - 4 times per week and am increasing speed (from about 13 mm when I started to a 10.50 today, yay!). I'm doing a Race for Life 5k next weekend and have signed up for a 10k in early October. The charity I work for had some places for the Run to the Beat half marathon in London on 28th October and I have signed up for a place. Is it completely unreasonable to expect to run all the way around, or is someone at my basic and poor level of fitness going to really struggle? I've bought the Hal Higdon Novice 1 app but am nervous about increasing my mileage so much.

All advice extremely welcome but please be nice (been a bit burned by RunnersWorld.com beginners forum which is filled with competitive runners telling people like me that we shouldn't be racing as we're essentially embarrasing and holding up all the elite athletes!!!)




  • Isounds very doable if you ask me. I would concentrate on increasing one of your runs every week into a longer (and slower) run. Rule of thumb is to increase by about 10% per week. The other two runs you do, make one of the a normal run and the other keep shortish, but quick. You should storm it!!

    Good luck and enjoy it image

  • Thanks Rafiki! Great advice, fingers crossed! image

  • Im doing run to the beat too! Will be my first half marathon.. and am building mileage up slowly.. if i am correct its 16 weeks tomorrow. So plenty of time.

  • You can definitely do it if you're already regularly running 5k. I wouldn't worry about time - go as slow as you need to get to the end of the run, and always better to go even slower for the first mile or two to warm up and leave plenty in the tank for the end of the run.

    As Rafiki says, keep doing what you're doing but just increase one of your runs a little bit each week (and keep it slow!)
  • Here is the Half Mara training plan than I am starting this week in time for Bristol Half on 30 Sep


    Edited to add - its a 'just get round' schedule
  • Schmunks - you doing Bristol then?? I'll see you there - I'll be looking good in my Pirate top as usual image

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