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  • Re: Sub 3h15

    Nice going, SBD. Equally you are in a very good place.  oo, great running and prize winning. Landmarks half should be quicker, particularly as you wont have run a marathon a week or so earlier.  (View Post)
  • Re: Sub 3h15

    Well done, Jools. Hopefully you can kick on now. That's some manual record keeping, PMJ! Mike, I have tried different methods. My first mara in 2014 I did p and d to 55 miles. It was a big step up … (View Post)
  • Re: Sub 3h15

    Mike, your running age is relatively young and your real age isnt so high that youve peaked just yet. My first mara at 38 was 3.18 and my 6th at 42 was 2.59 and i started running with purpose in circ… (View Post)
  • Re: Overdone it?

    Congrats, Pete. Mace, so many people I know were laid up over xmas with various levels of colds. 10 miles planned tonight. Entered Village Bakery half yesterday so that gives me 2 good cracks at … (View Post)
  • Re: Sub 3h15

    it would have been great for comedy value if it had been taken by an opportunist who tried to extort say £100 from you for the name back.  Ticking along with an easy 10 this morning. in the last few… (View Post)