Tri training made mes LESS fit???

Just did my first tri (sprint distance, but its a start!)at the weekend - cr*p result but thrilled to finish in one piece and totally loved the whole experience. I trained for it for 8 weeks using the Jo Friel book, and prior to that was regularly running 8 - 10k.
I did not run any further than 5k during training, so decided to do 10k today and had to stop and walk twice!! Gutted! Had high hopes of improving my running via tri - any suggestions/advice?


  • Go Long

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    Same thing is happening to me. Don't get me wrong, I'm no great athlete though. I've only done one tri so far.

    I did Stratford tri and I was really pleased with it.

    I've done 2 x 10k races since and the first one was close to a PW and the second was a minute slower than that. I've got another 10k race tomorrow and I'm dreading it.

    The running dropped off to do the biking. It's the only thing I can think of. Only answer I can think of is to train more.

  • Thanks Ms T - glad I'm not the only one. I'm no great athlete either (race night prep consisted of painting my toenails so as not to look too skanky by the pool and a big glass of red wine to help me get to sleep...)
    Hard to train more often as I have a job and 2 small kids, but maybe I just need to train harder, or sack the longer runs and concentrate on tri as I did love love love it on the day.
  • Your slower run could be due to fatigue or just be a coincidence. If you want to carry on tri training but also want to improve your run fitness youll either have to work harder for longer or add more run sessions.

    It also depends how much run specific training you were doing before and how much Tri training your doing now.

    The swim and bike sessions you do will certainly help your endurance and overall fitness but if your replaying 5 or 6 focussed run sessions with say 6-7 multisport sessions its reasonable that your shorter distance run strength will suffer.

    Overall youll certainly be fitter, tri training works more of your body and youll have more core fitness.

  • you have to decide what you want to do.
    do you want to run fast 10k's or fast Tris,

    though they overlap. training is event specific,training for the other 2 events (swim and bike) will help increase you aerobic capacity, but the only way to run faster 10k's is to train for that.

  • like i said Barly 'go long'
  • Interesting topic.. my run is very poor now to.
  • your run was always poor.

  • my run is better :-)
  • I used to be 1:48 for a half marathon, ive never got near that in the last 4 years.
  • but you are a goddess
  • but surely you are glad to sacrifice the speed for endurance?
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    I use the things like our summer 10k series to boost the tri training. I found during the spring that I was doing a Saturday long bike of about 25/35 miles but was then too spangled to do a long run on a Sunday. I understand the concept of swim a bit, bike a lot and run a bit so that's what I sort of did.

    On the basis of working for sprint tri only this season, how many sessions each of swim, bike and run should I be doing per week?

    Considering I'm fat, unfit and crap?

  • I resemble that comment...
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    hardeebloodyhar SVT.

    Maybe if we sit long enough and patiently enough the lesser spotted yellow tri God may appear and share his/her knowledge.

  • Shhhhh! To the hide!
  • <waits>

  • I agree with someone (Barley?) up above - I doubt you're less fit, but I reckon you will have lost some running endurance.

    If you're sprint training...

    Drop your Saturday cycle down to 10/20 miles, then you'll be OK to do your long run on the Sunday.

    I never cycled anywhere near 35 miles when I was first sprint tri training... but I did carry on running 10km (and above).
  • More advice - keep mixing your training up, make sure your training matches all your goal races (if one of your goals is a 10km running race then prepare for it), and.... make sure you enjoy it!
  • Sorry only dogs reading this thread

    See, Joe freil books are crap.

    long bike of about 25/35 miles ¦oD

    Tri doesn't improve your running, running improves your running and tri gives you an excuse to train when you should be resting.

  • M..o.useM..o.use ✭✭✭
    25/35 miles is a bloody long bike to me - I bow to your superior bikeishness.

  • sorry, I though you were expressing it as a fraction!
  • So the sad fact of the matter is that there is no magical yellow-and-black wonderpill to make me a better runner, I just need to get off my now-nearly-41-and-actually-not-quite-so-fat-any-more backside and move. Shame. :)
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    Hollywood - I hear you but I have no consistency to my races. So I have a sprint tri in July, a maybe in August and at the start of September and a definite at the end. I have a series of 10k race, a 5k race, a half marathon (early Sept) and a full marathon (end Oct) all entered.

    *confused blink*

    Should I enter things with less gusto?

    What's a fraction? Do I need a bike computer for that?

  • Respect Ms T - I am exhausted just reading that list
  • so are my 75 mile bike rides to long then?
  • {creeps humbly away from thread wishing she'd never started this}
  • my 100 mile bike rides always feel to long.

  • dont creep away, you asked a perfectly reasonable question.
    you should find as you do more swim/bike training you will get faster in your running
    I certainly did and that was only on 3 runs a week
    good luck and enjoy the new sport you have discovered
  • M1 I have that problem with my 100 mile runs!
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