Can anyone recommend any sunglasses that are good for running/sports?

I did a half yesterday and the sun (as lovely as it was) gave me a migraine, so would need a pair that would stay on as i am running along, as well as protect my eyes.

Any suggestions???


  • I personally hate wearing sunglasses while running, but my wife (heptathlete) swears by Oakleys. She's had a couple of different designs now, I'll ask her tonight which they are (they all look the same to me!).
  • I would rather not run in sunglasses either but I suffer quite a lot of migraines that quite often are triggered by bright lights, so your wife's advice would be great.
  • I find that sunglasses just irritate me, so I just wear a baseball cap instead - although could have done with sunglasses Saturday morning when the sun was so low and so bright - but then it would have been a crime to block out that gorgeous morning! lol
  • I swear by running in sunglasses (when it is sunny...) as otherwise I tend to screw up my eyes which in turn hunches your shoulders and prevents me from relaxing properly whilst running. And I get headaches too.
    I at the moment wear Blocs but they are not ideal as they steam up after around 45 minsutes of running.
    If I had the money I would wear a pair of Oakley's. Sports Shops such as Sweatshop stock them and dedicated running Adidas and Nike sunglasses too.
    It is best to try before you buy as different styles of frames suit different shapes of faces.
  • As I wear prescription lenses I always run in sunglasses ( unless its dark ) Does anyone know of a manufacturer who makes "sports" type prescription sunglasses ?
  • Oakley do!
  • I've got some fab addidas sunglasses - they have interchangeable lenses so you can gear them to the brightness of the day - see my photo to the right to see me wearing them.
    I have a small head so I find most Oakleys tooo big and very uncomfortable.
  • I`ve found sunwise are a decent make, and a fraction of the price of oakleys, not bad for first a time trial, especially if you find you dont like running with sunglasses on, mine cost about £16.
  • ditto with the Sunwise - cheap, light, comfortable & functional.
  • Got a great pair of Bolle from - interchangeable lenses (which is fun, but not absolutely necessary) but also with prescription inserts (they have these on two of their "Active Sport" Range). Fabulous for those slightly short of sight (like me)whose eyes do not like contact lenses. Check out if you fancy a browse.
  • I almost always run in sunglasses, quite often when the sun isn't shining because I find that it cuts out glare (especially on long straight stretches) and helps me to relax. Up until last year I used to wear cheap but comfortable sunglasses and they were fine, but then treated my self to a pair of Oakley Half Jackets and they are the business - they fit perfectly with zero slipping or bouncing because they have rubber nose and ear pieces and being Oakley the lenses provide full protection from UVA/UVB light etc. At £89 they weren't cheap but there are worse glasses out there that cost more. Most of the Oakley range are decent for running fives, twenties, eyejackets etc.
  • Try oakley M Frames,its the ones the pro's wear.Not cheap but no slippage and perfect fit.Never had any problem with them and they are 3 years old now.
  • I'm a bit of an Oakley girl myself! For smaller faces the "Minutes" are great and look cool but are also functional running-wise..
  • I've got some of the Nike Airelon glasses (same as Paula wears I think). Very light, don't slip, don't mist up. Think they cost me 85 quid, and they're well worth it.

    Still hankering over a pair of Oakley M Frames though - might treat myself once spring arrives with a bit more force.

  • WardiWardi ✭✭✭
    I have Oakley Zero's (about £80 I think), echo the points about nil bounce or slippage. They have no frame at the bottom or side so all round visibility is excellent.

    They also have that vital ingredient; you put them on, set off then forget you are wearing them. Oakleys are on the expensive side but I have tried cheaper alternatives and personally found there to be comparison.
  • I use Briko Lucifers with HC lenses (Interchangable) good in the sun but dont need to be romved in the shade

    Use them for cycling and running - good venting to reduce steam up and no bounce while running
  • Guys - Sigma Sport ( has some sunnies on offer, including the ones WW mentions above. 50% off. Go look! go to the site, click Special Offers on the left then eyewear on the next page. Have used Sigma for ordering off the net before and no complaints.
  • Those sunwise glasses seem too cheap to be true... Do they have proper UV filter lenses in them or are they just pretty coloured plastic? 7.99 seems much more attractive than £80+ for a pair of Oakleys...
  • They have been reviewed in the mags in the past and rated pretty well, they are just no frills glasses that do the job, they look fairly good too. Where did you see them for 7.99?
  • I use Blocs with interchangeable lenses similar to Bloc Stealth but with individual lenses and don't know if they are still available - great for running, skiing and biking. They don't move around on a sweaty nose. As the lenses are larger than fashion sunnies the do give very good protection and they also do a wide range of lens colours and UV ratings. Agree with comments on Oakley as well but Blocs are similar and less expensive!
  • I saw them here:

    Only the result of a Google search, can't vouch for the site.
  • I can defo vouch for the sunwise, I`ve had no problems with mine and they do have uv protection, like Moe states their no frills but very pratical.
  • Lots of beer on board, got to stay in Sat as doing Ackworth 1/2 on Sun. Ordered Sunglasses from Bourne, never mind as i backed a 20-1 shot today at Suny Donny
  • what model of sunwise glasses would you recommend, as the main two on m&m sports are altitude and buzz two
  • Where is best place to get Oakleys? Running shop or opticians?
  • re sunwise, i`ve got the alpa two version, no bottom rim and vent well, only have probs when heavy sweating.
  • Helen T - you could try looking for Oakleys on the internet - bound to be the cheapest way.
  • I have blocs with 3 lenses, wraparoundl ike Oakleys, good if I can keep my kids off them. Don't slip off when nose sweaty, £40 in my local outdoor shop (I agree with all the Bourne thread comments on local shops being better but have never found Bourne people to know anything about what they're selling, by the way)
  • Watch they always auctioning sun-glasses
  • In response to an earlier post by Mercury, try this site, it's outstanding and the prices are reasonable too:
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