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  • I did a tentative 3 miles yesterday followed by legs stuff in the gym, and 9 miles today (slow/easy pace). Still getting my legs back, so to speak. 
  • Finally a rest day for me... Already at nearly 50k for the week and have 8k tomorrow & a 19/20k run Sunday - big week for me based on recent distance

    Every now and again I seem to get a golden few weeks of good quality running, things just come easy, click, with HR low and pace high - I'm at the end of one of those periods now

    Really enjoyed the last few weeks with some gloriously easy longer runs and an unoffical 10k @44.19, easily my quickest in 18 months ! 

    Hope those legs are coming back Cal. It's proper cold here today but looks like its going to be frosty and cold tomorrow for parkrun...

  • They were ropey as hell Thursday and Friday so no running, but I had an OK parkrun today. Still waiting for one of those golden's been quite poor for a while now.
  • How are those legs Cal ?

    Golden period definately over. Yesterdays MP efforts were shocking, easy for today at some point and then have a 20k session of 800 on, 800 off either tomorrow or Friday - day will heavily depend on weather ! I don't mind the cold so much but the rain in combination can do one...
  • Well I'm rubbish at gauging MP, DH, so don't beat yourself up too much. I think most of us find it hard until we've done it quite a lot. Weather certainly doesn't help - I'm constantly checking my pace for slip hazards, whether it's frost or leaf mulch.

    I managed a not fast 12 miler on Sunday. Monday was rest (went to an exhibition with a visiting friend so just walking around). Legs very heavy yesterday so just did 4 slow miles before the gym then pummeled them with weights before doing an even slower mile back home. But today I made them go a bit quicker - 8 miles with some faster bits. I hesitate to call them sprints because I didn't have that in me after yesterday, but I managed to get them to turn over a bit better. Sore now mind you.
  • Yeah I agree... Took me a few months of consistent MP to get the feel and know what it was. The perceived effort changes when you get tired as well and even got to the stage of being able to feel that out...

    Current MP feels like additional effort to last time as it's 10s quicker as well I'm sure... 

    Recovery easy run at Cardiff parkrun this morning. Legs dead after the MP session yesterday, surprised they worked at all. Local Tredegar House called off due to flooding, 1st I remember being called off but always planned on Cardiff as it pavement based and knew legs would be tired... 

    What exhibition did you visit ?

  • Disney 100. My friend was very keen to go and bought me a ticket. It's mostly history of the animations and films though there's a little bit of theme park stuff which is what I'm mostly keen on.
    I did Shorne Woods today in Kent. Not too bad under foot but weather was wet and I didn't run very well. Had a funny leg spasm thing in the first half mile or so but managed to run/limp through it. I put it down to not having done a proper warm up due to the weather.
  • Oh kiddo would have loved that...

    Long run completed, 1hr 45m and much better than last week not really feeling it today which is good. Same again Sunday but slower as have harder efforts mid-week...
  • I wasn't feeling it at all yesterday - what I call a swimming pool day, and no because I went for a swim. It's that feeling you get when you climb out of the pool, having been weightless in the water, and suddenly feel all the gravity weighing you down. So I did nothing yesterday and bumped my long run until today. It meant more traffic and dodging the school run but I have a route that goes on quieter roads and I was able to knock out a half. Felt a lot better aside from a niggling groin, which I hope settles down.
  • Today I did a 4 mile recovery run. I don't normally run the day after a long run but there was some sunshine and it would be nice for a shuffle. I quite enjoyed it despite the slow pace and heavy legs. It was also warm enough for a T-shirt.
    I went straight to the gym after for some heavy posterior chain work, during which time the sky went very dark and I found myself walking back across Tooting Common in my T-shirt in a thunderstorm. 
  • I often find recovery is better with a light easy recovery run the day after something harder. 30-40 mins hits the spot but really need to keep that HR low. Will do one later on the treadmill I think as easier to control my HR...

    Had my threshold session yesterday which looked like it was going to be hard, and was. 2 sets of 10x400 with 5 min recovery inbetween the sets. The 2x final 400m were really hard going, especially as I choose a route that was uphill to finish... Usual flat route out of commission for a few days, soil testing or something
  • If I need to keep HR low I go on the elliptical. It refuses to stay low on runs. 
    Sounds like a tough session.

    Did 7 miles today. While I don't feel poorly, I developed a bit of a dry cough last night and felt a bit wheezy on this run, although energy levels were good and legs felt OK aside from groin twinge after mile 4.  Went to the gym after but stuck with light rehab as my joints felt horrible, despite legs feeling quite bouncy on the run. 
  • Always get some HR drift happening, maybe it's that over time Cal... 
    It's also the time for colds, loads of people seem to have them currently - how I've avoided to date is beyond me !

    12k session yesterday which was easy + 4x mile repeats + easy... Decent session and all paces 5-10s faster than they should be which means my legs feel really tired today but thankfully a rest day ! 
  • Yeah it's a proper cold now. No running for me and sadly, no parkrun yesterday.
  • I'm up in Manchester now. I actually managed a parkrun and it wasn't too bad despite not running for 8 days. I still have a bit of a cough and some snot but it's not so bad now. I picked a small parkrun called Chadderton Hall, which is four laps with a hill and lots of twists and turns,  but it's all on good surfaces. I ran all the way although not felt fast enough though. But I was delighted with 33:44 as 44 was one of the two remaining numbers I need for my stopwatch bingo challenge (just need 00 now). Funniest thing was meeting a couple from  London who live on the road where I spent my childhood. Small world.
  • Hope all had a good Christmas ! Few days away in Pembroke for me at a house in Freshwater on the beach. Pleasant change from the norm'

    Had a few runs but with the over indulgence of Christmas been a hard week ! Looking to get back at it now though... MP Progression yesterday which at the end felt like enough, how I will try manage that for an additional 25k I'm not so sure 🤨
  • Unfortunately I've stacked on a bit of weight too due to being ill plus Christmas eats. Back at it now though. Woodbank parkrun on Christmas Day then 4 miles on Thursday and 5 miles yesterday. After a chesty cold I have to ease back in so it's delayed my marathon training unfortunately...Brighton is an early one, too. First weekend in April.
  • I put on around 2kg in the end, I didn't really hold back knowing marathon training in full swing. Easy to lose after a few weeks...

    Wonder how Hazel & John are getting on ?
  • Cal JonesCal Jones ✭✭✭
    I follow Hazel on Strava and she's still plugging away. Just not active on here.
    I returned to Thames Path parkrun (the one with the fun spiral mound) for NYD parkrun, then did a cautious 3 miler in the rain prior to storm Henk kicking off on Tuesday. Gym yesterday and, finally, a double figures run today (10 miles). Felt alright. I need to lose some weight and get fitter but I'm hoping marathon training will take care of that.
  • Yeah I follow Hazel as well, she's cracking on ! No idea where John is but I see he's churning out his usual speedy parkruns ! 

    Glad to see you are back on the mend ! Marathon training solves all, I put on a little over Christmas but that won't take long with long runs to shift 

    Yesterdays MP session went well... 2k@4:50, 1k@5:20 avg just under 5:00 for a whole 24k. Compared to the same session a year ago and HR was 15 lower and much quicker. I like seeing progress when possible...
  • Cal JonesCal Jones ✭✭✭
    That's good progress. I seem to be heading in the opposite direction, alas.
    I did go to parkrun today - originally my intent was to travel to a new one but it's now pretty hard to find one in easy reach that doesn't involve trail or grass. I'd basically have to go to the coast, or somewhere like Milton Keynes or Maidstone which are a 2 mile jog from the station (which I don't want to do in this weather as I want my warm coat). So I decided to go back to Lordship Rec (Tottenham) for the third time as it's all paved, relatively flat and an easy tube journey (two changes but both involve walking from once side of the platform to the other). 
    Unfortunately I wasn't feeling it today so 28:40 was my slowest time here. I ran slower and at a higher HR than on NYD so I think there was quite a bit of fatigue from the 10 miler on Thursday (my longest run since being ill).
    I am doing my 250 next week so I'd like to do something more fun for that and in a more rested state, I think.
  • Cal JonesCal Jones ✭✭✭
    I decided to tackle 12 miles today, which didn't quite go to plan due to my questionable decision to try and run up to Crystal Palace, which is a hilly route.  On reflection, it was probably foolish to attempt it when I am still fatigued from the midweek 10, which was the longest run I'd done since Dec 11. My legs were already tired going up the first, smallish hill, so Christ knows why I decided it would be a good idea to continue in that vein. By the time I made it up the long hill to Crystal Palace, my old friend anxiety* had kicked in so I noped out of crossing the road to the park and decided I'd do a (mostly) out and back instead. Which was OK except I felt like I'd done 20 miles when I got to 10. I still pushed on for another 2 because I'm stubborn like that. I hope I don't regret that later.

    * I have experience anxiety going up hills a couple of times, which I suspect may be related to an incident from a field trip in my teens when I lost my footing going up a snow-packed corrie and started to slide down. The last boy in the line managed to stop me. I don't know what would have happened had he not, but I doubt it would have been fun. It didn't overly traumatise me at the time but I do wonder if it has now had some effect. I also suspect my anxiety is worse when my legs are a bit heavy and wobbly from fatigue as I trust them less.
  • Cal JonesCal Jones ✭✭✭
    Five mile plod today - absolutely baltic. Had a thermal long sleeved top with a T-shirt over it and I still felt like I could have done with a hoodie. Bit of a knee twinge (ITB, felt like) when I stopped so had a good stretch after. Like a lot of people, I neglect the stretching more than I'll admit. I guess I'm now at an age where I can't afford to do that.
  • 👏 on the 250 !! That is some serious commitment for a long time... Will only be doing my 100 in a few months

    Not sure what to suggest for anxiety, I guess only a doc would know how to handle that. Best is to stick with what you are comfortable with I guess... 

    You are right about it being baltic and it doesn't see it's going away for a while. Cold or rain ? I'd probably take the cold I think. Out yesterday for a threshold session and it was harder going that usual, even my legs feel tired today which they don't normally. Have another big marathon session tomorrow hoping to complete in the light if I can squeeze away from work early... Really trying to get the bigger runs in this year as I felt like I needed extra endurance after Manchester, 32k and I was done in reality... 
  • Cal JonesCal Jones ✭✭✭
    I had a decent 7 miler on Thursday with some faster bits, then off to Seaford today for my 250th parkrun.
    Tricky train journey (train to Lewes was late so missed the connection, but as the same thing happened to me when I went to Bevendean Down, I made sure I got the earlier train so I could get the later connecting train and still make the parkrun. 
    That did mean I didn't get time for a warm-up mile so just bounced up and down a bit after introducing myself to the RD as I am going to write the run report for them (and to let him know I was here for my milestone call out).
    The parkrun is a simple out and back down the prom, with a small wiggle to get around the Martello tower, so pretty fast. Not quite as fast as Worthing as the surface there is a bit better, but still quick. While it was cold, there was only a faint breeze so there was nothing to impede my save for my own lack of fitness. I managed 27:26 in the end which is nothing amazing but it is still my fastest time since last March (thanks largely to last summer's injury reoccurrence). After the cold and shingles and taking into account the weight I've put on, it's not too bad. Heading in the right direction, anyway. Now I just need to get fitter.
  • Cal JonesCal Jones ✭✭✭
    Long run today and while I didn't feel that enthusiastic about going out, not doing it wasn't an option. With minus temps incoming, I'm not sure how much I'll be able to do next week if there's ice and stuff. So I opted for the Wandle Trail as it's a nice route (even in winter). And finally, after several years, I saw my first kingfisher. What a beauty. I was convinced I'd seen on before though it was just a blue blur so hard to tell - it could easily have been a big dragonfly - but as this one was around the same place it might indeed have been. This time I saw him clearly as he flew up to perch on a branch and then flew back down and off along the river.
    Legs never felt particularly fresh or bouncy (unsurprising after parkrun yesterday) so I just chugged along. The last few miles (where I left the Wandle and ran alongside roads) was a bit of a slog but I was happy to see the last two were my fastest, given how rubbery my legs felt by that point.
    I admit I feel like I've been hit by a truck now but I'm glad to get that one in the bag.
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