Grand Union Canal Half Marathon



  • I too noticed that some people didn't observe the minutes silence but i was at the back of the group and i could hear the loudspeaker ok-i just think they weren't listening to begin with!

    On the subject of mp3s-i ran without one (well my nike+ was only measuring distance rather than connected to earbuds) and i without a watch (when are the results due to be posted?) and it was quite liberating-it felt like a normal sunday run without the constant timechecks and calculations to see if i was going well or needed to inject some pace.

    Some music would have been great for the last few miles but it great to get back to basics!

  • Well done everyone. Well organised, buses and baggage very well done. I didn't need the toilets at the start, but I can tell it was a major problem. Nice course, if a little tedious after a while, mainly due to the lack of support, I guess, oh and the fact that my hip exploded at 7 miles and was struggling after that. Terrain was hard going, more because you couldn't see enough in front of you to plan your foot-falls.

    All in all a great start to an event that will grow. Nice medal.

    That long run through the park at the end was torture !


  • good event - thank goodness for the cafe on the canal at the start that had a toilet. It was tempting to stay in there with a lovely wood fire and breakfast that smelt great - but the race was worth it in  the end especailly was the weather was fantastic !!

    When will results be posted please ??

  • results and pics via

     Purple Patch Website

  • Hi I enjoyed this event, but a couple of things I did not see any toilets at the start. Also it was a shame about the public transport, first the piccadilly line was not operating from acton to uxbridge, and I think that the tube to watford was also not running. Apart from that it was a lovely route and we were lucky with the weather, I would give it another go. Buses were well organised at watford to uxbridge. I felt sorry for a certain person who was trying to tbumb a lift back to uxbridge!!
  • Hi everyone,

    Glad you all seemed to have had a good time and some good runs by all acounts - well done to you all!  Lots of smiley faces in the finish funnel on the photographs image (now up on our website, along with the results).

    Thanks very much for your comments - we really do appreciate the time taken to give us feedback and have taken on board the suggestions and comments ready for next years race.

    Re: the toilets - this was unfortunate and we do apologise for the lack of facilities.  As runners ourselves we know how important it is to get to the loo before a race!  In fact, we did have toilets organised but something went seriously awry with the plans on the day (haven't got to the bottom of it yet).  We will make sure that they are in place next year.

    Look forward to seeing some of you in 2008 to run it the other way round (should be quicker image)!

    Very best regards,


  • The link does not work for me  ?
  • As usual, I look like I'm about to kick the buket in my pictures.
  • Thank-you it works now  image

    I will be there next year as well,hope the finish of this year is truly the start of next .. love a good downhill start  image 

  • hi runners,

    Hope your legs are all recovered and you are now basking in a warm glow after your efforts!

    I just wanted to let you know the outcome of the toilet investigation!  The toilets we had organised were at the Coachmans Inn approx 200m from the park entrance.  I have spoken to the landlady (who opened early especially for the race) and the toilets were definitely open on the day and plenty of runners made good use of them.  Details of where to find toilets were in the pre-race instructions that we sent out, but I think maybe some runners hadn't read that or didn't remember.  For those who said they were locked - they really weren't, but the side door is apparently quite stiff, so if they went to that door, they may have thought they were.

    We (PP) must take responsibility for that - lesson learnt - we need to put plenty of signs around, rather than rely on the pre-race instructions. You can be sure that there will be plenty of toilets, very easily identified, next year image!


  • Claire,

    thanks for detailed explanation. Now that's solved could you arrange for the towpath to be tarmacked? It would certainly make for a real PB potential ! image

  • Legs have recovered  image and been out twice already since sunday  image

    Oops i think i am addicted   LOL


  • image my first half marathon ,

    can't believe I made it. Great location.

    The last bit when you enter the park just seemed never ending.

    Looking forward to next year.image


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