Candleford Canter Ladies Only 10K

OK.  4 weeks to go so who is up for this one?  Nice scenery, friendly marshalls and yummy cakes image



  • Just you and I interested then Bridget!!
  • Oooh, did someone say cakes???  How could I resist!  This will be my first women-only event, so I'm looking forward to it.  It will be nice not to have all those lanky blokes bounding past you!
  • No, we're making them all mashall for us! We've been training them on how to cheer loudly!
  • Last year one of them had a list and called us all by name

  • This year he will hopefully know all our names without even thinking Bridget!

  • pb course for me after running last year........... that marshall was indeed lovely image

    Think our team was 4th with one of us winning another prize.

    Will consider entering, not very fit at the moment & recovering from food poisoning today so that's set my back even further!!!!!!!!

  • I got a spot prize for reducing my pb by over 3 min, not think I'll manage that again image
  • Hi, I was thinking of running this one.  Only done one 10k as I'm fairly new to running.  I started road running in June, having only previously run on the treadmill.  Have another 10k race coming up at end of November but can't wait until then feel like I need to do another race before then.  Yes I am already addicted!

    How would you rate this rate for newbies?  My best 10k so far in training is 57 mins.


  • Hi Jo, you'll find this one of the friendliest races around. It's a lovely rural, quiet course with very encouraging marshals and newbie or not we welcome everyone!

    I'll be on the late entries desk before the race if you want to come and say Hi.

    Helen image

  • Thanks Helen, sounds good.  I think I will enter, just need to check if my in-laws can babysit, husband has work comitments.

    Jo  image

  • Hi there,
    Thinking of running this one also! Is it a flat course or undulating. First race in the UK!!! I am an Aussie!!!

  • Hi Rose,

    I'd be lying if I said it was completely flat, there's a few undulations but nothing too bad.

    There'll be plenty of friendy faces around the course from the marshals and those of us running.... and cakes at the end image so for a first race it'll be a good one!

    Hope to see you there, come and say Hi before the start.

    Helen image

  • Hi Rose

    As Helen says it undulates occasionally but nothing that I would describe as a hill.  Nice scenery through the villages/hamlets as well.

    Plus as already said we're a friendly lot at our club image

  • Any particular reason that 50% of the population are excluded?

    I prefer events which welcome everyone.

  • Good point Wilkie!

    This is the third year of this race so it's still very new. It's not that we wanted to exclude 50% of the population, more that we wanted to promote ladies running in the local area.

    We do organise two other races in the year- the Chardon 5k in May and the Andy Reading 10k, on 9th December this year, which are open to everyone image

  • PipesPipes ✭✭✭
    From my experience of running this (twice), there was a really nice atmosphere during this whole race BECAUSE it was just women - less of a competitive feel or something. As Helen says, there are a lot of local ladies who run, but don't want to race in big events where there are (they think) lots of fast people...this race seems to give some of them the incentive to join in, then maybe do more races/ join a club after.
  • Hi Guys, we sponsor this event along with the running club who put the event on. looking forward to seeing loads of you there....entries are comming in thick and fast but there are still places available.

    in response to Wilkie's post womens running is a massively growing area and we are happy to support it, a lot of the ladies who enter this race would not enter mixed races as they feel intimidated by the some of the male runners.  I see it as a good thing and I am all in favour of promoting something a little new.

    hope you will enter the Andy Reading 10Kimage

  • did this last year, was awesome friendly race with great support from marshalls and spectators in the villages along the way. Looking forward to it again image Definitely one to enter if you're not sure
  • Great to hear you're joining us again Embo78.

    Looking forward to my first running of this one (although I did cheat slightly and ran the course on Saturday morning just so I knew what to expect on the day). Really, really lovely route, expecially if the conditions are as good as they were this weekend.

    See you there

    Helen image

  • Thats Cheating image
  • Hi Everyone,

     I have entered this and am really looking forward to it as it sounds like a nice event.

    Helen - Were there any particular hilly bits that we need to prepare for? Just in case theres one right at the end I like to be prepared!

  • Hi HH,

    When I say hilly, it's really only a few slopes to contend with, nothing really bad and all bar one are in the first 5km. The last slope (you really couldn't call it a hill) is in the last 1km. You'll have already run down it on the way out so you'll know what to expect! 

    fittorun, I like to be prepared  image


  • also, the start and finish aren't (or weren't) in the same place. Last year made a mistake of trying to sprint finish thinking i was nearer to the end than i was. Almost not a very pleasant end!

     BTW. Also recommend Fringford Village fireworks. They were the w/e after the canter last year, only went cause i saw a notice in the village hall after the race. V spectacular. And the Butchers Arms is supposed to be v good for Sunday lunch but i'm told you really need to book in advance

    Thanks for the welcome Helen R image

     Oh and in my opinion if it's a choice between Andy Reading and this, I would do this. Although saying that i've done both and will probably do both again this year beacuse they are both very well organised races although very different from each other.

  • If anyone fancies eating in the Butchers Arms after the race i would pre-book your table as they have one hell of a good reputation and get booked up quick.

    See the back of the race program for the telephone number.

    Any entries received after tomorrow I will keep back and you can collect on the day just  the postmen go on strike again. 

  • ooooh, ftr, you're soooo organised! image

    Embo, thanks for the tip on the fireworks. I was looking for somewhere to head to this year. The Butchers arms does the most fantastic food, but is very popular and you will need to book ahead. Good to hear you'll be joining us for Andy R too image, entry forms will be available on Sunday.

     Not long now ladies (and gent), see you all soon.....

  • Waiting to see if ftr hands me my number at club tonight since I only shoved it through his door on Monday.
  • I'm sure ftr is very organised and has everyone's numbers to hand to them this eve.....

     Anyone out there planning on entering on the day?

  • Yes Me in drag .

    Hi Bridget

    Your number should be with you today it was put in the post yesterday morning not at club tonight.

  • Aw, don't say that ftr, you'll put all the ladies off entering! image

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