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  • Good to see everyone back and trying to train more to lose the excess weight

    Some very restrained with there mince Pie consumptionimage

    Live each day as if it was your last  give it all you have to reap the rewards.
  • Good- perhaps not as bad as i thought then. i put on half stone since october and havent added to that over Xmas. training  and diet will restart in ernest next week to lose the 7 llbs put on and hopefully a bit more. Will pull a sledge all day today that should help - and we have the snow!
  • Reading this thread does make for an amusing read, it's like reading an article on weightloss for anorexics, because it's quite clear from having read through most of this thead, virtually none of you have ever had a weight "problem", except where performance/weight maybe concernced. Weight gain is certainly delayed, the only immediate gain you'll see is the weight of the food/drink, the same applies in reverse during weightloss.

  • Lardarse,
    Reading your post also made for an "amusing read".

    You stated  "........virtually none of you have ever had a weight "problem", except where performance/weight maybe concernced"

    The title of the thread is "Weight & Performance" image

  • TippTopTippTop ✭✭✭
    Lardarse - glad we amuse you, but as mmmm...marmite said - Weight&Performance is the subject of the thread. What are you basing "Weight gain is certainly delayed" on?

    2lbs lost for me since New Year's Day simply by cutting out (most of) the junk and getting back out running again! 10st within a week or two easy at this rate.
  • Please tell me that's a type-o TippTop! 10st in a week would constitute the amazing shrinking person...

  • TippTopTippTop ✭✭✭
    dancing in spikes - lol. That is that I will weigh 10st in a week or two!
  • i put on some lard over xmas and did much less training - but didn't get any slower at all.  which is obviously just due to recent training catching up.  so when i lose it again, (and the rest!), i'll be zooming.  hurrah!
  • TRTR ✭✭✭
    Still 12 stone here.

    1 point away from a BMI of 25 and being overweight. I'm doing 60+ mpw too, plus pedals and swims.

    I like being my size and shape though !
  • lol TT

    i like the sound of zooming
  • Candy I like the thinkingimage

    I had to bulk up on clothing(2 layers on bottom...3 layers on top) due to -5 wind chill on run yesterday and I was blimming fast for the runimage

    Live each day as if it was your last  give it all you have to reap the rewards.
  • I had a cheeky weight in this morning


  • Another theory about putting on weight but not getting slower- is body full of food. Food = energy!image
  • Lardarse: I've been called many things in my time, but anorexic ain't one of them !  A darts player- Yes !!

    Thanks for making me laugh out loud this morning...

    WP: Mince Pie update - last one. There's an unopened box sitting in our kitchen. The Guinness Book of Records have been informed and will be visiting shortly, they simply don't believe it !

  • Birkmyre

    WOW i am so pleased and proud of youimage

    Your body and health and running will thank you for itimage

    I is sick with this bug/virus thingy...I WANT to runimage....maybe feel better later

    Live each day as if it was your last  give it all you have to reap the rewards.
  • I increased my training over xmas, still managed to put on just over 2lbs though....maybe its pure muscle!! image
  • Eurghhh god. I've put on 8lbs, drank too much, didn't run much and even gained a beard.

    Ran 6 miles last night. Flippin heck, felt leaden footed and calf muscles protested. It was as if someone had strapped 4 bags of sugar to me, which is in effect, precisely what has happened. Despite losing the spring in my step, the pace isn't too badly damaged all things considered and the heart and lungs still seem willing.

    Back to work now which will put 20 miles between me and left over junk food during the day. Phew. Dusting off the weights so I can cross train a bit between run days.

  • Gobi

    Is that you in RF mag........with Liz next month??

    Live each day as if it was your last  give it all you have to reap the rewards.
  • Well done to all the non lard-gainers.  I am so impressed with those of you who managed to abstain from mince pie scoffing - Birkmyre how have you managed to sit there and watch mince pies just minding their own businss - I just cant resist...

    Unfortunately I managed to go from 56.6kg over Xmas and New Year back up to 58kg (about 3lb) which was where I was when I did my first 'test' 5km run in December.  Fortunately or unfortunately, as well as deciding to go on a proper healthy eating no alcohol regime after New Year I managed to get a stomach bug lurgy which has definitely helped wth the weight lossimage

    Unfortunately it meant I couldn't do my second 5km on Sunday but next one is 4 weeks time so we'll see. BUT hurray on the scales this morning 56.3kg.  Keep chipping away, eh image

    I emailed the Horwill link to one of the running coaches at my running club to ask for his opinion (he also cycles) and he sort of rolled his eyes a bit and said 'well yes, it's [the idea] been around a while but it does work and unfortunately if you want to run faster you've just got to do it BUT it will have a negative impact on your cycling if you go for that extra 12% on top of the 'normal''.

    So, I am now working towards hitting 52kg by the end of Feb (about 0.7kg / 1.5lbs a week - to make me 'normal non-athlete or whatever) and during that time conducting run and cycling tests - using watts for the bike - to see when (if) I start losing power on the bike.  I am then going for a 5% rather than 12% further reduction provided that the results thus far are positive.

    Anyone else planning any 'scientific' testing of their weight loss  ??  I'm really keen to hear about the point at which it's 'too much' in terms of weight loss - if you get that far.

  • Sweepie

    I already know from previous years I run better a little lighter. I cannot starve myself for the serious skinny runner look so have decided just to work in stages. If I get to 70kgs and go faster I will go for 68 etc.


    oh, I'm still in the 72s and I think it is helping me to cope with my mileage.
  • Sweepie: Its the first time ever I managed to eat less than half a dozen over the festive period. There's a new running t shirt that I'll fit into much more easily half a stone lighter, so that was motivation. Oh and having to report on here !! I also wanted to prove a point to myself and my Zatopek quote helped.

    WP: Thats for the help. The kidfs finished off the last ones. Now avoiding the rest of teh family boxes of chocs that are still about the house...

    But the scales don't lie and reading the article about the guy who lost losts of weight in Febs RW has given me 'food for thought' if you excuse the pun !

  • Birkmyre you did ever so well....give them to work or family members

    I am going to sweep through house and get rid of all junk  this weekend and take it all to work for the men who like such junk.

    Had a bad week not really stuck to my schedule food plan but been ill so back on it as of tomorrow and eat my 5 meals a day...just not felt like eating much and training has suffered because of it.

    Live each day as if it was your last  give it all you have to reap the rewards.
  • I am very lardy after Christmas - both because of eating too much and also not training due to sore back. I gained back the half stone I had lost in November/December. BUT am wondering whether, if I had NOT lost the half stone in Nov/Dec, would I be another half stone heavier than I am now???

    Anyway, getting back to things now. My body was crying out for some healthy food, so I'm giving it some.

  • I have just eaten 59 sausage rolls (they had to be got rid of), is this a record?
    ps. this is not a joke.
    pps. i currently weigh 80.3kg, how much will i weigh next due to this?

  • Shouldn't have eaten those sausage rolls straight after tea, feel bloated now. 
  • Lardarse that is disgusting!  I always reckon that you work out what you just ate weighs, then triple it to work out total weight gain.  So if they weighed say 330g then you are looking at a weight gain of 1kg (one third of which is the food and two thirds of which is SHAME)image

    ha ha ha

    Weighed myself this morning - 55.5kg.  We are getting there.  Weight loss of 0.6kg a week to make 52kg by the end of Feb.

    IronMelissa I bet you'll lose it really quick as soon as you start eating healthily again and get back out training - go girl! image

  • lardare - you're my sort of person. Go and run it off. then you can eat some more.
  • They were only small sausage rolls.
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