Read any good books lately?



  • I'm reading 'Enduring Love' by Ian McEwan at the moment

    I've heard good things about Twilight Squishy...
  • I enjoyed "Enduring Love", really gripping. Have you read Saturday?

    Funnily enough, we all went to see "Twighlight" at the cinema last week, I tried to hate it, but it was really quite good.

    Just finished "Sovereign" that Muttley recommended on here  and as a result bought David Starkey's biography of Henry VIII as a young prince, but not started yet.

  • Reading a horrible crime book - Kisscut by Karin Slaughter. I was half-way through it before I realised it was going to be about incest and child abuse - vile! However as I always try to finish books I'm still reading it though I fear it may leave me a bit scarred.

    Seriously unrecommended and I won't be reading any of her other books image

  • Iron Squishy....I'd be interested to hear your thoughts on the Twilight series....I was wondering if it wasn't just a bit too "teenagery"?  (Simply because of the target for the film)
  • I'm nearing the end of my Bill Bryson collection, have read all of them, just finishing off Mother Tongue: The English Language and have Made In America to read.  Got a bunch of books for Christmas, The History Of Britain books by Simon Schama and the Ewan MacGregor and Charlie Boorman books image
  • Ginger...... no I didn't think it was too 'teenagery' really, Crashie and I loved them all..... we had to read them to see if Bella ever does become a vampire..... I won't give it away image They were 'easy to read' and made me laugh and I loved them all. Highly recommended. A bit soppy in places maybe, but hey, we need some soppiness sometimes.

     LN your book sounds horrid, I hate things like that. We started reading one, can't even remember what it was called, and I think I only read the first chapter before I couldn't stand it any more, it was just full of violence and was awful.

    I've also gone off Martina Cole, I used to love her books, The Jump was particularly good, then her last few have just been dreadful, full of 'f' words for no reason and full of gangsters and prostitutes and murders and sleaze and drugs, I won't read any more of hers.

    Oh, I've finished The Appeal. It was okay-ish, a bit sad in the end, but a bit too political for me. Think I'll try another Minette Walters now.

  • I loved Twilight. Couldn't put it down. I've almost finishing New Moon now, lovely books.
  • I'd heard Martina had gone downhill more recently Squishy.... I read a couple of her older ones

    Mr P - really enjoying Enduring Love, can't seem to put it down, will be finished soon. Nope, not read Saturday - is it good?

    Has anyone read the latest Alice Sebould? I enjoyed The Lovely Bones, so think I might get it to read next.

    I'm on teaching practice with a Y6 class and this next week we're reading 'Kensuke's Kingdom' and 'The Butterfly Lion' by Michael Morpurgo and looking at the differences in characters. I've never read these ones so will be a good week of classroom reading...

    Nemo - your book sounds horrible! I know what you mean about always finishing books you start though...
  • Cheers, Iron Squishy and Aitch image 

    Well, I've finished horrible book - thank God! Probably not worth the effort but I'm a bit OCD about finishing things I've started. It didn't get any nicer, actually quite a bleak ending. DON'T READ IT!

    Anyway onto a much better book now by Helen Dunmore. Love her writing style even when the book's not v. good it's still an interesting read. Got some book tokens for Christmas so I'm going to check everyone's recommendations for some new writers to try.


  • Ed Viesturs  "No Shortcuts to the Top", Not just about mountains
  • Read half of Kensuke's Kingdom today to my Y6s and they're loving it! So am I... I want to know what happens! I will find out tomorrow I guess image
  • Afternoon.

    I have Alice Sebold's latest in my "to read" pile image

    Currently reading The Reader, and very much enjoying it. Quite a spare style, but it works well for the subject and subtly emphasises the narrator's attempts to objectify his experiences and feelings.

    Read "The Clothes on Their Backs" by Linda Grant - very much enjoyed that. First one of hers that I've read.

  • I'm out of books image My friend at work has given me a couple of Ken Follett's.... they're a stop gap until I can scour the shelves of the charity shops again, or spend more money at Waterstones!
  • Thanks to Iron Squishy and all the others that recommended "Twilight". Just finished it and really loved it. Found "New Moon" in Sainsbury's for £3.99 so I've treated myself to the next one!

    Fab stuff image

  • Just finished Breaking Dawn (4th book in the Twilight series) and they are all awesome - beats harry Potter hands down and I was a complete fan of JKR.

    Favourite all time book is The Time Travellers Wife.....anyone mentioned that already?  (Sorry I only just crashed in on this thread).  Also has anyone read Salman Rushdie's book The Enchantress of Florence?  Not quite finished that yet - beautifully written but I keep getting lost!

  • I started (and finished!) the Twilight series last week.  I absolutely loved them!  My daughter (not a reader) is on the last book now and she loves them!  I'm bereft now with nothing to read (well I'm reading Persuasion by Jane Austen at the minute 'cos my mum bought me an anthology of her work for Christmas)....all suggestions gratefully received!
  • Gingerful I highly recommend Time Travellers Wife!
  • Can I rave about "The End of Mr Y" by Scarlett Thomas again? image

    'Tis really good!

  • I'm saved! There was a book sale in our local town so I picked up another 5 books for £2 each. Struggling with the one at the moment though. Just read a couple of Harlan Coban 'The Woods' and 'Promise Me'. Quite enjoyed them.

    Another one I enjoyed is 'The Road' by Cormack somebody or other.... can't tell you his other name cos I've lent it to a friend. Quite weird really about a lad and his dad on 'the road' where the whole world has been obliterated (we never learn by what).... quite moving and thought provoking.

    I'm going to write down all these recommendations and see if I can get them from Amazon.

  • Anyone read any of the Jodi Picoult books?  19 minutes and keeping Faith both a very good and easy read.
  • Just finished The Associate by John Grisham.  Good for about 2/3 of the book and then it went right off the boil!  The ending was useless!  he hasn't written anything good in years! 

    Starting Too Close To Home by Linwood Barclay....not sure what it's like....these are all the books my mum bought for her holidays so I didn't buy them.  But any old port in a storm eh?

  • Started Midnights Children by Salman Rushdie last night.  Not keen on the John Grisham books either for same reason.
  • Pinkerbelle, I've read a few Jodi Picoult. One or two of them I didn't enjoy as much, but My Sister's Keeper and The Pact are particularly good.

  • Sweetest Thing, I think they are making My Sisters Keeper into a film due out this year with Cameron Diaz in (not sure which part she is playing - the mother?) - I thought that one was very good with a really good twist at the end which i wasn't expecting.  Any other suggestions?
  • Pinkerbelle, I've just crashed this thread too and I agree - Time Travellers Wife is the best book EVER!! I've lost count of how many times I've read it. 

    Just finished Mark Haddon's A Spot of Bother which is seriously funny.

  • Ugly Betty i think I have read it 4 times now!  Not sure when the film is due out - is it Eric bana playing Henry?
  • I'll look out for that film, Pinkerbelle, although often it is a disappointment when a book you've really enjoyed is turned into a film and the characters don't match up to how you've pictured them!

    If you haven't read the Susan Howatch series set in the Church of England, I can recommend them. First one is called Glittering Images - I read them for the first time quite a few years ago and recently re-read them and enjoyed them just as much. 

    Also Before I Die by Jenny Downham - it's actually a book for teenagers, but beautifully written and suits adults as well as younger people.  

  • I loved the Time Traveller's Wife.
  • I'm not sure either, but yes it is Eric Bana.  I can't decide if I want to see the film, or whether it will spoil it for me.  And did you know on myspace there are people masquerading as Henry and Claire and people send them messages about Alba and DNA.  Slightly freaky!
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