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  • WHAT??! Mitts I can't believe it, I'm on holiday then! So I won't get to see your gorgeous face again!
  • you dont want her sort up there anyway   image
  • Oh we do Melds!
  • blimey,  you lot are weirder than I thought !
  • us northerners?? We're not weird! I came to the South West and witnessed drunken handstands, twister, fire-starting and margarine eating! And you think we're weird?!
  • I sat in a corner and behaved myself ..... and I was a foreigner as well !
  • So did I!! You behaved like a lady Melds
  • so its them South Westerners what are weirdos then   image

    and Mitten
  • m.ittenm.itten ✭✭✭


    Sorry Aitch - if I'd have known could have made it for another time image Coming to see my cousin before he moves to New Zealand.

    Lady Melds image

  • m.ittenm.itten ✭✭✭

    I'm now hurt image


  • whateeeeeeever !!!!!!!!

    Of course I am a lady,  like you needed to question !
  • Awww rubbish Mitts! Come again??

    Defo the SWers
  • m.ittenm.itten ✭✭✭
    Course I will image
  • woohoo!
  • M.eldy wrote (see)
    blimey,  you lot are weirder than I thought !

    She's from chesterfield not the same as the Yorkshire types think forest of dean and you have the level.

    "runs off" image

  • oh a race on Oughti? up the hill do you have a link sounds like fun. Were's the start line? image Can't do this wednesday but might be no the way home by the time you guys and girls have finished so will stop you in the street if see you.
  • Still a bit ropey but such is life. image I'm in for this little Oughti race anyone else up for it? KPO there are some cracking little pub's in Oughtibridge so would make a nice evening's plod?image

  • I'm up for this Wednesday! image

    Not sure I can make it out next week though. image

  • Just read the race details to fill in the form and it's got Sundays date? Are you sure it's on Wednesday? If it's on Wednesday I'm in, if it's Sunday I'm afraid I'm have a prier meeting with my bed and because a bit busy on the Saturday. image
  • Morning everyone. Hope we all had a good weekend? Had a 10K yesterday morning and then a BBQ in the afternoon... great day! image

    Not sure what my plan for Wednesday is yet so may have to play ity by ear. Cake - I didn't see any reference to Sunday on the website but not sure if I'm just being unobservant?! image

  • Sorry just looked at it again and was just being mental again. image It is next Wednesday as discussed. I'm in image

    nam list for oughtibridge?


  • Boing thread for BT image
  • Just realised I can't do tomorrow.... my friend is cooking for me and the girls. I WILL come, one day, I promise!!
  • Nams list for Oughtibridge


    KPO (Possibly)

  • Nams list for Oughtibridge


    KPO (Possibly)

    Stuart - hopefully, unless plans change and I have to travel for work.

  • As for tomorrow I think I should be able to make it.
  • Morning all!

    Aitch - long time no see, honey! image 

    I shall be there this evening, Haile! image

    Knees are grumbling a bit though, so might be a tad slow! image

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