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  • Hey there!

    I'd be up for a little run next Wednesday through Endcliffe Park - trying to fill up my diary with things to do at the moment as I've been a bit of a hermit for a while!  Wednesday's a running day for me anyway.

    6.45/7pm would be good for me, but really any time from about 5.30 onwards is doable.image

  • image I live on the road just past hunters bar so this would be excellent for me. Might be a bit slow mind having a few problems with my knee the last few weeks.

    Aitch can you ask your uncle what the deal is with the dogs around his house never sure what's doing on in there and me and my housemate are various theories. image

  • Good god this thread's been busy!

    Can anyone come along next wednesday? I work in town so would be easy for me to get out to Endcliffe.

    Haile - Is there somewhere decent to park at Damflask? I live in Hillsborough and do a lot of running round Rivelin / Loxley valleys but haven't been up to Damflask, guess I could just run out there and make it a nice long one.

  • As for the social itself, not sure whether a decision was made on a date? Here's my availability for the list of options given by aitch though:

    Sat 14th June

    Sun 15th June

    Stuart – maybe

    Sat 28th June


    Sun 29th June


    Sat 5th July

    Sun 6th July

    Stuart – maybe

    Sat 12th July

    Sun 13th July

    Stuart – maybe

    Sat 19th July

    Sun 20th July

    Sat 26h July


    Sun 27th July


    Sat 2nd August


    Sun 3rd August


  • Are we doing Damflask then?  I thought we'd decided on Endcliffe Park?

    I don't mind, but if it's Damflask I'll struggle to get there as I don't drive!

  • Ah!

    Sorry for being a bit thick, there.image

  • Not your fault LP, sorry for confusing matters!

    Haile - thanks for the info, sounds good and I'll definitely be giving it a go soon!

    Never really explored Endcliffe much so looking forward to it.

  • List so far for next Wednesday then:

    • Haile
    • Lady P
    • Cake
    • Stuart H

    Any other takers?  Aitch, you up for it?

  • image You guys I'm sorry I've just realised I have to be in a meeting on wednesday night because of peace in the park. Can meet you all next time.

    Oh and by the way Peace in the park is on the 14th come down and get drunk while I'm grafting, If it's warm I might even take my t shirt off for Aitch image

  • That's a shame Cake but like you say if enough people are up for it we may be able to make these regular outings.

    Hope P in the P is great, wish I could be there!

  • Next Wednesday??? image

    Christ I had people's race diaries for 3 months in advance to fix a date for the South West Social (Exmouth Summer Beach Fest) and you lot just say "next Wednesday"?  It shouldn't be this easy...  LOL!!

  • See the bit about us going down the pub nan image Thing is us northern folks actually train. Well exsept me. image 

    If anyone is interested tonight's my normal distance night anyway can have a warm up for next week if your about?

  • And who are you calling "Nan"...?? image


  • Sorry again image

    Have labelling issues and have to type quickly to geek and work at the same time.

  • Nam - next Wednesday is I guess a training social rather than a drinking social (although I guess drinking could be integrated for rehydration purposes!)

    The main Sheffield social will be a lot bigger!

    I would come along tonight, Cake, but for some extremely odd reason (especially as it's so warm and sunny) I'm absolutely gagging to some speedwork image (when the feck does that normally happen?) which I kinda need to do at my own individual pace.

    Hopefully it'll take off as a regular weekly occurrence though - I'd definitely be up for that.

  • You guy's I can rough it and do some speed work if it makes a difference (although left knee a bit dodgy).

    Unless anyone else says anything will be leaving work about 6pm and going straight home and then going up the hill behind enclift park can meet anyone at 7? at the main entrance to the park if you want?

  • *washed mouth out with smelly sock*



    Sorry, haile - it's just that I seem to have stopped getting any faster, so I sometimes feel the need to at least attempt to do something about it!

    I don't know - my mental state's a little wayward at the moment; that's probably why I'm so keen to do it when normally it's the first type of training that goes out the window! image

  • Speedwork rocks... in fact I did a speed session last night! image

    Cake - is the main entrance the one by the Hunters Bar round about? i could be tempted tonight.

  • Yes that's the one, will be there and anyone who hasn't meet me yet just look for a ugly bloke eating chocolate image 

    Does this make ?




    Chuffing Nam and her list's image

  • Have a good un!

    See you next week (in person - obviously I'll see you on here before then)...

  • Just in case might be a little late (5minutes or so) because some fool has just e-mailed me and asked me to do something inportant. t*ssor image
  • Have a good run boys! No showing off!

    Lady P - have a good run too honey. We'll defo meet up next week for a run (won't be as fun as meeting up for cider and fishfinger sarnies but hey ho)
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