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  • Afternoon.

    GIRO how's the marathon training coming along?

    Carter did you get caught up in all the issues at the Manchester marathon? I've heard bad things about people taking hours to get their bags back.

  • carterusmcarterusm ✭✭✭

    Baz - I didn't make it to Manchester. My recurring ITB issue came back during my ultra race in March and I'm currently under the doctor. Instead, I went up Ringinglow to watch the Sheffield HM. I saw ET cruising up there with his good lady.Did you run ?

  • I didn't run in the end. Real life stuff was more important than training so I knew I hadn't done enough. I'm not fit enough these days to blag a half marathon so I knew there was no point bothering.

    That's not good about your ITB. Anywhere near knowing what is causing it?

  • carterusmcarterusm ✭✭✭

    Been to the physio and he said that everything is extremely tight (due to never stretching at all), I have no flexibility and my knees are weak and out of alignment. My left knee seems to have a mind of it's own so just sticks out to the left so when running a lot it rubs against the ITB, causing friction which leads to the pain. Plenty of stretches and strengthening exercises to do to try and realign the knees which should make running pain free all being well

  • The Sheff half is a great event now. Done it both years and raised lots of cash for worthy causes. I did 50 miles that week and been injured since. Just getting back to it now. Supposed to be doing North Lincs HM this weekend but might have to sub my OH in....

  • compo 1compo 1 ✭✭✭

    just  done  Buxton half marathon in 1h44 today  stunning views on parts of course   loved  it   next week  got Huddersfield half marathon

  • Merry Christmas everyone.
  • going to hit he sack catch up with you later

  • compo 1compo 1 ✭✭✭

    me  in training for the spen 20  again   plus  Huddersfield marathon on 4th June  then 2 weeks  later   i fly down to cornwall  a long weeks rest

  • Merry Christmas Sheffield folks.
  • How do everyone?  what's everyone been up to last few years?
  • Not posting on here by the looks of things...

    Manchester half coming up for me in May.
  • Len 2 Im a girlLen 2 Im a girl ✭✭✭
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    Hey guys :-) As G knows, I haven't run in forever but what I HAVE done is take up Olympic First Aid....aka...volunteering for St John Ambulance and covering the London Marathon! An experience...
    Anyway...looking at starting running again, slowly. In the intervening years Ive had plantar fasciitis which finished me  off last time, and 2 herniated discs, so lets see how this goes eh? Sloooowly. 
  • Hello everybody  :)
    not posted on here in many a year (not the only one by the look of it)
    After several years of not running and working far to much in April this year I decided to get the trainers on again. At the time I was a shade under 13 stone and had been told I was type 2 diabetic in jan 2018. 
    Started races again with a 25:29 parkrun at Rother Valley in April then the very hot Rotherham 10k at the beginning of May that nearly killed me in 56:49. 
    Started getting a few miles under my belt in May and June and at the beginning of July did the hilly Spire 10 in 1:23:38 and the week after set my comeback 5k PB at Rother Valley in 22:15.
    More miles followed with a couple of can’t be arsed weeks but logging 119 miles in July and 123 in August before doing the coastal half marathon in cleethorpes in the middle of September despite going off far to fast 💨 for the first eight miles or so and dying for the last five miles I was very happy to record 1:40:31.
    By this time I had already entered the Rother Valley marathon in November so set about some longer runs and set my A target at sub 3:30 (8 min/mile roughly)
    Putting in a couple of 16 milers and 20 milers including one where I did 4 easy, 4 at sub 8,4 at approx 8:35,4 at sub 8 and then 4 easy 
    Was really pleases with my time of 3:27:35 despite going to fast miles 11 to 18 and having to hang in a bit from 21
    Did the Percy pud 10k and was pleased with 43:23 despite going of a bit too slow for first 4K and actually did the second half of a race quicker than the first (probably a first for me)
    Already entered the Boston Uk 🇬🇧 marathon for next April and looking for Sub 3:20
    over the last few years I have come of Facebook but can be found on Strava.
    Hope everyone is well 
  • I hope to continue this topic
  • Hey everyone, I know there's a lot of Percy Pud fans in this thread so just wanted to let you know that if anyone missed out on spaces this year St Luke's hospice still have a couple of spaces to run with them! (link says 2018 but it is for this year)
  • One page now covers four years worth of posts :(

    Anyway happy new year. Hope the running gods smile on you all this year.
  • It’s fair to say the running gods haven’t smiled so much this year.
  • hello Baz
    running gods have been on a long summer holidays 
    my last race was Retford half in March where I set a new PB and was looking forward to the BOston uK 🇬🇧 marathon in April.
    Hopefully racing the Thorsbry 10k on Saturday. Still on at moment 
    hope you are well 
  • Morning everyone.
    Who has got any post lockdown races in the calendar?
  • Merry Christmas everyone.
  • One page covering 7 years of posts :( it's a sad sight and nowadays it's a sad site.
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