12 Minute Mile.....

I have been running for about 5 weeks, (though have just had a few weeks off but that is another story!) and I was feeling quite proud of myself. I go to the local running club track meet and they humour me by running really slowly and I have managed 4k in 38 minutes. I also run a 1 mile route some mornings in about 11.5 - 12 mins depending on how it goes.

 I was feeling really proud of myself until someone I work with pointed out that a 12 minute mile is a fast walking pace.... is it really that slow? image



  • After running for 5 weeks, doing a mile continuously is good!

    Don't measure your success against other people's and enjoy it.

    (BTW average walking pace is about 20min/mile and fast is normally 14-15min/mile but running pace can vary enormously depending on your training, fitness level and your aims as well as the distance)

  • hi pj!

    well done on the running!

    firstly, not many people can walk at 5mph!!!

    secondly, running is harder work than walking as you have to get both feet off the ground at the same time so more effort is required.

    and thirdly, so bloody what?!?! you are running, you will learn to run further and you might get faster - imho doesn't matter if you get faster or not. getting out there, getting fit and having fun are all that matters.

    go back to feeling proud of yourself - you deserve to!

    and keep on running image

  • You have already achieved loads.

    Keep at it and you'll keep achieving more.

    Ignore what others are doing - even the superfit get beaten all the time.

    Enjoy and well done! 

  • I totally agree with UC and RD
    be very proud of yourself image

    and anyway I bet the person at your work is just jealous that you are going out and doing something!
  • Princess

    You carry on doing exactly what your doing and you ENJOY every minute of it all

    you get yourself nice and fit and strong - in 12 - 18 months ( which isn't long ) you'll feel the difference - then you'll have the last laugh

    We are all going to support you in everything that you do - you just say quielty to yourself about your workmates -  i'll feel fit and good " will you " ??

    wishing you well


  • have you noticed it's only the people who don't run say that's only a fast walking pace ... and blimey, have you ever tried to walk at that pace for a reasonable distance?? 

    well done for getting out there and you will find your speed will creep up without you noticing. at this time you need to concentrate on just running and time on your feet and and finding your natural technique.

     enjoy it , it sounds like you've found a great and supportive running club

    speaking of which I'm trying to pluck up the courage to join our local runing club tonight ... eeeeeeeeeek


  • rubbish I average out at 12:30 min miles which I'm pretty chuffed at and the lady who runs the Womens Running Network Club I've been going to said the same thing, its nowt to be ashamed off.  I've only been running properly since March 31st and I managed my first full 10km training run on Sunday night.  Ok it was slow at 1h 18mins but what the hell.  I've been running about 22km a week now for the last couple of weeks and have about 13 weeks to go until my first 10km race.  So keep at it I sayimage
  • Challenge them to keep that pace up for more than a few yards or so.

     My step-father told me he would walk 26.2 miles in the time I could run it (or he could finish even faster!)  I challenged him to it and funnily enough he changed the subject.

  • Kate SpeedKate Speed ✭✭✭

    I finished the Race for Life (just over 3 miles) in 36 minutes, which pretty much equates to 12 minute miles. When my brother heard (he used to be School cross country champion or something) he howled with laughter and said "12 minute miles? That's crap", but you know what? I don't care because from my perspective given I couldn't run for a minute about 8 weeks ago, it's pretty damn good.

     Keep on running!

  • go for it, ginger loon!!!

    good for you, kate!!

    have to remember that one,le!


  • Have to agree with everyone.  I'm aspiring to 12 min miles, and I've been running for over a year!!  I've had people saying about how slow I am if they have seen me out and about, and someone equated it to walking fast but my walking fast is a lot slower than their's cos I've only got little legs (5'1").  My favourite response to them is to say "well, it's better than ....< mime being slumped down on a settee, changing channels on a remote control >" .  Shuts most of them up.

    You go!

  • I've been running for nearly a year, and I still do my long runs at slower than 12m/m.

    You're doing brilliantly after only 5 weeks!

    I don't tend to tell people how fast/slow I go, as most don't understand. I don't really care any more - I did 9 miles on Sunday, without walking. It took me 2 hours, but my attitude is that I ran for 2 hours!

    I always think back to a few years ago, when I did my first 5k. It was a really busy one, and my only aim was to do it without walking. I managed it, but it took me 45 minutes, partly because of congestion, but partly because I'm slow. When I told my (marathon running) boss that I was a bit embarrassed about it, he just said "But you ran for 45 minutes". I wish more people had that attitude!

    Keep it going - you're doing really well!
  • As everyone else has said, you're doing fantastically. 12min/miles is a good run for me, I'm 3 weeks back in to running after having my little girl, and I'm not back to 12 min/miles yet, but it was always my long run speed and I have been running or 5 or 6 years now. OK so lots of people are faster, but lots are slower too (and even more don't bother to get up in the mornings and run in the dark, or drag themselves out after work or whatever it is you are doing to get your running in.)

    I have to say I find that 'real' runners, you know the one's who live for their running, who hardly go a day without putting on the trainers and putting in some miles, are usually hugely supportive of even the slowest beginners (especially on here - thanks guys) - as long as you show committment and a genuine interest in running, you'll never lack for support, they're always on the lookout for new converts image, that is one of the wonderful things about running as a sport that you don't get in other sports.

    Just get out there, enjoy the fresh air whoosing past your ears, and run, run, run (or run/walk, run/walk, run/walk), oh and don't do what I did this morning and fall over and graze your kneeimage.

  • just popping in to say I was brave and went with the local club...

    jeezus they are fast... really really fast

    but they were nice and hopefully they will pull me along and get my pace up ...  or kill me, one of the two image

  • Only people who don't do it will tell you it's slow, you are as fast or as slow as you are, you will get faster in time, but it does take time, not all of us are natural runners, I bet you if you challange those people who say you are slow to keep up, they will quickly back away!!!+.

    When I started I struggled to walk at 3.5mph for 15mins, I have just finished my 2nd 10k in 63mins, so you will get faster with time.

    If it feels like an achievement or something to be proud of to you, then sod what anyone else says

  • Absolutely agree with all the above comments - give yourself some credit and be proud of what you achieved in 5 weeks, keep going and don't listen to those who have not tried it.  Well done for getting out there PJ ! image

    Also the more you run the faster you will get, listen to you body though and don't overstretch yourself...........especially because of someone elses un-founded and inaccurate opinions, just enjoy it.

  • I have been running for about a year now and still only manage a 11.5 min/mile.  At first, it really bugged me as no matter how hard I tried, my pace never improved.  I would sometime feel like I ran as fast as my legs would go and then be disappointed with the time.image

     I am a big girl and have accepted I am never going to be a fast runner so instead I concentrate on improving my distance each run, never mind the time.

    I am proud of the fact that I can run 8 miles, even if it does take me a long time - it still beats most people!!!  You have only being going a few weeks - keep at it, you are doing great. image

  • Hi All

    Thanks for the support, it is much appreciated.

    I am off to the running club track night tonight to see how far I can get rather than how fast I can go!

    The guy that commented on my speed is a runner, he has done loads of races, including marathons... but he feels awful for what he said, he did not realise that I would take it to heart!

  • Princess

    oohh , i like that - princess

    anyway - that explains it then - he's just on the wind - just say to him - i'll set  PHIL of  " Mick n Phil on you "

     See what he says

  • ask the guy at work about using a heart rate monitor and HRM training, he can bore the socks off you for an hour or so....

    If you were to use a HRM you'd probably go even slower at first.  So just beep every now and then and look at your watch! LOL......

  • I join the rest of the crowd by congratulating you on your achievement. This is the begining and after 5 weeks, so, an added well done.

    I am very much surprised to hear that some people were criticsing your speed. True runners respect other runners and at one point in time we were all beginners and many ran the mile much slower than 12 minutes.

    Keep up the training and the good spirit.

    best wishes

  • Yes Run @ 50

    How right you are !!

    but, you know what some people are like

  • i feel compelled to add my experience from last night on my first club run. never been to a running club before always run on my own.   I rang the club first and mentioned that I was running ten miles but was very slow so felt I wasn't up to proper club runs and was interested in the beginners (this is a really speedy club)

    the woman on the phone said no, you're  not a beginner come along to the club run and we'll look after you

    and she was true to her word, I was at the back and struggling but managing, (I always start off slow as it takes me a while to sorrt out my breathing).  anyway some very *supportive* female member opf the club felt it necessary to run back and inform me that there is a beginners group you know.

    the lady I was running with pointed out that as I'd run 10 miles at the weekend I was hardly a beginner. Now I know I'm massively under trained and I knew the pace would be beyond me so I didnt' take the comment to heart although i was annoyed by it as it wasn't very welcoming or supportive to a new member and could easily ahve put someone off.  As it was although the pace was over 1.5 minute mile pace faster than I run at, I did manage it and I wasn't that far behind in teh end, even overtook some runners up the heeeeeeeeeuge hill, so i was chuffed to bits. but still, it did spoil the feel of the evening for me.  everyone else was really supportive and congratulated me and said I'd done well so that made me feel better.

    just think established runners do need to be a bit more sympathetic and supportive rather than jumping in and making comments like that.

  • just to point out, even at the back of the pack the pace was 9.5 minute miles, so there is always someone out there who is quick to put you down. 9.5 minute mile pace to me is way off a beginners pace.
  • Ginger Loon

    all i can say is yes -  you are right

    they themselves were slower or beginners or what ever once, it's now thier turn to show patience and passs on experience etc down to others who are seeking fitness and a healthier lifestyle

    as am i when i'm out running ( mainly with Phillip ) but i trot along with people helping and hopefully teaching them the right way - gradually does it i say

    it really annoys me - though my wording of things isn't always fantastic  - a club should be there for the Elite 5 min milers - to those taking their first steps -

    as is RW here to lend support to all - we all have our own ideas on things - but some of us have been at thing a LOT longer that others 

    i've just in the middle of going back to my club - after 19 years - through nursing my philip - and i'm fully prepared to help the newbies, then occasionally go off on a serious run with thew seniors really working at the mileage

  • I want a nick name!

    Just to add my support, I've managed to get a few people off their backsides starting off with the 1 minute run 2 minute walk programme, and nobody's bothered how quick we go just keep going, everybody is elated the first time they break that running for half an hour without stopping barrier. Particularly when it's the little 3 miler we do near my house which ends on uphill.

    Mind you I've not managed to get any of the others doing races yet - but I may have persuaded a couple to to the Abbey Dash in November, I hope they do then I don't have to do all my loner runs on my own.
  • Thought of one! based on the fact my sad kids think it's hilarious that my initials spell JAM and I loooooooooooooove strawberries!
  • Just need a picture now, I think I'll search the internet for cute strawberries.

    ps. trying to get my forum message number up, so I look like I'm really helpful, to try and get on the Great North Run super six!

  • ooh cool name image
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