Newbies 2

Hello Everyone!!

As we reached 1000 entries on the Newbies thread we though it would be a good idea to start a new one!!

If anyone is just starting out or needs motivation/advice/support come join us here!!




  • Right guys, will start off re-posting my goals (if your doing a cut/paste job like me the goals are around pages 40-43 of previous thread

     1)To lose 2 stone

    2) To complete my programme and run non-stop for 30mins

    3) To complete the 10km in Oct in under 1hr30

    4) To complete next years RFL by running the entire 5km and in under 35mins.

    5) Get BMI below 25.  It currently stands at 27

  • Oh dear, My Goals...

     1) To run the 10k I have (now next weekend...image) in under 55 mins ( i might revise this to 50 depending on how i feel later this week)

    2) to finish the GSR which is on October 26

    3) to loose some weight/get fit, and

    4) to enjoy myself (Maybe this should have been first?!?)

  • Hi i wasnt on the old thread as it got too big, so v.glad u started new one!

    Im 24, live in Brum and have this crazy idea that i acn be a proper runner some day my goals are as follows:

    1) To lose the three stone holding me back

    2) Run for half hour non stop outside (can do inside but cant run for 5 mins outside for some reason!!)

    3) To at least finish the 10k at Sutton park on 7th Sep, set PB and get a medal (1st ever race really scared!! especially as i recently found out i cant run outside!!!!)

    4) To feel like a real runner and to look forward to running

    5) To run half marathon on Oct 26th, set PB and get a medal.

    6) To be so confident i enter Paris half in March 09

  • Re- posting my goals from last forum

    1. To loose 12 lbs by the last week of October. (being sensible losing about 1lb per week)
    2. Run 3 times a week min (and stop moaning about how crap i'm doing!)
    3. Start swimming at the gym.
    4.  Do the 10K in September and do it under 1 1/2 hours.
    5. Keep up the running after the race.
  • and of course to have fun!

    and to be size 12 by Crimbo! (currently 16!)

    I cud go on and on and on

  • HA, it loks like I'm on course for one of my goals alreadyimage - i've just found that i can comfortably take my belt to the next hole down, time for a celebratory choc...or maybe not.
  • well done mark!!!..... but stay away from the chocolate! lol image

  • MegletMeglet ✭✭✭

    here are my goals

    1 Run a 5K in under 35 mins (Bramham 12th Oct)

    2 Run 10K in under 70 mins (Leeds Abbey dash, 23rd Nov, prev PB 1h 11m 31s)

    3 Cycle to work at least once a week

    4 Generally get fit/toned and run at least twice a week

    5 Flat stomach (this is a loooong term goal which may or may not be achievable after 2 kids as it never was before!). More planks i think image

  • Can't believe I missed the 1000 post.  Well done TTN for starting it off again, and thanks for the advice on pages would never have remembered my goals otherwise image  Hope your not too tired when you go to the gym tonight.  When is your first outdoors run.

     My goals

    1. Continue running and wherever possible go three times a week
    2. Improve 5k time
    3. Improve on distance (5k longest done so far)
    4. RUN rfl next year
    5. Enter and complete a 10k

    Glad We've revisited the goals as I've just realised that I'm working on 2 and 3 when I run, albeit slowly.  I'm definitely going to do a 10k next year or possible November/December if I can find one in our area image

    Mark impressed with the 50 mins for a 10k I'd be chuffed if I could do a 10k in under 11/2 hours!

    Sarah G welcome, so glad starting a new newbies thread encouraged you to join.  Know what its like when you want to join in but everyone seems really pally pally.  Your goals put mine to shame I've been running since April and have only done the R4L but home to rectify that.  Have you ran before.

    Meglet planks are brilliant for getting a flat stomach and very good stomach muscles.

    Lisa glad you're feeling a bit better about the running, hope the run tonight goes well.

    Right I'm off to look into possible races image

  • Hi JM3 can only put u to shame if i can actually do the races lol i am so scared!! ive not done any races b4, so far ive only been running for about 5 months on treadmills in gym and a few disasterous outside runs but the weights coming off slowly and i need the races to keep me focused.

    Has everybody else been running long?

  • Thanks Jackie, I always was an optimist ... imageand if I don't aim high then I won't be able to reach those goals. I say go for that 10k! 
  • P.S No chocolate, i had a cereal bar instead., which is really not the same at all
  • Hi all,

    Just wanted to say thanks for warm welcomes image .

     I see that mostly everyone has set themselves goal is pretty much as basic as you can get - just to be able to get past the 8-9 week plan I've set myself to follow, so that by the end of 2 months I'm able to run 3 miles (I think better in miles as opposed to kilometres!) in about 30 minutes, which right now, I must admit, seems waaaaay beyond me image.

    Good luck to everyone with their goals and may they all be achieved image.

    Sarah - I've only been 'running' for about 4 days now. 

  • ah Mark i know, it really doesnt do it when you want choclate does it? I'm on Weight watchers and im trying to advoid the chocolate too, and an alpen light cereal bar with a drizzle of chocolate on it just aint the same! 

    Jackie, i dont know why is stress about the running, part of me being so impatient i guess!

    Sarah - i've been running for about 5 weeks and i have a 10K run in about 3 weeks!! lol, its sounds so silyl when i say it out loud!

  • Hi all, just a quick one for the goals,

    1.  Run three times a week.

    2.  Lose 3 stone before I'm 40 (January)

    3.  Run my next 10k in less than 1:26:08

    ...and after the last couple of weeks

    4.  Not get injured doing meaningless activities thereby preventing me from achieving goals 1-3!

    Happy Trails image

  • Need to update my goals

    1. Continue running and wherever possible go three times a week
    2. Improve 5k time
    3. Improve on distance (5k longest done so far)
    4. RUN rfl next year
    5. Complete Strathaven 10K on 23rd November

    Now the serious training starts image

    Regretting it already the terrain is hilly with a total ascent of 60m and a total descent of 188 m.  At least I'll be go down hill more than up image

  • oh my god im feeling sooo tired and bored, the last thing i want to do is go to the gym!!
  • Hello!

     am fairly new to running, am injury prone! Am currently trying to manage heel and inner leg pain with a 10k on Sunday (boo!). Did my first 10k a month ago & it took me an hour and 2 minutes. Am training for a duatholon in 2 weeks at Loch Ness with a particularly horrible 22km cycle, the first 10km of which is uphill, I haven't even been out on a bike in over 2 years, am woefully unprepared!

  • Lisa

    Think of it this way once you're at the gym you won't be bored image .  Just take it easy on the treadmill, don't push yourself too hard and remember what cj said walk and run it. YOU WILL BE ABLE TO DO IT

  • Osanago welcome

    how new to running are you, I hope I can do 10k in 1hr 2 mins.

  • God i just love to moan! lol.

    Ok im going to go gym, but it would be so much easier to just walk home instead!

    Im just far to lazy for this running stuff! But i have remembered my earphones and ipod this time so i can listent o my music ont he stuff at the gym, might make it slightly less boring! x

  • Just a quick post to put down my goals (slightly edited from previous versionimage):

    1 - To complete my 5K race in under 36mins

    2 - To lose at least 1/2 stone (ideally 1 stone) by Xmas

    3 - To get out and run 3 times a week

    4 - To improve on my 5K time  (sorry Jackie - stole this from you I thinkimage)

    5 - To be able to run 7.5K by the end of October

    PS Welcome to Osango, Sarah and Diane! 

  • Hi Jackie,

     Pretty new, a couple of months now but have really only manage 1 run a week! My last one was Wednesday & have been out of commission since unfortunately. I usually run a 5 mile route but haven't had much opportunity to improve my pace, think I have to be more structured & introduce some treadmill running with intervals it is just I find the treadmill incredibly boring!

    Thanks, Osa x

  • Hi peeps,

    New bloke alert...been running 4 months and up to a confident 7 miles and there is room for more. My last run  (Mon 25th Aug) was 7.11 miles in 53.37, not sure if that's the sort of time i should be running but i'm fairly pleased with it?!

    It's good to be amongst people who have the same interest, as most people i know think i'm nuts...although  they are mainly overweight ...... image

  • HI AJ, That's a really good time. I'm aiming for that sort of time for a 10k I have coming up in a few weeks and I will be very pleased if I make it, so well done.image 

    Lisa, Osasago, the gym can be boring particularly on the treadmill, my gym has tried to combat this with tv's in the control panel, but at my height (only 5'11'' or so) all they do is give me a neck ache... I tend to find though that once I am going it is much easier and i set myself a target then every time I'm close i push the target further back (maybe i'm a masochist) but it seems to work.

    Lisa, you are right those alpen bars are not, in any way shape or form, a substitute for a good bar of chocolate, which is all i have been able to think of this afternoon. Still, i will stay strong.

  • Welcome Sarah, Osanga and AJ(i hope ive remembered everyone!)!! So glad that starting the thread again has got so many extra people joining in (good thinking Jac!!).  I hope you get out of it what i have...lots of motivation and advice and laughs!! Its nice to have people who arent bored when you prattle on about running as they want to talk about it just as much haha!!!

    Went to the gym this afternoon.  Had popped into town to buy a christening pressie, met some of the guys from my platform for a (soft) drink and by 2.30 i was knackered and really couldnt be arsed going to the gym but thought sod it if i dont go i will just feel guilty all night....wish i hadnt bothered, i lasted 20mins on the x trainer and about 8mins on the rowing machine and gave up it was so embarassing walking out 30mins after arriving! My calf was too sore to risk trying to run and nothing else was keeping my interest!  Ho hum, going to do a gentle session on grass tomorrow to see how it goes with the calf.

    Hope you get on better in the gym than me Lisa!  Hopefully once you get going it wont seem so bad!

    Well done on the weight loss Mark!  Ive bought a measuring tape so i can record measurements rather than weight as ive been reading in threads that people notice a difference in measurements more than weight?!  My gym only has tv's in the control panels in the recumbent cycles which i never use.  Ive almost fallen off the treadmill trying to watch the tv's that hang from the ceiling!

  • Thanks for all the lovely welcomes, advice & encouragement, am feeling a bit down as I have been injured for a week, got some good advice from the injury page about wearing high heels to help with heel pain & put a pair on today, can honestly say I can feel the difference already. I am hoping with a weights & spin class tomorrow evening & wearing high heels the next couple of days I will be fit to run in this 10k on Sunday. Keep your fingers crossed for me!!

    Osa xx
  • Hi Osa,

    My fingers and toes are crossedimage!! Its so horrible being injured! Ive had a niggly calf and havent done anything since Saturday. Its frustrating!!  Take it easy though, you dont want to make it worse!!

     Nic x

  • Thanks Nic, crossing your toes might prove to be an effective calf stretch!! Sorry to hear you are injured too, I have done no impact since Wednesday, just a couple of spin classes but I really think wearing ballet pumps & thumping about in them has exacberated the problem. As I am doing this duatholon on the 13 of September I am only going to decide to run the 10k on Sunday morning, I don't want to make it worse, thanks!

    Osa xx
  • Hi Everyone,

     i've just started out running and not sure about what timings are good and what i should be working towards, i am looking to do a half marathon in october, is this achieveable and what kind off training should i be doing to work towards this?

    Roxy xxx

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