Glasgow 1/2 marathon race report

drewdrew ✭✭✭
The weather forecast for Sunday was showers, no mention of thunder storms or torrential rain or wading through 6 inch puddles!

That probably sets the scene.

The heavens opened at about 9:00 am. By 9:15 everyone was running for shelter. Haggis and Daisy Dog were found under the arch at the URWFRC meeting point. DD in her designer binbag with matching hood, Haggis ready for racing and not feeling the cold.

The Junior Great Scottish Run had just started and we managed to watch Ellie's daughter finish in 2nd place. Well done Laura - one to watch for the future.

Standing behind the elite runners at the front of nearly 10,000 runners I felt that today I was capable of running under 1:20 for the 1st time. This is what happened.

Apart for the uphill start the 1st 2 miles are generally downhill and I reached the 2 mile point in 11:31. Felt good at this point, despite the heaviest rain I've ever ran in. Mile 3 was reached in 17:38, well on target and still running comfortably.

Then the stomach pains started. B****y lucozade sport. This hadn't happened for months. Tried to run through it but the cramps started getting worse. Eased off a bit as this usually helps. 4th mile in 6:21. Still on target but pain was getting worse. Eased off a bit more as we ran through Bellahouston Park. Mile 5 in 6:29. 30:29 for the 1st 5 miles. Still OK but started feeling really bad so had to ease off a bit more. Next 3 mile splits were 6:35, 6:45, 6:58. Half way was reached in 41:04. Felt more like a fast training run than a half marathon!

By this time I'd decided that today wasn't going to be my day. Sat in with a group of 4 for a while and started feeling a bit better, but would you believe it, my shoelace came undone. How can a double knot loosen? Mile 9 split was 6:37. By this time I was a little disheartened, however after doing mile 10 in 6:30 decided to do something different as I was now feeling OK. Started chasing down the runners ahead of me and sheltering for a few minutes behind them from the headwind.

Mile 11 split was 6:19, then 6:16. In the final mile managed to catch the group of 4 who had left me when my lace had loosened. Felt a bit guilty since the girl in the group was obviously trying her hardest and suffering when I wasn't even breathing heavily. Did a good sprint finish for the benefit of my daughter. Last mile done in 5:57. Final time - better than last year but still a very disappointing 1:23:12.

Overall a very disappointing run, bearing in mind how good I've been feeling all week, but we live and learn.

Due to the weather I didn't hang about to watch our fellow forumites finish so how did you all get on?

Highlight of the weekend was, undoubtedly, meeting up with fellow forumites for a pasta party on Saturday night - Haggis, Nessie, Daisy Duke, Ellie, Miss Ellie & Mr Ellie, Swiss Bobby and his gorgeous and rather fit looking sister. Was this the inaugural URWFRC pasta party?


  • Bad luck Drew, it wasn't to be your day after all. Have you had stomach probs before?

    I was thinking about you all today and wondering how you were getting on. Sorry the weather was so appalling, hope you've all had nice hot baths tonight. Sounds like there was nothing much you could do about it. Still a PB on the course and a damn good time in anybody's book; you'll just have to find another one soon!
    Did anyone take a photo?
  • Report form SB

    A PB 1:34:2x 10 min better than last year. Despite the conditions Well done to Miss Ellie and all who took part. I thought about giving up as the hail started in George Square.

    Now back in the Chalet I am glad I did it. See you all soon

  • Drew

    I know exactly how you feel (see my race report) sounds like a good recovery towards the end though.
  • I was crying and insisting I couldnt run at the start.I was vomiting into the Glasgow Green quagmire, waiting for my friends who were had travelled from Aberdeen that morning to run and persuaded me,foolishly.We began 15 mins after the mass start which was a strange experience.I wont go into times here but my pal got back in 2.06 on the clock,I never even had the benefit of meeting you all!!Today I have nasty raw welts from my wet running top and shorts,but no longer very sick and despite poor time...I can say I DONE IT!!!!
  • Well done Shooky, sorry we did not meet you, but I am glad you got round.
  • Well done to eveyone who did the Glasgow Half. Sounds like the weather was appalling, certainly not optimal when you're trying to race. Sorry to hear about the stomach problems Drew, that's a real bu**er when you feel ready to race hard. Go on you all.
  • well done to all that tane part in the glasgow half marathon yesterday i done it years ago but since then fell away in the last 2-3years not really ran much but trying to get back in to .all the best to you's
  • You all deserve medals for running Glasgow, watched some of the race from inside a warm dry car, but ran with you in spirit if not in body, congrats. to all.
  • Well done all , sometimes it doesn't go to plan Drew, all we can do is take something from the race (don't drink lucozade??!!).
    It's days like that which keep you going.

    Re laces : Rain loosens them - during 3rd Yateley (torrential downpour) my triple knot came undone.Even double knots sometimes slip.Maybe I should learn how to tie them up properly (or borrow my daugters velcro gym shoes).

    Once again to all forumite racers yesterday.
  • insert 'well done' after 'once again' in previous post.

  • Sorry Drew, I was so hoping you were going to have a good run. Then gut grumbles wreck it. Not to mention the weather. I read your posts with interest. Here's for better luck the next time. Marj
  • Hello from the soggy North. Just to make all Glasgow runners feel a little bit better, the rain in Inverness was much worse on Saturday night/Sunday morning, with several landslides and a hotel having to be evacuated using boats. Mr Nessie had to drive home on the pavement late Saturday night, as the water was over the bonnet on the road, and the storm drains were spouting water 7 feet in the air. So glad I live on a hill. (Remind me of that the next time I complain about cutting the grass).

    Well, despite the thunderclap/hailstorm which started just as I hit the button on my watch, I managed to see well enough not to trip up the runners in front, and managed not only a PB of over 7 minutes (2:22:45), but also my first ever negative split (1:12/1:10). Not bad since I (publicly) hoped for 2:30 or better, and secretly yearned for 2:25.

    The shower I had at Central Station was the most welcome shower I have ever had, and the best £3 ever spent.

    I met Ellie in the changing tent at the end - she had beaten her 2 hour target - 1:57 something, so very well done Ellie and Mini Ellie too, for her amazing second place. I also met Jane, another forumite, on the way round. We ran together from 4-6 miles, and I hope she made her 2:30 target.

    It was great meeting everyone on Saturday night - an 11 person blind date! Pity about the service at Bella Past though - a new "name and shame" thread????

    I think the people of Glasgow who turned out in such atrocious conditions to cheer us all on should get a medal too. At least we could keep warm running.

    Well done to everone who completed the City of Glasgow Great Scottish Swim.
  • drewdrew ✭✭✭
    Well done Nessie, Ellie & Jane.

    Nessie, do you think we can get Ellie to share her true and recent story about the air sea rescue and the cannibal?

    I was thinking about you on Sunday when I read the news about the floods in Inverness. Glad to see you didn't have any major problems.
  • Good to hear that you are well and survived the worst race I have ever seen, Nessie. I am glad you that you got back safely. Hope all goes well for the Loch Ness in a couple of weeks time. Any news from Daisy Duke.
  • Well done, all of you. I think I'd have bottled out before even travelling rather than run a long race in the rain. Certainly feel quite told-you-so-ish because on Saturday I was given what was allegedly a b*ll*cking "just being passed on" by my mother from her running neighbour (in Kilmarnock) for not coming up for the Glasgow race. We had glorious sunshine in Birmingham, and I had a little snigger when Mum phoned to ask how Kevin and I had got on and told me that it had been piddling down all day where she was. Then I thought of you and felt very, very sorry.
  • Official results are online at the website

    Position 646 out of 6652 finishers. Official time 1:34:22

    click here
  • Swissbobby, Drew, Nessie, DaisyDuke, Haggis plus all extra family members thank you for a great night. I had butterflys before I met you all like someone said it was a bit like a blind date.

    Well done to everyone running yesterday I think it took quite a bit of guts (madness) to stand there in the pouring rain waiting to start with the thunder rumbling all around us. Sorry your stomach caused you a few problems Drew maybe drinking all that water should have been replaced by a couple of glasses of wine ?

    I was delighted to meet up with nessie after the race and get another chance for a natter.

    I was so pleased for my daughter Laura to get 2nd place in the junior run, we had a little celebration for her last night.

    Look forward to meeting you all again at some other races in the future.

    And Guys what said on tour stay's on tour !!
  • i too,ran in glasgow on sunday,and have never ran in such atrocious conditions before...but the mood of the runners never wavered,and we all just got on with it and "enjoyed it"..not sure if thats the right way to describe it,but i did run 1.39..which i was pleased with,considering i had run 1.36 the day before in loch leven half-marathon..
  • Well Done Billy 1:39:17 position 1043 / 6651
  • Hi Guys,

    Recovered from the world's first underwater half-marathon??

    Great to meet up with you on Saturday evening - a most enjoyable night.

    Ellie, congratulations to 'Little Ellie'. Is she now going to join the forumites in her own right?

    So much for worrying about the dodgy knee - I ran the fastest time yet for Glasgow; 1.50.38 position 2532. I am delighted, considering the conditions.

    Look forward to meeting some of the other forumites at Lake Vrynwy on Sunday.
  • Well done Haggis
  • Just caught up with this - sounds like a shocker.

    Sorry to hear about your misfortunes Drew - given your (well-founded) expectations, you did well to avoid a DNF.
    Well done to everyone else for getting round - particularly the PB-setters.
  • I'd agree with Billy that the mood of the runners was tremondous given the weather conditions. I was also amazed at the number of people who came to stand in the rain and cheer us all on, they deserve our gratitude. My run went well till about ten miles when a lack of training and a foot injury conspired to slow me down with a 1.45 the outcome compared to the 1.37 I was looking for. It was certainly a race with a difference.
  • So you weren't exaggerating about the weather then Drew. Well done everybody and congratulations on all PB-setters. Sounds like you deserve a second medal for persevering despite the weather, true Scottish grit! Congrats to Ellie junior too, must be worth at least 10 PBs to watch your daughter come second.
  • drewdrew ✭✭✭
    Brilliant run Haggis.

    Laura, when did I ever exaggerate?????
  • hi checking out the glasgow half marathon web see it hasnt been up dated with the results yet just wondering if anybody knows when it will be done .
  • They are there Scunner What is the name and i can check them out for you
  • I was in Glasgow (for the first time) on other business! I did a 15 mile run on Saturday by Loch Loman (as it sounds - don't ask me to spell it properly). I had no idea the GSR was on, and went to Glasgow for a coffee on Sunday to discover runners with medals. If I'd only have known!!!!
  • Snicks,

    I wished you'd been able to join us, it was a great evening and you could have came along on Sunday and either joined us or cheered us on. Never mind maybe I'll meet up with you another time.

  • Hi everyone, it was great to run with Nessie for a few miles yesterday. Well done Nessie for getting a PB.

    Just missed my target by 1min 20 secs. Last two miles were very tough and had to concentrate really hard to finish but felt really great that I had ran all the way and in such terrible conditions. It took me ages to get warm afterwards.

    Well done everyone else.
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