Cyclists' rant thread

You know how it is, you've just survived another ride to work and want to scream at someone.... Let me start it off.

On my way to work this morning I happened upon an unhappy cyclist and a small car, having collided when car turned right (as opposed to left for a change) across gap in slow moving traffic, not looking for cyclist. I stopped to check cyclist was ok and that he was remembering to do all the things you should in these circumstances. He was ok, battered and bruised but bike was in need of surgery. He asked me if insurance would cover the damage. I said yes, this lady's insurance will pay out ie. the driver of the vehicle that hit him. She said "Why?" WHY??????????? Because you knocked him off his bike, he's injured and his bike is broken. Does insurance not apply simply because it was a cyclist you hit and not another car???? I also said they must call the police.

Personally, I think we should always report collisions and accidents to the police, then there's a chance that court action will result (careless/dangerous driving) and one day, perhaps one day, drivers will learn to be a bit more careful.




  • <puts tin hat on and waits for irate drivers and pedestrians to join in>


  • Argh! Don't get me started!

    I've got so much pent up anger about the lack of awareness and courtesy shown to cyclists that I can't even rant coherently about it anymore. I've only actually been hit once but the number of near misses I've had must number in the hundreds and the reaction of the driver is always the same as the lady driver in your incident. They seem to think that being in a car gives them priority to go where they like and cyclists should just leap out of there way. The overtaking then turning left thing is a prime example.. opening car doors into you.. driving into you because they started overtaking when something was coming the other way.. it's always the cyclists fault though of course. GAH! image

    *breathes deeply*

  • I'm going to guess that the cyclist was riding down the inside of a line of slow moving traffic, which is illegal.  Yes, the motorist should have looked before turning but if you're doing something illegal you have to take a certain amount of responsibility.




    Pedestrian, cyclist, motorcyclist and driver image

  • people who overtake you just before a downhill, then pull in front and slow down. nearly ran into back of white van man who did that and in trying to avoid locked up back wheel and nearly came off.image
  • and apron wearer ...image
  • bad roads-they are terrible round here. think i need a mountain bike just to cope with the potholes
  • M.ister W why is it illegal? I presume it would be illegal for the motorcylist I saw this morning using the cycle line to overtake on the inside too? What would be the point of a cycle lane if we had to keep pace with the adjacent traffic, especially in London? I'd never get home.
  • Oh yes...... last night, in Tooting Broadway, pedestrian carrying her shopping fresh from Sainsbury's looked most offended when I suggested (loudly)  that she look first rather than walk straight out in front of me.
  • I just wish there were more cyclists on the roads - then motorists wouldn't think that it was their right to do whatever they feel like.

    Stopping to pick up the wife on a double yellow - dual carriageway  - right in front of me just as i was getting up speed. 40mph traffic in other lane so NO WAY am i over taking. Just had to stop dead swearing loudly.  aaarrgh

  • It is not ileagal if you are in a cycle lane - but if your not it can be seen as undertaking (which is a naughty) unkless you are in a lane that is moving quicker due to conjestion
  • Ohhhhhh
    Oh oh ohohoh
    I'm just too wound up to even rant properly.
  • Filtering on the left may not be the most sensible option depending on the circumstances, but it's not illegal.

  • Dunno if it is illegal Mr W. Highway code s163 :

    stay in your lane if traffic is moving slowly in queues. If the queue on your right is moving more slowly than you are, you may pass on the left

    I have always interpreted this as being able to ride up to traffic lights on the left of the queue or 'undertake' slow moving heavy traffic. I don't particularly like doing it as you are invisible to traffic turning right across you (and the potholes are worse, broken glass collects, can't see the poxy drains, pedestrians step out, muppets open the door to climb out...image), but the roads round our way are so snarled and narrow that I sometimes have no choice.

  • Just this morning I had a cyclist attempt to turn right without looking as I was overtaking him on my bike.  Fortunately I was fatter than him and he fell.  AS he was not really hurt I got off my bike and stamped on his head a few times.  If he was wearing a helmet he would have been ok.  That'll learn him (if he can remember it)
  • Under the Highway Code it is acceptable to pass a vehicle on the left (usually referred to as undertaking) if the vehicle is signalling to turn right and there is enough room to do so or where you are in a separate lane and the other vehicle is being held up by traffic ahead. Any manoeuvre should be done with care.

  • If you're in a cycle lane then it's a separate lane so not illegal to pass on the left.  if there's no cycle lane then you're considered to be in the same lane as the cars so it is illegal.


    Apologies if I seem to be defending the motorist.  I've had numerous near misses when I've been cycling but also seen loads of cyclists jumping red lights, cutting in front of cars and riding very badly.  Before we, as cyclists, start ranting we need to make sure that we're obeying the highway code.

  • thats wot i sed
  • There are a lot of nobby motorists out there, but also some nobby cyclists. Only thing is that nobby motorists kill cyclists. I've not heard of a motorist being killed by a cyclist yet ?
  • Grr but car drivers are mostly cretins , I cannot even bring to mind the number of times they have attempted to kill me whilst I have been cycling or motorcycling.

    Still I would say this RIDE ASSERTIVELY you are less likely to be hit , be seen, make it clear  what you are doing and watch for the obvious threats  , then you at least have a good chance! 

    I dont think the Ukrainian gentlemen I adroitly removed from his car via his driver side window will be overtaking any more cyclists and then doing a sharp left any time soon.image

  • Hee hee hee Gumps!

    I personally think that there are varying degree of driver error (or whatever).

    • Some are downright impatient and dangerous....these really rile me and get my back up as they KNOW what they are doing
    • Some are just being a bit dense and seem oblivious....also get my back up, but less so
    • Some drivers genuinely dont see you - (as a driver and cyclist I can see that this does happen - and am less riled when you can see people are genuinely apologetic)
  • What are the opinions on this??

     There is a link to the CCTV footage at the top of the article.

  • It is the oldest of arguments.

    This morning driving to work i was stuck behind a cyclist who insisted on cycling a good three feet from the curb for no reason meaning no one could over take hims as there was traffic coming the otherway. When we did get passed we joined some heavy but not stationary traffic. He insisted on pushing through every gap and hole with not a care in the world. I suggested my passanger open the window and tell him off but he didn't.

    Yesterday walking to the train station i was crossing on a green man with a number of other peds, the trafic had stoped (including three cyclists) but one girl on her bike decided the red light didn't apply to her and almost flattened the old dear walking infront of me. I shouted at her. She was wearing an ipod and seemed ever unaware.

    Cycling home from work a few weeks back i was hit by a cyclist who was weaving through traffic. As nothing was moving he didn't think to look left as he came across the front of a stationary bus, unfortunatly i was pass the bus on the outside as he darted out. "sorry mate" he grinned. Prick.

    Before i get called anti-bicycle I'm a paid up member of sustrans so image

    There are loads of inconsiderate and crap cyclists out there but i have just as many storys about pedestrians and car drivers being useless.

    Falling into a tribalistic "them and us" mindset is always a bad thing. We rarly remember the drivers who let us out, or the cyclists who pull in on the hill to let cars by.

  • What do you want us to say Gertie ?

    Looks awful - was the cyclist faster than 10mph ? I'm not sure - possibly.

    Should the kid be allowed to run across a shared path without looking ? No.

    At least the cyclist had the decency to stop.

  • Exactly which is why I fully support the roadpeace charity.
  • Riding on Saturday in revolting weather a car behind us slowed and held back while we negotiated a tircky right turn (bad road surface and cars coming fast down a hill).  There are good and considerate drivers out there.


    Nick, it's the drivers who genuinely don't see cyclists that scare me the most.  They're the ones who don't realise they're in charge of a potentially dangerous machine and that they need to be alert 100% of the time.

  • Cougie, I was just wondering how people would interpret the incident after reading the article/comments and then viewing it on CCTV.

    I actually agree with your comments but reading the article/comments made it seem to me that Boudaccia (sp?) had charged down the prom. 

  • Tom Tom T. Barrow wrote (see)
    This morning driving to work i was stuck behind a cyclist who insisted on cycling a good three feet from the curb for no reason meaning no one could over take hims as there was traffic coming the otherway.

    One reason for doing this is to stop drivers overtaking when there isn't room to do so safely.  Traffic coming the other way would suggest that you were intending to overtake by squeezing past in the same lane, which unless you happen to be on a road with very wide lanes is way too close.   

  • ride naked ...

    ... more people notice you image

  • I'm with CD on that - if you ride too close to the kerb it almost invites motorists to overtake you - even if there isnt enough space. If I'm coming up to a narrow bit of road - say on a blind bend - I ride further out - I've learnt that lesson from experience.

    Far better to ride out a bit and then the motorist has to weigh up the overtake - like he would have to do with a horse or something. Its far safer.
  • debbodebbo ✭✭✭
    eccentric - most cyclists I know are car drivers too - I'm not a cretin

    in fact there are very few cretins in the first world these days thanks to the invention of the guthrie test - my daughter would have been a cretin if it wasn't for that ; - )
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