The Sussex Beacon Half-Marathon

Thinking of giving this a go next year. image


  • Have signed up.  Half marathon, which half of a marathon do you have to do?  I hope it's not the second half.
  • Ran this year while being filmed for a documentary about marathon training. Film crew were asked to do a promotional film for the race at the same time, and the result is the promo video on the race website.

     JUST missed out on a sub 2 hour race, so hoping to bust that once I get off the cigs AGAIN,and stop having work meetings in Starbucks!

  • Looks like I might be doing this again, as it'll probably be part of my training for FLM.

    At least I'll be expecting the hills this time. Flat course? Hmmmm...
  • SazzaG wrote (see)
    Looks like I might be doing this again, as it'll probably be part of my training for FLM. At least I'll be expecting the hills this time. Flat course? Hmmmm...
    Do tell.
  • Don't worry, I'm exaggerating! (a bit)

    There's a slow climb at about 7 miles, where the course goes up the road above the start finish line.  Then it comes sharply back down, then a sharp uphill through the cycle path tunnel at around 10 miles, up onto the cliffs.  Nothing too nasty as long as you've not only trained on the flat!

    The path back down into the marina is very steep, but then it's flat from there to the finish.

  • All my runs are undulating with short steep bits so sounds about right.  image
  • Did this one this year as well and am going to give it another go in 2009image
  • Having done Barns Green the other week, the hills no longer scare me!
  • Count me in too.
  • Does anyone know why this race has been listed twice in the events section?  I'm assuming it's the same race!
  • Looks the same apart from one listed with "The" at the front!

  • Yeah, that's what made me think it could have been two races... doh!image
  • I'm in for this! I ran Barns Green last Nov so looking to improve on that...
  • I have entered as well.
  • Me too. Have to do this one as it's my local race image
  • Mine too, would be rude not too image
  • I'm in.  This will be my fourth.  Fingers crossed for a decent day.  The last couple of years were great.
  • Just signed up for this having had six weeks off running.  Hoping the weather will be good, but I have a feeling it's going to be windy.
  • Hi everyone. I have a friend that would like to enter this race but its now closed. Is anyone pulling out?Does anyone have a male number? If so please email /forum/smilies/big_smile_smiley.gif[/img]] Will fully repay cost of entry.imageimage
  • hey everyone doing this race and really looking foraward to it!!

    I have a huge favour to ask! If you aren't running this for a charity and would like to support one I am running it for an incredible cause and would really love your support!!! please just take a look at my page and then decide if its worth it! 

    justgiving site

  • Anyone got their numbers yet?
  • Cinder - we have only had one post, well nearly two but stupid postman put ours in next door letter box. We cannot get our post back as the house is empty and up for rent and estate agent don't have the keys and the landlord is not answering his phone. Made official complaint to post office this morning. War with post office sorting office manager starts on Monday. I am not a happy bunny.
  • Hi everyone, no number as yet, but looking forward to what promices to be an enjoyable canter by the sea image 
  • Nope, mine's not here yet either.

    Let's hope for calm weather! Last year was great - cold and sunny!
  • I remember the cold and sunny Draycote Marathon last year. It was -6c in Brimingham and our car just made it to Draycote and then died and we ended up spending another 3 nights in our caravan.
  • Picked my number up last Sunday, just as a blizzard started.

     Made me wonder what the weather will be like on race day itself

  • Just signed up, left it late so paid the extra for the charity place but want the race-day experience for Paris in a few weeks and fits nicely into my training schedule- also doing the Brentwood 1/2 in March. I'll be driving down from London in the morning - anyone got any tips for parking not too far from the start?
  • Elliot - They recomend the multi storey car park in the marina.
  • If anyone has a place they can't use, would they contact me please. As it's my local event, I have done it several times previously, but never known it fill up so quickly!
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