GULP just entered my first half marathon



  • Susiebe, fantastic news about the knee, fingers crossed that it holds out when you have your first run. I can't belive how bad it feels not to be able to go out (although touch wood so far i've not suffered from too many injuries), you'd think we'd be glad of the excuse to sit on our bottoms eating chocolate wouldn't you! image

    Saltpot, as bizarre as it sounds, I can highly recommend running as a fabbo hangover cure ( last sundays 5 miler and todays 7 miler fixed me a treat. Although don't stray too far from home as i've found I often have to do an emergency dash for the toilet after alcohol!) And drink lots of water as Foxy says.

    Foxy, the heartrate schedule is going really well. Although the schedule I printed off seems different to what's actually on my Garmin. So far I've managed to stick with it and it's nice not to worry about speed, mind you, I got the slowest one i could find on this site which is for a sub 2.15 can't see that being very likely, I seem to be about 12 min mile pace so looking at around 2.45 time. Still, if I can lose the last couple of stone it will make a huge difference, I'll get serious on the eating front once all the Christmas nosh is gone image

    I apologise for the comments made by my unruly teenager, but i have to say i run better when hungry, I think it goes back to caveman times when we had to run after our food and catch it ourselves. Hunger makes for faster legs for me!

    mmmmmmmmmmmmm brandy butter and mince pies mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmimage

  • OD'd on prawns yesterday and rather too much bubbly so a poor night's kip - I just can't take the pace anymore.  Mince pies and brandy butter- had a couple yesterday-oh yum.  Mincemeat recipe came from my Grandma in-law before she died 8 years ago and is wonderful.

    Despite this, managed the 9 miler today altho' managed to switch the Garmin off for 1.25 miles along the way so data unclear.  Sore feet (wore shoes with heels yesterday pm) and tired legs.  Took some water (to help the hangover SP!)

    MTP- did the 8 miler I told you then added on a loop to the rugby club and cubs Xmas party there- oops more yummy party food to nibble at.

    Julia- I'm following the sub 2.15 plan as well, as despite dreaming of 2hours, I missed out when the sprint gene was allocated, so reaslism bites.  I do manage to sometimes go a bit further/ faster than it says though.  Maybe next year image...........

    Glad your daughter is so sensible, if we had more like her at my school things would be a lot easier for me!

    Rest day tomorrow, more visitors, WW sausage casserole, loads of veg and Apple pie if I can be bothered.

  • Hi all, glad everything is going well for most. I am swimming and cycling at the mo as I'm still injured. Shall try a short run tomorrow me thinks, very frustrating though.

    FL well done on the 9 miler, it's a pain when you accidently stop the Garmin, I've done that to mine before now - especially when you feel as though it went well. Hope the drinks went down well. Mrs MTP and myself went to the Waggon on Friday evening and both had more than we should have done, still doesn't hurt, more incentive to run it off I guess.

    I've been using my Polar heart rate monitor lately when cycling, the batteries packed up and I went to Sweatshop in Reading and they said I had to send it back to Polar. I thought nah, can't be doing that so went to Timsons and they put a new battery in for £11 and its fine - you should all remember that when yours goes.

  • MTP, thanks for the advice re polar.  I managed to find both bits of our old one at the same time recently but it needs a new battery and I have been meaning to send it back for a while so Mr FL can use it, however I will now send him to Timsons for a fraction of the cost.

    Day off today and visitors again so more food than I should but kept off the booze.  Mr FL took cub1 for his 3 mile run today and said he wasn't even out of breath so I've challenged him to my steady 4 miler tomorrow. On top of that, aged 8 he suddenly seems to fit my running top and socks.  Only a couple of shoe sizes and he'll be in my trainers too.  Scary stuff.

    Julia- Tin of QS is finally finished, just a box of Heroes to go!

  • MtP should that be ON the Waggon rather than IN the Waggon! image Hope your short run went good for you.

    FL I have not done todays intervals, finding it a chore at the moment so have decided to take a few days off and restart on Saturday with hopefully some renewed enthusiasm!

    Food consumption ok so far today.....................................still time methinks!

    My 14yo daughter is taller than me and wears size 9 feet so cannot have mine! Scary stuff but she'll always be able to see in a crowd image 

  • Food consumption?'s the mince pies that get me! I've run 13 miles in 3 days (quite a lot for me) and yet I seem to be morphing into Santa, but without the jolly nature!

    Anyone else use nike + i pod, race on Sunday said was 4.6 miles and my ipod recorded 5.11!!! -  more proof that I need a garmin?

    Hope everyone is well (Ho! Ho! Ho!)

  • Scoffing for England now and off to make mincepies.  Another tin of QS arrived today from a supplier, have they no idea what they are doing to my will power and waistline?

     Increasing the mileage of late is taking it's toll and my neck/shoulder hurts, my back aches, my knee is crunching and an old toe injury is playing up altho' not when running.  Emergency sports massage booked for next week but have another 24 miles to run between now and then.

    Cubs wanted to run today.  It was meant to be a mile warm-up, 10x400m intervals and then a mile cool down.  Took No1 son on first 2.4 miles, dropped him home, did some more and collected cub 2 for the last 0.7 miles; sort of worked out and I supect I'll be allowed out solo for my 5 miler tomorrow, (B4 anyone calls social services Mr FL works from a home office so can supervise in my absence!)

    Looking forward to all the goodies Santa FL just wrapped up for me, all surprises of course!

    Hope the injuries are healing everyone.

  • Merry Christmas All

    Been very quiet lately resting ankle hmmmm! then catching a real mans cold you ladies just don't  know what they are like?

    A little 3 miler today (but in a good time) just to ease myself back in.  Hope all your training and xmas planning are going well. 

    There is just to much temptation in this house with food and drink I'm losing the battle but hopefully not the war.

    Hope Santa brings you what you need. 

    Have a good one.

  • Atchoo Darren.

    Hic Happpy BBbbbbbbbbbooozzxxxxxxxxing dat evvvvvvvvvvverrrryone hicl.............image

    ooooooooo iiiiiiii nnnnnnedddddddddddddd to have a run tomoz and get ssssssssober agin      hic

  • soz if i'veeeeeeeeee diiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiisgraced miself......
  • Had to be done Julia. image You will feel it when you run though!  I did my Boxing day run as planned, it was a wonderful day, and nice to run something different down in Wiltshire but legs were heavy and tired and it was a tough one.

    I can feel the Xmas overdose of food and booze esp the rather strong "white lady" cocktails my Dad made for lunchtime yesterday.  image

    We have visitors today but I am making a lovely healthy weight watchers beef and apricot casserole with rice to aid the recovery process.  A festive mince meat bread and butter pud may undo all the good that does of course let along the inevitable cheese and biscs.  Might (?!) even go for a booze free day (can't guarantee it though).  Very tired and achey and not sure how I am going to manage a 10 miler tomorrow but only that and a 5 miler and I see my miracle masseuse on 30th so I can get through. Lots oflovely new kit from Santa and Mr FL was pleased with the running gloves the cubs got him.

    Hope everyone else ate far too much too and manages a nice run today, it's another beautiful one!
  • Well done for getting out there Foxy, I'm afraid I need a kick up the bum from someone please, I have not run since last Sunday and cannot seem to get motivated now.......................image
  • Julia- consider yourself kicked!! image

    I am going out at 8.30am tomorrow for a 10 mile easy run!  Feel free to join me in spirit for at least part of it.  I made the mistake of standing on the scales this morning which I had said I wouldn't do until at least a couple of days after the gluttony ceases; VERY depressing.  However only tomorrow with visitors and New Years day at the outlaws (and I'm running 10 miles there and driving Mr FL and cubs back home so that shouldn't be too bad).  So really I can say I'm aiming to be back on the straight and narrow (bar the Xmas cake) from Monday.  And I only had one glass of bubbly today and about 8 QS- sooner they are finished the better, palmed lots off on our visitors today.

    So switch on that Garmin, look at your training plan and get back to it.  Weather is perfect for it and Mr FL wore his XMAS running gloves today and was very pleased.

    Same to the rest of you who are fit enough!  The time for idleness and gluttony is almost over!

  • Kicks Julie up the backside.

    Well I did 9 miles in the dark, so I can. I am training for FLM.

  • Well done for all those that have carried on training, you are not on your own Julia.

    Took my new trainers, jacket and shirts (no garmin as yet) for an outing today 4.5 miles harder than twice that distance a month ago but I feel i'm back in the swing.  Soon be over only out tonight, then the youngest birthday (loads of guests) then new years eve(friends over) and finally news year day.

    Take care

  • OW OW OW Thank-you for that image

    Got on scales this morning to discover 5lb has suddenly put itself onto my body image still I know that will go quickly and having had that shock I managed 3.5 miles this morning. Blimey my heart rate was up! Then did half an hour on the Wii fit with my personal trainer, he was getting a bit friendly for Mr T's liking but very flattering image

    I think i've turned the corner and will be ok now, thankyou all! and well done for getting out. FLM Tracey! WOW! Foxy, are the gloves self wicking/specially for running ones as my mitts woz a bit chilly this morning. Enjoy the youngests Birthday Darren, it wasn't you who was getting the 405 for Christmas then, can't scroll back to check for fear of losing my words.

  • Julie - Well done on your 3.5 mile run today image
  • Julia- well done on getting back out there, when you start getting the mileage up you will find the weight comes off (I hope).  Having done my long run today I risked weighing myself (the best time) and have an additional lb of QS and mincepies on board to get rid of.

    Talking of the long run- dragged my neighbour out (he only gets to run once a week at the moment and is increasing that run at a mile a week as I am.)  Anyway he suggested an alteration to route and 10 miles became 11.5 so that was impressive and I feel surprisingly good on it and a lot better than this time last week.  Only a 5 mile steady run tomorrow and I see my massage lady on Tuesday am.  I have done my month of maximum mileage since getting the Garmin at the end of April and having done that run today know the HM is achievable once again and now it's a matter of cranking up the speed a bit.

    89 miles so far this month, so all going well tomorrow that will be 94 .  Shame not made it into triple figures, maybe January will break that barrier.

    Darren- thought of you on my run on Boxing day as I was running up a long steep hill out of the river valley my Dad lives in, couldn't make it quite all the way an had to walk the last bit, although managed the rest of the short sharp hills on the route, makes me realise quite how flat the Thames Valley really is.

    Lovely weather for running, and Julia the gloves were Ronhills runners gloves from Sweatshop, not too expensive (about £10 or less and lots of sales on at the moment) so worth getting.  I have a pair of Nike ladies lightweight running gloves a friend go me from the US last year.

    Happy running folks, I'll be out there from about 8.30am again tomorrow, knees permitting!

  • Am I the only one still running on this thread?  image

    Another Steady 5 miles this am, not quite at 8.30am; took a little while longer to get the aching bones downstairs today, but I did it anyway.  94 miles in December, most ever in a month.  Just looked at the training schedule for next month and it's down to about 84 but that doesn't allow for the odd route alteration, but does seem to have more speedwork- ugh.

    Mince pies are gone, only a few biscuits and Christmas Cake to go now.

    Two days rest and tne 10 miler to set the New Year off with a bang.

    Have a good one everyone!

  • Oh Foxy! I feel so humble at your mileage image I'm going out again tomorrow, and then once I start back at work on friday I reckon all will be back to normal. I have about 10 weeks to my half marathon so really need to start upping the miles now, I was doing about 18 a week up till Christmas. I think I'm going to start going out on more days, trouble is, running for 1.5 - 2 hours at a time takes a big chunk out of the day and needs planning!

    Enjoy the massage! image

  • 4.5 mile today!! Hurrah back in the running saddle - didn't feel bad, but I'm now spoiling it with wine and stilton - well done to all those with will power! xx
  • Well done Saltpot, you've earned it!  Enjoy with a clear conscience.
  • mmmmmmmmmmmm more cheese Saltpot? (An overdose of Wallace and Gromit I'm afraid!) and well done for your 4.5 miles. Is it just me who has a keyboard with no fractions on it?

    Managed my 6 x 400m intervals today, phew! feel good now. Foxy, which week are you on with your training schedule? I've downloaded mine again as I got out of sync., and seem to be on about week 3 now, are you tuesday intervals, thur 3/4 miles sat 4/5 miles sunday longer and building up?

  • Well done Julia.  I had a day off.  Had my sport massage which was pleasantly painful, and later on a hot tub at my neighbours.  Still eating far too much as there is still food to be cleared up but gradually winning the war. However now have an old friend I haven't seen for nearly 7 years popping in for lunch tomorrow so that'll be another session!

     Garmin training schedule- funnily enough I reviewed mine yesterday; I've "tweaked" it so much that it was quite hard to work out where I was meant to be!  In the end I counted back. I'm half way through week 7 and seem to have 2 long runs this week somehow!

    Usually I do my long run on a Sunday (while cubs are at rugby), then steady medium run on Tuesday afternoon, intervals Thursday am and easy/steady run on Friday am.  Over the next few days I have an easy 10 miler on Thursday,  steady 4 mi on Friday, intervals on Sunday, steady 3 mi Tuesday and Friday with more intervals on Thursday- presumably I've swopped intervals and long run between NYD and Sunday so I can do my second long NYDay run.(and earn my lunch!)  

    My HM is first weekend In Feb so I am well ahead of you. Scarily I am looking at another in July- especially worrying as my running deteriorates as the weather warms but I am wondering if that's due to doing 10Ks mostly at that time of year and usually a 5k (RFL) in July, so mentally and physically it all tails off.  Hence the thought of another HM to aim for.  I am looking at the Thames Tow path run,as it is down river this year, fairly slow because of narrow route and pretty flat inevitably.

  • I think I may be slightly cheese obsessed! New training programme begins today got to seriously start to increase mileage - also off to sales to try and pick up a pair of trail shoes (off to Edale next weekend) xxx
  • Hi all, hope everyone had a good xmas.

    Saltpot - much watch that cheese, know what you mean though it's to moorish, but it is the one thing that really puts the weight on me.

    Foxy, where do you go for your sports massage, never had one myself but was wondering about them, so do you really think they make a difference? - mind you I guess you do as you wouldn't have them. Do you think they prevent injuries, strains etc?

    Julia T, eight weeks should be enough I reckon baring injuries of course so stick with it. Mine is Feb 8 so am sweating somewhat, still resting my injury so will have to see.

    Still injured so concentrated on swimming - don't know if anyone else noticed this but since my stamina has improved through running (8/9 mile runs) I noiticed I can easliy swim freestyle for a couple of miles now - could just about do 50 lengths before I started running again, I was amazed. I shall definitley keep up the swimming even when I start running again (which will be hopefully tomorrow - hangover allowing of course).

    Happy New Year all.


  • MTP- I see a wonderful lady called Michelle Wilson- she is a runner and trains people at Readng Roadrunners.  She either works out of physiocare in Twyford or (slightly cheaper) from home in Woodley (£30 for an hour).  She is fab and I really feel the benefit.  She has so far fixed and a long term ankle problems and knee problems as well.  It's money well spent and I try and see her once a month, to prevent me falling apart.  Also being a runner she understands when you limp in and say you need to run the next day!

    Do you want her details? 

    I am just praying I can stay fit and healthy for Feb 8th- no lurgies please!  I'm running to Wokingham for lunch tomorrow so will be doing part of the route; chekced out where I am going on mapmyrun as need 10 miles- scary how far that is!

  • Hi Foxy - thanks for that, if you could forward her number that would be great. I will definitley give it a whirl and let you know. Gets a bit frustrating when you struggle to shake something off.

    Good luck on the 10 miler - I guess you do that 13 should be well within reach.

  • I just wanted to wish everyone on this thread a very happy and speedy 2009!

    I'm not back at full speed yet as have taken it very easy following my dodgy knee episode.I haven't fully tested it yet but the short runs I've
    done its felt ok albeit a bit on the stiff and rusty side!Am very slowly increasing the miles but my long run at the mo is only 3 miles!(help!!)I have entered the Bourton- on- the- water 10k on Feb 22nd so thats a good target to aim for before my first half..

    I can't believe the Reading Half is only 3 months away,two or three weeks ago I was beginning to wonder if I'd make the start line but am feeling a lot more confident now.I hope the mince pies and lack of miles won't be too much of a problem!Time will tell but looking forward to a great,memorable 2009!

  • Happy new year all! Farewell stilton - we've had some good times! May 2009 be a happy and successful year for all xxxx
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