Do you have any strange habits?



  • ooh thats just reminded me when i'm on a plane if it banks over i try to lean the other way pressing down on the arm rest as if i could possibly level it back up!!! I do need lots of gin and tonics when flying other wise i'm very scary!!!image
  • I don't mind flying, just when it gets bumpy I lift my feet off the floor, shut my eyes, and imagine I'm in a jeep on a bumpy road.image
  • my husband has this alarming habit of mixing everything together so it's a jumbled mess. 

    Ooh my nan used to that. She'd start off with a Sunday roast and end up with a peculiar pyramid of mush which was stained pink because for some reason she use to like beetroot with it  image

  • moomoo, last time i flew when i started to panic i just imagined i was in a bus on a bumpy road and it worked a treat ! calmed right down! My hubby couldn't believe how different i was! not lifted my feet up off the floor though will try that next time see if it helps too
  • I love flying, I love watching the ground disappear at take-off and waiting for the bump on landing image

    Only ever had one mildly uneasy moment when I thought we weren't going to stop  - turns out Calgary airport has a long runway. The pilot was slowing the plane down gradually instead of slamming the engines into reverse.

  • I wish I could be like that screamapillar, i know my fear is irrational but i work hard trying to control it and I don't let it stop me travelling!! I just can't enjoy it as much as i'd like! I do love the meals on planes though they're the best, not had a bad one yet!
  • I can quite understand why people are scared of flying tracky - I don't think it's irrational at all .

  • What's wrong with sucking your own nipples, JB?

    I find it rather comforting......image

  • Although I sometimes get nervous in bumpy flights, I love looking at the fluffy clouds from aboveimage

  • Tsk LB! Just don't post a picture of it!image
  • I can hear Johnny Blaze thinking "No, DO"......image

  • I can neither confirm nor deny that said photos would receive avid attention
  • I like splitting hairs - literally image

    Give me a split end and I'm in heaven....

  • I talk to my dog all the time and often sing to her.  My eldest son thinks I'm crazy especially when I change the words of songs to include my dogs name. 

    My toast for breakfast has to be well done and then I let it go cold before putting the butter on it.  image

  • With you on the well done toast, SS - when I pop into the cafe next to work for my toast of a morning, they have to turn the smoke alarm off image But buttered when it's hot.

    Left shoe before right, every time - but I'm left handed, so maybe that's why?

  • I like to eat peanut m+m's in colour order.

    *runs off and hides before the men in white coats arrive*

  • I like mushy peas straight out of the tin
  • I like cottage cheese.
  • *steps away from the nutters* image
  • Sweetest Thing Thong Merrily on High wrote (see)

    I like splitting hairs - literally image

    Give me a split end and I'm in heaven....

    Aside from the tangles and the age it took to wash, dry and style it, that was one reason I had my hair cut short image (earlier this year it was waist-length; now it's a jaw-length bob).

    I ended up with permanent, rather sore, grooves and calluses in the tips of my index fingers from where I dug my nails in when I was splitting hairs!  The skin has more or less recovered nine months on, but is slightly scarred... image

  • At the risk of appearing a nutter.. 

    I dislike the L and R on socks too - I put my left sock on first and if I pick up the one with R on it I feel it's a bad thing. I know it's only probability but if I get the L one it gives me a little lift image image

    I have to eat my vegetables first and in order of colour - so green veg is always first, followed by carrots etc. Potatoes are always last. So it's green veg, other veg, main bit, potato. Bit embarrassing eating out with other people, that.

    I have to talk to myself for a few minutes before I go to sleep, I find it relaxes me. If I don't it takes me longer to nod off.

    Not a habit, more of a phobia.. I have a problem with coathangers - don't like the plasticky ones because of the noise and I imagine them snapping. And as for the wire ones, I don't like to touch them as they feel funny <shudders> I'm ok with wooden ones.

    <turns around three times and leaves the room>

  • I always put left sock on first as well
  • Cold mushy peas = Salford Tapas
  • I HAVE to walk on the left of people. I feel very strange if I'm on the right. I've been like this for years and I've started to notice that it's like that in my dreams as well....

    I eat sweets in colour order....

    I have to click my left knee every time I drive....
  • Aitch..... is your hearing better in your right ear?  That may be why you're more comfortable walking on the left of people, so you can hear them better.
  • A hang-up from my nursing days - all the pillow case openings have to face in the right direction.

    I only like red diaries.

    Books have to go in height order on the shelf. Awkward if I've got one hardback in a series of paperbacks as then the author is out of line and the series isn't complete and sometimes there's a picture on the spines which grows as the series is completed and moving the hardback means the picture is disrupted and  and and and

  • I always put on my right sock first.
    I refuse to lend out my booksimage
  • Good job you're not a librarian Moomoo! image

  • I bet she IS a librarian.....image
  • But does she have the brown cardi?image

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