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Hi - I'm Sally and I have just joined RW. I am a total beginner and did my first run today - 2 mins running, 2 mins walking but I only managed this twice! I am overweight but dieting and I cycle to work every day which takes me a hour in total.
Any advice would be most appreciated as I have said I will run the 5K in July for my local slimming club (if I'm still alive!) Thanks


  • SmitchSmitch ✭✭✭
    Hi Sally, welcome to the rather addictive world of the RW forum!

    Just take it nice and steady, that's what my advice would be (for what its worth). Why don't you check out some of the training schedules on the site? Also the penguin's site (I think its www.waddleon.com???) is good as is the Plodders thread on beginners. Very encouraging.

    Good luck with the training & weight loss, and keep us posted with your news
  • hiya sally! well done on your first run. I didn't even manage to run at all the first time I went out (about a year ago). I was entering Race 4 life, with a friend. We just went really slowly, walking where we had to, two or three times a week. Enjoy it, don't punish yourself! there are loads of us out there ( i could do with getting rid of a stone) who all think we should run faster or longer or something. if you keep going, you WILL get there!
  • Hi Sally,

    I too have just joined RW and am an almost total beginner. My first run, 8 weeks ago, was 20 minutes of run 3 minutes, walk 1 minute, which felt pretty tough. But I've gradually built up what I do, running 3 or 4 times a week and now I can run comfortably at a reasonable pace for 40+ minutes, and I've started doing some interval and hill training. I'm doing a 5K at the end of June. Advice - keep it up, stick to a schedule and don't try to progress too fast, wear decent shoes, get a running partner if you can cos it is a great motivator. You'll do the 5K no problem!
  • Sally keep up the good work. It is good that you have a goal to work towards as it will keep you motivated and determined to keep on going.

    Remember that everyone started from scratch and with practice you will be running non stop for ages. Just take it easy and enjoy every moment of this new adventure.

  • Hi Sally!

    Welcome to the forums! Well done on entering your 5KM it will give you something to look forward to!

    Good Luck and don't forget to keep posting and talking about your progress, whether it's good or bad as we've all been there!
  • Im 3 stone overweight
    and ive done 2 marathons
    ignore your weight, and concentate on enjoying getting fitter
    Keep posting on here, through the good times and th bad
    lots of support here
  • Hi Sally - just take it steady, have a look at some starter schedules & do what you find easiest, taking it really slowly & you will be amazed how quick you improve, as Hippo says, there is plenty of support here, and ignore the weight. I'm....stone overweight!

  • Benz, you sure about 'Keep posting on here, through the good times and th bad'? (wink...)
  • Hi Sally
    Well done on making a commitment to run the 5k's. I'm also overweight and have been running for about 5 weeks now... the first few weeks were quite tough but I perservered and now I really look forward to getting outside and having 'my plod around the block'.
    Don't beat yourself up if you find some days harder than others - you'll really surprise yourself how quickly you start feeling fitter, and how quickly your stamina improves.

    Good luck - keep us posted!!
  • Wot, nicky?
  • Well done Sally, you've made a great start! I've been plodding for three weeks now in preparation for the Hyde Park 10k on May 18th and having a goal to work towards is definitely the key for me. My first week of training was run 1 min/walk 1 for 10 minutes and I really struggled. I'm certainly not a runner now, but I've managed to get up to running 10 minutes/ walk 2 for 40 minutes and I can tell you, every time you can do just one more minute, it really makes you feel terrific! Look forward to seeing your progress here :-)
  • Hi Sally and welcome to RW.I'm a beginner too but am amazed at how quickly stamina builds up. Like everyone else says take your time and celebrate the little successes like the first time you run for 3 minutes. Buy yourself some really nice bubble bath so you can have a lovely luxurious soak after a good training session and enjoy the fact that you are out there taking control and making an effort. You'll find these forums really encouraging so keep us posted.
  • Well done. That is a great start. I could hardly manage 60 seconds on my first run. And I was so embarassed that I went bright red on the treadmill.

    I can't say that I am finding it easy, but then it wouldn't be a challenge and wouldn't be any fun.

    As for being overweight - just think, you have to work twice as hard as beanpole people. Thats what I tell myself anyway!

    Keep going :-)
  • Hello, Sally. I was nearly 3st overweight (and diabetic to boot) when I began running. Am now just 10lb off my target and have the diabetes well under control. I began with the same sort of walk/jog schedule and it works. I'll never be a fast runner but I can now run several miles at 11-min miles quite comfortably and, most importantly, I really enjoy it.

    Good luck for July.
  • Thanks for all the messages and encouragement. I must admit that I am enjoying myself more that I thought and I am not finding it too hard which is probably down to the cycling. I went out again yesterday and managed another set of 2 mins and I hope by next week I can increase that to 4 sets. I will keep you all posted with my progress.
    Thanks again - it is really great to have so much help and support.
  • Where do overweight ladies find the kit to run in? Being big and tall makes finding kit doubly difficult. I can hide in winter under jacket and tracksters, but what to wear when the sun shines? I want kit that fits, but ladies sizes just don't do it - too short and too small. Anyone else have this problem?

  • wonder what happend to all the others on this thread
    i buy mens t shirts
    short legs mean im ok with large ladies leggings
  • Thanks for the reply. Problem with men's t-shirts for me is that that they don't hang too well at the front. But at least they are long enough to cover the back adequately! Would just love to see ladies sizes in ranges that are a bit more realistic.
  • i agree totally
    there was once a link on gear
  • Hi Sally. Welcome to madness.

    You remind me of myself last year, when I first started running. It felt like everyone lese was going faster than I was.

    Very soon, you'll be running a mile like it's a walk in the park. Keep at your schedule, listen to your body and let me know when you're ready for your first marathon.
  • hi sally
    well done for starting!
    i've only been running a few months and i'm also overweight
    you'll find your fitness will improve really quickly if you run at least 3 times a week - or infact do any kind of exercise -
    the advice on this site is excellent in the articles section

    you should also have a look at kerry's thread who is running a marathon but started from nothing and several stone overweight

    in particular look for where she has posted her coaches advice
    - if you want rapid weight loss and fitness then go for half an hour a day exercise - and mix it up - swimming one day , cycling another, running or brisk walking another and so on - as long as you do it regularly

    but don't worry if you have a few bad days or just do 20mins or 10mins even at the start - important thing is "little and often " and that's the best way to avoid injury and get fit

    once you are into the habit of it you can build it up
    i started from nothing and now do an hour most days
    i feel amazing and the weight is dropping off without dieting. (i just avoid cheese and cakes/sweets)

    best of luck and welcome to the forum

  • Hi Sally
    I'm really quite overweight and started running a month ago. The key is to start slow. I jog on a treadmill and go at 7.5kph which seems very slow to begin with but after 10 minutes or so doesn't feel so slow anymore. It gives you confidence knowing you can run for longer, then you can start to work on your speed.
    I also find that stopping to walk makes it harder for me to get going again - although most people I think don't find this.
    I'm running my first 5k on 5th May, but I have already run 6k at the gym so am hoping it will be easy.

    Cathy - I know it's hard to find clothes that fit. My clothes aren't proper running gear as they don't make it in my size. I wear shorts and a sleveless top in the gym, and an old tracksuit outside.

  • I'm also very overweight and spent last night devising a running plan that I feel I can REALISTICALLY do. It's a combination of using a treadmill (with 1% incline) and running in the local park or track (assuming weather permits)

    I've got a lot of weight to lose, but I have already lost a stone since the beginning of the year.

    Onwards and upwards.

    Love this site by the way!!!
  • Hi Sally
    Have just started back running after injuring my back in October!!! Physio said could run justa after chrimbo but had horrible flu and chest which laid me off again. I am 2 and a half stone over my supposed ideal weight. I try not to let it bother me. I cut down on fatty stuff, but allow myself a little treat when I run. No run/plod no treat. (I also love red wine which is empty calories I know but...)I was told by one Doctor last year I was "too heavy" to run. Then when I hurt my back was told by another its a great way of loosing weight. Lost 8 lbs up to now and am up to plodding 10mins. Don't give up. If I am not comfortable with a week on my training schedule I repeat it. I don't see it as a failure, usually when I do that by the end of the next week I am comfortable. Doing My 6th Great North Run this year and 5th Race for life. I am considering a Marathon perhaps next year. I was told I would never do my 1st Great North Run, but with grim determination (mainly to wipe the smile off my smug ex's face I did it). I was 11 stonethen. I am 12 stone 7lbs which with a height of 5'2" id a bit on the big side. What I find more encouraging at the moment is I may be losing weight slowly (a pound a week)but my clothes are feeling a bit less tight. I prefer to use that to monitor how I am doing rather than than scales as I find when I get to plodding 5k I usually hit a weight loss rut. I would like to get a stone more off but it is not the be all and end all. I have a love hate relationship with running, if I have a good week I love it, if I have a bad week I hate it. But when I van;t go out.... I am horrible to live with.

    I run mostly in Mens gear. The only shop near without having to go into Newcastle for a specialist shop is JJB sports. They only seem to sell men's running stuff. (women obviously don't run)or I go on the internet, but I find it a bit bigger and a lot more comfy in some cases.

    Go for it girl. You know you can do it.
  • batmouse
    tell your doc to sod off

    Im 11 and a half stone
    and your height
    anbd im about to do my 6th marathon
    and my joints are fine
    so there!
    you CAN do it
  • Hello Sally!

    Good on you for getting out there and going for it. The beginning is the hardest bit, it does get easier and you do get less self conscious - honest! If you're feeling flush try and get hold of a heart rate monitor. I enjoyed my runs a lot more after I'd got mine. I think everyone initially runs harder and faster than their bodies need you to do to improve. I had to keep consciously slowing myself down to stay within my target heart rate zone and I found that I could reach my target 'time on feet' time so much more easily. Success really does breed success.

    I'm more overweight than I have been probably ever, I say probably because I haven't weighed myself in months. The amazing thing is, yes I'm flabby, BUT it doesn't give me sleepless nights or make me mope about anymore. that's a really big deal for me. :o) Clothing for summer running is a problem. If you're buying on the net it's such a guessing game of trying to work out what size to order. The sizes are all so small and the mens sizes mean very little to me. What size would a 5'6 18 order in mens? XL or XXL do you reckon?

    I'm rambling!

    Again I say good luck and keep going Sally! Keep us posted!
  • Sally, how are you getting on as it is now nearly a year since you started running (28/04/03)? Let us know how you're doing, entered any races etc.
  • Just to add to the gear comments - Evans do some reasonable tops and tracksuit trousers at the moment, in cotton (didn't think they realised natural fibres existed!) up to size 30.

    Since I haven't posted before, may as well add my stats for this - new runner (well, walk/runner at the moment), definitely overweight (16 stone something, down from 22 stone two years ago) and heading for the New York Marathon in November. Needless to say, the goal is to finish, not to get a specific time. I'm doing some shorter races in between - partly to give myself some goals and also to just get experience.
  • Fantastic Domina. 6 stone loss is amazing. I'm a run-walker too. What races have you entered in the run up to the big one?
  • Hi tortoise - and thanks, I'm still getting used to the weight loss (reaching for size 30 in the stores and being surprised when it's too big!)

    I'm doing Wheathampstead 10k in May, Run For Life in June and Burnham Beeches Half in August. Contemplating walking the St Albans Half in June as well, but that might be overkill ...!
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