IronMan Tattoo's



  • I did my IM with a group of people who all got the tattoo, I didn't because;

    1: I didn't think my performance justified it,

    2: I don't want any tattoos.

  • yeah - Marsh.. i agree - i currently dont have any tatts but if time is good - may consider... onn right ankle

    however its probably i wont

    though i do see them and think 'respect'

  • Anybody had "powered by ewz " tattooed?

    Or perhaps a 'hop hop hop' logo?image

    If so, where?

  • I was going to get one after Austria in the heat of the moment but the tattoists was shut, then I was going to get a pirate mdot one after Switzerland. A fter qualifying for Hawaii I thought I would get one related to that race, but then intending to do deca it means I would end up looking like one of those old fashioned suitcases with destination stickers all over it. Also I did MDS prior to that and although I didn't want to commemorate the pain with a tattoo it was another achievement of equal importance so the precedent was set then.

     I've nothing against them but the moment has passed for me I think, and the IUTA logo is not very fetching so I don't think I will get one any time soon

  • gah I am so easily swayed!!!

    Just when I think I'm gonna get one, I read Monique's post and think 'errr, maybe not!'

    Too tired today to go get one!

  • i think IM tattoos are quite funny, especially when they are pink.

    I'm happy that I got mine, i cant imagine getting another tattoo to commerate any other race or event that i do though.

  • Instead of a permanent tattoo I'm thinking of getting a back wax done in the shape of the logo.  Finally , a use for a hairy back!  This way I have the benefit of body art recording the achievement safe in the knowledge that I can let it grow out if I get bored with it.
  • I don't have any tattoos but i'm having the M. on my right calf tomorrow with the dot having the swiz white cross in it. image

    I'm proud that i finished IMCH and would like a momento Tattoo for "me" to reflect that.

    I won't have any more even if i do more IM it's just that i always think the first one of anything is " A Bit Special" image, but then thats just me.

    Complete IMCH and then pass out having the Tat image

  • Am only doing ironman so as can have a tattoo.... Is that wrong?

  • watchit Forestman - theyre addictive i hear.

    lifes for living aint it

    i you want one - get one, if you dont , dont. simple as that.

    if you have one be proud of it and the achievement of completing IM and show it off at your next triathlon.

    other non triathletes (like my wife) will say - that chap has got an M on his leg/ankle/shoudler what does that mean?

    when she heres the answer her response was - must be mad - the distance not the Tatt

     how does it go 

    Swim 2.4 miles

    Bike 112 miles

    Run 26.2 miles

    BRAG FOREVER..........

     go on get a tatt for goodness sakes you deserve it

  • I will be getting one, I have a tattoo (and a few others) from the Disney Marathon (best race i have ever done) on my right calf and will be getting IM tattoo BUT not sure where yet, probably to match on left calf.

    Have also seen a celtic band type one of the swimmer, biker and runner with 140.6 underneath that looked good.

    Could always get both!!

  • told you - theyre addictive
  • i have my design sorted and will be getting it after the end of OW swimming season ... Thought i better since iv done 2 now
  • I've been looking on line for the right size logo but having no joy. Anyone got any small-ish size logo's I could use?

    I need one coz I will be putting my own design in it to take to the tatt place!

  • Bimble-bee wrote (see)

    Anybody had "powered by ewz " tattooed?

    LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  image
  • Looks like i don't know my right from my left image

    IMCH Tattoo

  • Google it AL- or you could always just email them and ask for a high res jpeg of their logo?

    I would get it 

  • here...

  • fat buddhafat buddha ✭✭✭
    nice one Cybor - loud and proud!
  • Love the partially shaved leg! image
  • Am "Well Ard" now image
  • AL ... doesnt help you at the moment but I have an M. keyring which I used as it was the perfect size (for me)

    Check some of the Switzerland merchandise and see if there is anything there which you can use
  • Why do you need a logo of the right size, AL?  I just showed the design to the tat-chap and said "about this big" (obviously, whilst showing him how big I meant...).  He then re-sized to suit.  When I turned up on the day, he had a few different sized stencils ready, so I just chose the size I wanted.  Simples.
  • fat buddha wrote (see)
    nice one Cybor - loud and proud!
    Speaking of Loud FB...... Did you hear me shouting at you "Just the run now FB" as you were dismounting the bike on the Oly in Zurich image
  • fat buddhafat buddha ✭✭✭
    yes I did ta - didn't recognise where or who it came from as I was focusing on getting my dismount right..........which I did as 70 secs later I was on the run..... image
  • image Looked like you were having fun.


    I did actually fancy this if I'd've done IMUK.

  • fat buddhafat buddha ✭✭✭
    strange word "fun" when you're racing!! but as it happens I really enjoyed that Oly - first one for ages - it's all balls out stuff, none of all this relaxing and taking it easy you get in an IM.......I had one very quick walk at an aid station to get some water volume down the throat rather than my front and I felt guilty for doing that....LOL
  • Nice tat BTW.  I'm still thinking about this.  I think I just need to HTFU and get on with it!
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