week six

I just wanted to see if there was anyone out there that has done this same Getting Started schedule and if they can share my confusion at how week six seems to suddenly jump to twelve minutes extra running. Infact, there is more running in week six than there is in seven and eight. Is there a particular reason for this or is it a mistake?


  • Just taken a look at it and yes, there does seem to be a bit more running in wk 6 in total (36 mins overall), but in the gneral scheme of things, the progression through the weeks doesn't seem too much of a jump. I guess for a beginner, that jump from run 8/walk 2 to run 12/ walk 1 might seem a little tough.

     If you have trouble with it, maybe add an extra week in with, say, run 10/walk 90 secs or something similar.

  • I can do the jump from eight to twelve. It's just doing the twelve three times that I'm wary about. I'll give it a go on Monday and if it seems considerably more difficult than the 8/2 then I'll try what you suggested. Tah
  • If you struggle, add a week and do 2 x 12's and 1 x 8?.

    You don't have to stick to the schedule religously, there is scope to mould it to suit.

    See how you get on with 3 x 12, you might be suprised.

  • No worries - best of luck. Unless you'er training for a specific event on a given day, I personally would take these schedules a guidelines rather than gospel as everyone is different.

  • I'm somewhat taking this particular one as gospel because it has worked incredibly well up to this point. I've told myself that once I can get up to thirty minutes of continuous running then I can start looking into moulding my own schedule, but until then, its important for me and the kind of personality I have, to stick rigidly to a schedule, hence the panic..
  • You really aren't going to loose anything at all by sticking an extra week inbetween, like I said, try the 3 x 12 out first before you hit the big red panic button, you might find it easier than you imagine, and if you do need to stick an extra week in,relax, its no biggie.
  • i have a gut feeling that i'll be able to do the 3 x 12 because this morning i was almost gliding through the last eight. the less said about the first eight the better though..
  • is this normal? to be finding the first part of runs the most difficult?
  • Pippi LSPippi LS ✭✭✭

    yes very normal! I think my first ever post on here some years ago was to the effect that for the first 5 mintues I felt like giving up, but got on okay after that. It gets a bit better - I think because you expect it and don't think you can't run, just because you feel bad to start with.

    My take on it is that your body is suddenly under some exertion and wants you to stop. Then when it finds out you aren't stopping, it just gets on with it and paces itself. (not v. scientific!)

  • Its to do with how the body adjusts to exertion, something about anaerobic this and oxygen debt that, don't worry about it, it affects us all, just adjust your pace for the first part of your run.
  • I am 53 and had not done any fitness routines since my late 20's and I have followed the eight week programme and in the begining it was hard and I thought I would never complete a 30 min run. but with a bit of perseverance and grit I can now run for 30min's and run just over 3 miles. so in short stick with it and you will win out.


  • I did it!! And in the process clocked up 3.36 miles. Wow
  • Well done. Onwards and upwards from here !

  • Well done! image

  • Cheers guys image
  • I'm half way through week two of this schedule and already find that after four of my seven 2 minute runs I sort of hit a wall and can't imagine I'm going to make it. But then somehow I do, and my body feels as though it's accepting what's going on, and I guess that's what getting fit actually feels like. Also telling yourself "just two more to go" helps mentally.

    Looking at the weeks to come I'm very excited even though I know it's designed to never let up on the effort (or pain!)

  • I've just started week one having not done any running before. My husband is a marathon-runner/ironman/freak so I have plenty of encouragement and help but it's so good to hear about other people who are starting from scratch like me!
  • My wife got as far as week 3 about 7 years ago. We recently bought a treadmill and she's used it a few times.

    I'm going to suggest she starts this schedule and see how she gets on...

  • "KateH

    I've just started week one having not done any running before. My husband is a marathon-runner/ironman/freak so I have plenty of encouragement and help but it's so good to hear about other people who are starting from scratch like me!"

    My OH is a running nut too, but I haven't actually told him that I have started (only last Friday)! (And don't intend to either until I can run for at least 30 mins without stopping!)
  • Like your style! Let me know how you get on!
  • Hello Peeps its great to hear how other people get on.  I have been running a while so its hard to remember what starting out is like so its great to be able to see how everyone is progressing, my mum has just started to have a go at running.  We are up to run number 5 now taking a day rest between runs and she has progressed from 8 - 45second jogs with about 2mins walk to 12 - 1min 25sec jogs with 2mins walk recovery.  She has never run before and is enjoying the challenge and we are just taking each run as it comes.  I am really pleased for her and enjoying our runs together alot.  Keep up the good work will let you know how we get on.image     
  • I did this one and oh my gosh I can run 25 minutes without wanting to keel over. 5 minutes of stretching has helped me to run further for longer. I just completed the 5K Women's Challenge recently and ran for 33 minutes before I slowed down and power walked the rest. I finished 4 minutes faster than I did last year. It did, however, take me a whole week to recover. I did a run today and ran 25 minutes straight and feel so motivated to keep going until I can comfortably run 30 minutes three times a week. The ultimate aim for me is to run for 45 minutes and complete a 10K. I think this training programme is brilliant because I wasn't really a runner and didn't enjoy it until I came across this. I've been running for a year now and I feel great.
  • I just did this, well 6 weeks of it, and then jumped into a 5km and did it in under 26 mins, I hadn't run for 4 years and it was really achieveable so I didnt get demotivated at any stage
  • Well done for doing it under 26 minutes, that is excellent. Keep up the good work. How far do you run when you are training?
  • Thankyou, well done to yourself too!!
    I've only managed 4km in training so far, but I don't really have any interest in any longer distances than 5km, as I'm more built for speed than long distance. Its more about getting fit though than times and distance for me

    good luck on completing a 10k
  • I'm going to try starting this program from next week though may have to add an extra week at the beginning due to being really unfit.
  • You will do it Ruth. You may find that you can still do it in 8 weeks. and when you run for 10 mins straight for the first time you will punch the air. Good luck with it.
  • For what it's worth, I've just finished this 8 week program and decided to change week 6 to 2x12 mins, instead of 3. Don't think I could have managed to go from 3x8 to 3x12, but by doing two sets I was actually running for the same time as the week before, just in longer sets. After this the move to week 7 (2x15 mins) was pretty easy, and finally 30 mins straight.

    It worked for me anyway.
  • As the ad says "Impossible is Nothing". Well done Ian.
  • I'm not completely sure of where I should start with this. I have a healthy weight and am reasonably fit (usually do aerobics, but starting to get bored of the same DVD) and am starting running, I can run for about 4-5 minutes straight, so should I start on Week 3 or 4? 

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