I have a profile on Arsebook, but rarely look on there and don't really use it at all.  I have a few 'friends' - nearly all related to my running club.

I had an email the other day saying "You haven't been back to Facebook recently.You have received notifications while you were gone", and telling me I had 18 tags and two friends requests.

When I click the link to the 18 tags*, it shows me twenty seven Facebook users that are "suggestions" that I might like to add as friends.

Some are people that I know from the forum, some are pirates (they are wearing the kit), one is the father of someone I know, and one is someone from my running club.

Some, from looking at the profiles, I can see that I know some of THEIR "friends", even though I'm not connected to them via Facebook.

Those that I have "mutual friends" with I can see how the connection was made, but how/why has Facebook connected me to a lot of Forumites who I have no Facebook connection with?

I find it a bit creepy that Facebook selects a group of people and encourages me to contact them and ask to be their "friend".

 *also, it doesn't direct me to the tags, nor does there appear to be any two people waiting to hear whether I accept them and friends.



  • Yes, but how has it selected so many forumites/pirates?
  • They just look for similarities and suggest based on that, you'll probably find a friend of a friend of a friend is connected to someone on the forum, who is connected to the RW "group", et voila, then you are connected to the whole group.
  • It is Facebook's way of trying to make someone look popular, even when they aren't.
  • World domination in yellow lycra!   image
  • They're sucking me in Wilkie - I'm about to sign for an ickle tri....

    Pesky pirates...image

    You don't have to add anyone you don't want to. Most of the people who pop up as suggestions on mine are total strangers to me!image

  • Resist, LB, resist! 

    You know where it will end....... image

    I didn't add any of them.  It seems a bit sad to be saying "can I be your friend" to someone I've never met!

  • Shades has said exactly the same thing about Facebook. She closed her account in the end....

    If I do an ickle one - it WON'T end up in IM! image

  • But then again, I started running with RFL......imageimageimage
  • Get on with it woman, stop procrastinating FFS image
  • Wilkie, they just suggest friends of friends....i've found I few pals that way, but most of them I ignore.  I've lots of folk on there from here that i've not met though, hahahaha.  i'll be meeting some soon at races though (this weekend in fact!).  I'll be meeting LB when she signs up for the Cheshire Tri image
  • oh LB, do be careful.  I started with R4L too.


  • If / When she signs up Lee image
  • Where is the "bullied to death by pirates" box on "how did you hear about us"???image

  • I'm on the payment page.......image
  • Sorry for the hijack Wilkie - as you were...image
  • Hurrah! imageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimage

    We knew you'd come good in the end LB! image

  • With apologies for shamelessly hijacking Wilkie's thread..

    If you look back thru the PSOF site and the Pirates History, whilst not wanting to be pedantic, the original premise was that you did an IM from scratch to be a Pirate and wear the kit....

    Just saying....

  • Wilkie

    Check your e-mail account for these people's addresses

    My e-mail stores names of anyone who has ever been in contact and FB rifles through that and selects other FB users.

    That is what makes it prompt me. I hate it doing that and think it's wrong but it is just computer generated
  • Don't think it's pedantry, Min. image Nothing wrong with reminding people that the Pirate Ship of Fools was formed with Ironman distance triathlon at its core, as the aim of all who decide to wear the yellow and black.

    [/just saying too]
  • [nods along like the Churchill dog with Jj and Min.....]
  • Is that why FF was told he shouldn't wear pirate kit until he was going to do an IM ?
  • So ...................... so ...................... there ...are ...... PLASTIC pirates  image
  • *throws yellow kit at LB and runs from the thread screaming*


  • LOL!
  • Think FF made that decision for himself in deference....? Might not be true though?

    Faaaaaaaaaaaat  Faaaaaaaaaaaaace! Where are youuuuuuuuuuuuuuu?

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