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    A 6th former that has already graduated from Uni & has been working for over 3 years?

    Spot on.


    You just don't get it, do you? It's not meant as an insult, just that many people have been in similar situations as you, had similar thoughts, and then one day they, to quote a phrase (image)

     "have what alcoholics would call, a moment of clarity"

    Madlot - considering how much time i spend on the net, and what my gilrfriend calls me, my right arm should twice the size.

  • I think i'm quite deep, but then i'm on the tube...
  • I is deep as well too
  • MD- you enjoying this?
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    I quite like American Flyers too. It was a long time ago tho when I watched it.

    It was on over Xmas on BBC! My copy from the mid 90s misses the first 30mins. This time the sky box automatically turned itself off mid recording. So I now have another copy minus the final 30mins. This film is not only deep, it also contains inspiration for all of us amateurs with a secret passion to beat the pros:

    Deep: Contains a bit of Latin (on a t-shirt awarded after a Max VO2 test) which translates as 'Once you've got it up, keep it up!' - My personal motto for life, although it is costing me a fortune in viagra!

    Motivation: Kevin Costner actiing / riding a bike (in a cowboy hat!)

    Motivation: Lead chaarcter is an ex student who is dossing, trains most days without any plan (sounds a bit familiar that!) and dreams of being a pro, like his brother (Big Kev C). Gets talked into doing a pro race, on no serious training other than riding 2 days to the start of the event. Gets laid by a hippy the night before the start, just makes the cut on the first day, having srashed inside 200m from the line and carries his bike on his shoulder, goes alone the next day to win the time bonuses, and wins the overall having had a fist fight with the previous winner whilst riding alone up a mountain. Oh, an his brither is also dying in hospital during the event as well.

    You'll have to get a pirate copy off the net Jokerman. It is as 80s as they come D2D. Highly recommended.

    p.s. Haven't seen the Bicycle thieves, but I've had my bike nicked before. The bastards!

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    Of course not.

    They come here for my depth.

    Wrong again I'm afraid. They come here to take - and to watch others taking -  the p*ss.

  • Never seen it but im gonna watch it now!
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    Jokerman wrote (see)
    I don't remember the plot Keir, but I do remember the blonde that got her tits out...I'm so deep!
    She cropped up a few years later in Bay watch. Now that is deep (well the bits where they go underwater in the ocean)
  • I think the blonde then turned into Liuetenant Stephanie (off of that Baywatch) and she's raced Kona IM a few times I believe. OOh its like its all coming full circle innit ?

    D2D - I have read about the bicycle thieves - a lot of directors highly rate it, but I've not seen it on tv yet. I could prob buy it off amazon, but I have a great knack of buying DVDs and then never watching them, so I've banned myself.
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    Deep throat has a fair bit of depth.

    Danowat...........once again we have thought the same thing at the same was something about JM's post that made it pop into my head.................

    so many views.......... .its a bit like all those people who tuned into u-tube just to see Kerry K self destruct..........

  • The evolution of this thread has lead to some good lunch-time reading.

     I'm looking forward to the next installment.

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    Bike races and soft porn!  Why haven't I seen this film?!

    For a bit of "deep" I'd like to recommend "Being and Time" by Martin Heidegger.  I read 17 pages of it once and I think I understood the gist of it.  (The other 600 pages will have to wait.)  Don't ask me about it now though, haven't got a scooby.

  • KeirKeir ✭✭✭

    Jokerman - That Baywatch bird with the tits out in that bike racing film, is also a runner. Front cover of RW America in 1997. An ebay bargin (but not playboy!)

    Devoted2Distance wrote (see)
    I'm proud of the evolution of this thread. image

    Yes, the last couple of pages have been good!

  • Deep Impact too
  • Stay tuned  B2B  will be back soon
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    Don't forget "In too deep" & "Deeper Underground.

  • Ayyy caramba ! 9 mins off an hours running is a bloody massive jump in performance.

    How fit were you when you were running the distance in 1.09 ? Where you slow then, or just going flat out now ?

  • nine minutes off a run shorter than 8 miles is not showing consistency with a 9 mins of a 13 mile routeimage

    But good running D2D...........glad to see your following your own advice/ schedule and taking the runs in the week easier so that you can run flat out (without being out of breathe) on Sunday.image

    keep going....this will either give you a massive PB at your next races..................or a trip to the hospital......I'm not taking bets by the way

  • Thats like going up an extra mile an hour - a bit more probably ?

    You should get writing up that training manual now !
  • PhilPubPhilPub ✭✭✭
    D2D - I'm not sure I can wait till Milton Keynes to see how this all translates into a proper race time.  My head might explode.  Can't you find a nice (certified) 5k or 10k to bomb round in the next couple of weeks?  image
  • Yes I agree - can you find a race whilst the speed is there - or theres a risk you'll burn out before March.

    I did something similar with cycling a few years back, hammered the turbo early in the year doing lots of intervals. I was absolutely buzzing - endorphin overload, and PB'd my first race and after that I was crap. I had to take a couple of weeks off completely.
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