Alice, Alice, Who the Plod is Alice?

Here we go then, an original title, happy u lot?!!

There was a wee plodder called Smitch
Who tripped up and fell into a ditch
Came hence Fruity Reindeer,
Smitch gave out a cheer,
The two got together, got hitched


  • SmitchSmitch ✭✭✭
    um, no don't think so!

    Thanks Neo, great title.

  • I smiled...
  • Too many syllables in lines 2 and 3 for a limerick :)
  • no plodding for me today - it's my weekly spin class!
  • I must try a spin class sometime soon - they don't do it a my gym but I have a weekly guest pass at a gym a few miles away that does it.

    I like the limerick - I can't ever see it happening though!
  • A queen is something else where im from Pixie.

    Morning everyone - good limerick and title Neo.

    No plodding for this one today - Im taking a well earned rest today after my 6miles yesterday, and I got chased by a rooster!!
  • morning all

    stuck inside these 4 walls, when i finally escape tonight i will try and get out for a plod around the park, not scheduled, just have the urge !
  • good morning! may go for a wee bike ride later, then off to see the matrix reloaded...
  • Ugh. Yaargh. Yawn. Hangover.

    Is 4 cups of coffee and a 6 mile plod a decent hangover cure?

    Will I be bright, alert and sparkly again by Monday for the Manchester 10k? (don't want to disgrace myself in front of the cast of Coronation St and Bryan Robson - tho' he is aiming for 45mins, so I doubt if I'll even see him...)

  • I think a huuuuuuuge fry up, a comfy sofa, a fluffy duvet and someone to supply numerous cups of tea is a better hangover cure. Thats what my wife believes at any rate. I dont get hangovers.
  • Ditto hangover.

    Aiming for three mile plod through the fields at lunchtime - trying not to swallow too many flies.

    I'm never going to drink ever again.



    I mean it this time.
  • I got a fly in the gob yesterday - uurgh! Spat it out though - the little beggar.
  • I've only just started running the field route. Nobody warned me about the flies... picking them out of my teeth.

    Aw, no, I'm not even thinking of that, not with my delicate stomach

    Never, ever going to drink ever again.
  • Hey hetfinch! did you ever find out whether that house was mine?
  • Hi Chick - no, I forgot to look! If it is the first one on Coniston - sideways on to the pub - backs onto Hearsall Common - then it is. We decided against it because it was so close to the pub. Considering my hangover, perhaps a wise choice.

    How's the revision going? ARe you feeling more chilled now?
  • yeah sounds like mine. That said if you could see the state it was in yesterday then you wouldn't have wanted it- i did two years worth of cleaning last night (anything to avoid that r word!!)

    less stressed yes but think its because i'm now more apathetic- i just want them over and done with. but less than two weeks and they'll all be finished and i'll be at home!!
  • I got to that state too - I don't think it's such a bad thing - once you place less emphasis on the exams, you relax into them and they go better.

    I think you're doing a grand job - keep it up!

    (Damn - it's just started raining, just in time for my run!)
  • come over to earlsdon- its slightly windy but not raining!
  • There will probably be less flies there too!
  • Love running in the rain - apart from the flies, of course.

    Cant you use your tail to swish them away, H?
  • The tail works quite well on my rear end but little help for my long neck and even longer face. Darned mane is no good either. Little blighters still end up firmly lodged in teeth. (what an attractive picture I'm painting)
    sun has come out now - rain gone. Weird weather. Oh, I forgot, it's bank holiday, isn't it?
  • Completely off topic. I love my job - I really do. I have just been asked to source a picture of a donut eating a house, to accompany an article.

    I ask you - a donut eating a house????

    Roll on midday and a run in the ever changing English weather......
  • As if a donut would eat a house?? Surely it would be more likely the other way round. What job d'ya do H?

    I love my job also.
  • Oooo, sort of a PR-ish, copywriting, designy, marketingy type job. Very varied. Get some daft requests...

  • Im a trainer. (not the running kind) I train our loverlee staff how to use our shiny new computer system.
  • where the hell would you find a picture of that???????
  • On the 'when donuts attack' website?
  • LOL! We've settled with a pic of Homer Simpson with a donut. To hell with the copyright. I didn't mean that last bit. I am very honest and law abiding.

    I have also just come back from a wonderful run where I got VERY muddy, but few flies.

    Ahhh, life is good!
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