It’s been several weeks since I should have had my last period and I’m v. regular. I can’t even remember the last time I missed one altogether. Also I have been getting the odd hot flush. They don’t last v. long maybe 2 or 3 minutes but I’m also getting them at night as they wake me up.


I’m in my early 40s so I’m wondering if this is the menopause?


Any other symptoms I should be looking out for? I’m not grumpy – yet! image



  • Cheers, kk image Feels a bit early to see the doctor, may leave it another couple of months to see if anything changes.
  • Oh - I'm definitely NOT pregnant image
  • You can get menopause check kits from Boots, not sure how reliable they are, otherwise just wait and see.
  • Little Nemo, go to the doctors and get checked out. I've got the same issue at the moment and am 42. My doc did loads of blood tests cos apparently can also be caused by liver, kidney or thyroid problems, which I'm sure you haven't got, but best to be sure. I've always been very regular but periods suddenly stopped and apparently it's not uncommon for the menopause to start this way without any other symptoms....I haven't even had any hot sweats, but test results showed my hormones are menopausal.  Everyone assumes that we go through it at around 50. Doc says 51 is average in UK, but early 40's is within normal range so nothing to worry about.
  • overwhelming desire to buy a new sports car and run off with girls half your age.

     oh, you mean the famale menopause...

  • Little Nemo - welcome to my world! image  I started in my early 40s and haven't got over it yet image (now nearly 48).  Don't forget to start making lists cos sure as eggs is eggs, you will forget everything!  You will welcome winter as you won't get so many hot flushes in the cooler weather!  Say goodbye to polo neck jumpers and hello to wearing layers for ease of stripping off! 
  • Hello - didn't get a chance to reply yesterday as it was a bit busy at work.

    BBH - thanks, I might see if I can pick one up at the weekend. I'm off on holiday next week and I think I could relax more if I do this before I go.

    SSP - will go and see my doctor next month when I can finally get some time off work. It would be sensible to rule out anything else just in case.

    Skotty - I can't drive image

    minardi - I was hoping the hot flushes were temp. and would go once hormones had settled down. I'm already a bit prone to overheating and v. disorganised, really hope it doesn't get worse! Here's hoping for a coolish summer...


  • Sorry to depress you, but the hot flushes can last for several years. I recommend the "Chillow" as a way of cooling down at night.
  • I'm 40 and was going through the same thing with the horrible hot flushes and night sweats - I've been using a natural progesterone cream called Serenity (about £18 per pot which lasts weeks, google it and you'll find it) you rub on a bit morning and night, can take a couple of weeks to kick in but completely eliminated my hot flushes and paricularly my night sweats (which were much worse!).  Periods still all over the shop from 3 weeks to 6 weeks but less PMT and no sore boobs anymore either.  Hope this helps, let me know if you want any more info.
  • SunluvvaSunluvva ✭✭✭

    the GP can do a blood test which will tell you if you are perimenopausal (beginning) or further down the line - I think it's something to do with the pituatry gland but not 100%.  I had the test at 35 and was already well into the menopause.  If you are 100% sure you cannot be pregnant you could ask for this test for confirmation.

    If you don't want HRT there are loads of natural aides and remedies, the one pink armadillo isusing seems to work for her so worth a try, although what works for one person won't necessarily work for another but there are plenty to try.

    Good luck, don't let it worry you and remember it really is just nature doing her stuff!

  • Belated thanks for the extra replies image

    I did the test from Boots which was negative and I also felt a bit PMT-ish last week. I haven't had any hot flushes for about a week now but still no sign of my period. I'll try and get a doctor's appointment next week to see what's going on.

    Cheers image

  • BOING!

    I'm not menopausal image

    Blood tests all came back normal week and period has finally started this morning. Phew! Must have been stress/long working hours/horrible sore throat from earlier this year that threw things out of kilter.

  • Hi there,

    Cute ginger kitten for your atavar!

    You are in the age range where things start changing. My sisters were telling me with glee this exact fact when I was down visiting in NZ...they are both through and on the other side, except for the hot flushes still making the odd visit.

    One of my perimenopausal delights the last few years is getting night sweats in the couple of days before my period.  First time I have been ever able to work out when the damn thing was due to start.


  • One of the few advantages of being 40 plus is that you can tell everyone that you're menopausal when in fact you're just in a very, very bad mood. And get away with it! image
  • Mozzy wrote (see)
    One of the few advantages of being 40 plus is that you can tell everyone that you're menopausal when in fact you're just in a very, very bad mood. And get away with it! image

    Oh yes, how true !

    I currently explain every little mood swing and every stupid thing I do by saying 'hormones' with a big grin on my face image

  • oh this was great reading this thread lol cos its like reading about myself,the night sweats,the forgetting everything & having to make lists,moodiness & the kids looking at you like you are a demon of sorts.....

    has anyone on here suffered the dreaded insects crawling up your arms feeling & the jeans that fitted you in the morning feel distinctly tighter in the evening thing????

    I have to say though that, on a personal note for myself, the fact when you never have a period again is flippin fabulous,well I think it is anyway oh the freedom & extra money is great !!!!
  • Hmmm, while I'm glad that I'm not menopausal (yet), I'd forgotten about how much I hate periods! Blood everywhere, foul temper and horrible back ache. So far today:

    • I've had a complete meltdown at work image
    • had to change my knickers image
    • and managed to leak blood on my chair image

    Thank God for Nurofen and chocolate image

  • I hate being a girl.

    All men have to deal with is a few badly timed hard ons in class when they're about 14 and then for the rest of their lives they just plod on regardless.

    I haven't got any menopausal signs yet but I'm 37 and that's probably a bit too young.

    I hate periods, but what comes next is no better is it?image

  • sadly 37 is not too young for the peri-menopause the bit that comes before the big bit (not wishing to depress you)& to be honest I have not found it tooooooooo bad so far but then I cant speak for kids & other half,their opinion may be different.....the worst bit for me is that I now have spots......the body & face of a 42 yr old but with spots of a 14 year old,I would not mind but I did not get them at 14 so why the hell I should get them now !!!!

    & liverbird you are right men have it waaaaaayyyyyyy easier than girls on the hormone front image
  • I've always had problems with spots! Ironically in the last couple of years I've had hardly any.

    My puberty lasted 25 years....image

  • god I wish there was a magic solution to make them go away.the night sweats,hot flushes & getting moody cos someone has dared to drop a crumb on the carpet I can cope with but when you get all glammed up to go out & you have a spot.......well that can reduce me to a gibbering wreck,that & the fact that I have proper boobs for the first time in my life lol a whole cup size bigger !!!!! at least Mr P cant complain about that joyous symptom image
  • Oh, I was looking forward to finally getting rid of my spots as well during the menopause... looks like that's not going to happen as well.


  • Little Nemo,

    Two options on the flooding problem

    1) Mooncups - SOOOOOO much better than the alternative

    2) Endometrial ablation - if you are past having babies you can get the lining of your womb fried. I was due for this sometime this month but after an unplanned extra 3 weeks in NZ my boss has asked me to defer until the end of summer so other people can get some time off.

  • Uh-oh - hot flushes are back and I'm v. late again image
  • Little Nemo, have you upped your running recently?

    I've had loads more blood tests and also scans and everything is fine and am apparently definitely not going through menopause, but am missing one in four periods and getting odd symptoms. Doc is pretty convinced it's due to me running regularly and losing weight. I had a few months before Christmas when I stopped running cos of injury and things went back to normal. As soon as I got into regular running routine again I started having problems again.

  • I have upped my running Saffy as I had a long lay-off last year and I have lost a couple of pounds. But I'm doing a lot lower mileage than from a few years ago and I'm also heavier than I was then. When I first started doing longer runs I used to get spotting in between which I put down to me not being used to all the pounding the streets. Doctor checked it out and it was all fine and eventually stopped. Never used to miss periods before last year.

    I'm going to be reducing the mileage after Marathon on Sunday so I'll see what happens then.

    Cheers image

  • I don't have periods because of the injectable contraceptive and so I asked my GP last year how I would know when I hit menopause. She did a blood test which indicated I'd probably got to that point but it has to be repeated next month to confirm it. Thing is I am now getting awful problems with hot flushes. Worse at night but sometimes I can get a bad one in the day when I can literally soak my bra.

    What I'm wondering is whether this is the reason I'm finding it hard to race in hot weather. Despite trying to drink plenty it takes till the next day to stop feeling dry mouthed and get my urine nice and dilute. Training runs are fine, I think that is because I am running more slowly, I can choose when to go out and with the Camelbak I can drink when I feel the need.

    Anyone else found the same and any suggestions about the flushes? I'm getting to the point of going back to see what the GP suggests.
  • I've had hot flushes for some time now and my boobs are heading south faster than a BA flight to Cape Town...image
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