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    Bus showing the importance of punctuation in that post.
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    TR that was my club colleague Gareth Baker on his way to his 1st sub 3 (think he did 2'57 in the end). He has improved no end this year and has a recent 35'xx at Staines 10k so if anything I was a bit surprised he did not do even better at Yeovil (though he has had a tough time in marathons before). Till last year he was only about the equal of me as a runner; now he is 2.5 mins ahead over 10k and I haven't got any worse!

    Have tried asking him his secrets, especially as he is v40 now so can't put it down to youth. Sadly no decent answer except I reckon his mileage is way higher than before and of course he now wears the magic shoes!
  • TRTR ✭✭✭
    Pete - i saw he did 80min at reading so agreed, he should be more 2:50. Although he probably ran within himself early on at yeovil as he came through quickly (and i ran a pretty even race), the course esp the last 4 or 5m was a bit rolling, so no doubt he could have gone quicker. I got a twinge of hammy cramp at 24m and had to ease off for a while and he raced away.........i had best get some magic shoes too.
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    Definitely Reg! That comma was actually totally superfluous for what I really intended with the most phallic of my trophies :smile: That did genuinely make me laugh out loud!
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    Great Bantz (as SG would say) Bus and Reg; good reading after a few glasses of red!

    Went to the cricket at The Oval today so finally a chance to try out the supposedly super fast Burgess parkrun before. The result a bog standard flat course run for me of 18'44; a fair bit slower than recent similar runs at Woodley, Woking and Rickmansworth.

    Just no spring in the legs today and not great to be pretty much the same speed per k over 5k on a fast tarmac course as I was over 10k on a more undulating one at Reading only a few weeks ago. Maybe came too soon after Dinton on Thursday but I can usually do that quick turnaround. No point over-thinking; just have some more wine as no racing tomorrow!
  • The BusThe Bus ✭✭✭
    Can't win 'em all Pete :smile:
    I'd be very happy with 18:44 at the moment mind!
    LSR today - gonna be a bit damp by the looks of things!
    Some good work going on at Endure - it's likely to be an epic report (but at least the car won't have been re-parked between each lap :wink:)
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    Bus, maybe you need to be kinder to yourself and run some easy courses at least occasionally! If you went to one of your localish fast pr's I'm pretty sure you would comfortably be sub 19 still. This Burgess one was as quick a course as BP really, so think you would have done better than 18'44 there given your recent impressive tempos. 
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    You could be right Pete (and thanks btw!). I'm thinking of doing one of the BP 5k's in July.
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    Right, LSR done and dusted. Half intended to do 18, but ended up very similar to last week with 17.3M and 2300ft. Much slower though - very muddy, first hour was torrential rain, and legs just weren't so keen :smile:
    I've now done 5 solid weeks in a row, and probably going to have a bit of a cut-back next week.  As a matter of interest, when do (if you do!) peeps take a cut-back? On time or feel? 
  • Reg WandReg Wand ✭✭✭
    Impressive slog through the damp hills Bus, I let life and general feeling decide on cut-backs.

    Funny you mention about Burgess being too soon, Pete. I actually felt much better on my run yesterday. Did a 9 miler, felt sluggish for the first 4 miles doing 7:30s at recovery effort. Then morphed into a progression run; 7:00, 6:38,6:19,5:51 and an uphill 5:46 to finish. Last 5k then, not much slower than Thursday's race and considerably easier.

    On to today and my father's day treat (to myself) was a 10 mile TT on the bike. Not cycled much so expectations were low. PB is 21:51 on a slightly slower course. The locals will know the course as it's from the Marlow/Bourne end rounabout on the road where SG does his track sessions, left straight on to the A404 dual-carriageway, along to the Maidenhead Thickett Roundabout and then back again on the A404.

    Bit of a scare as I reached the end of the slip road coming onto the 404 a a van refused to move over to the outside lane but managed to slip in just after he passed. I'd been put first in the order as our club were organising it and it's tradition for a host club member to go off first. The guy from our club organising deliberately put some young hot-shot second, this chap had ridden a 19:50 recently and we set off in one minute intervals. Basically Chris (organiser) wanted me to get passed! In theory this guy should pass me at the halfway point so with nobody to chase I need to see how long I can hold him off.

    I got to halfway without being passed and it had started to rain so getting round the roundabout was tricky. I pretty much forgot about the pursuer after that and just kept my head down. Down the hill towards Bisham roundabout wasn't as fast as I expected but managed to get through without scrubbing too much speed.

    Bit of a false flat after that as you head back up towards Marlow and I can see the finish marshal decked out in luminous yellow so put in a burst to try and empty the tank. Finished in 21:46 a PB off pretty much just running so delighted with that. Also didn't get passed, as you can see it was never in doubt!

  • The BusThe Bus ✭✭✭
    Tasty progression and even tastier TT Reg! I think that would scare me silly riding on the A404, especially in that weather! Mind you, I remember once in my 20s cycling all the way from central London down the A3 to Liphook!!!! I still don't know how I am alive after that :smile:
  • Unlucky on the no spring feeling Pete. Good work on the win Reg and the warmdown with trophy and fast progressive session and the bike TT pb ! Busy week!

    I have a pb of my own to report. 34.26 at the Speedway 10k run by the Chepstow Harriers. It's been 4 years since I ran a 10k pb, but after I ran a 17.00 5k on marathon training legs earlier in the year,  I had a feeling that I could have a nibble at the 10k. Market Drayton was 35.23 and undulating. I hadn't quite heat adjusted too so thought I could maybe do a low 35 run today.

    However the first mile was ludicrous at 5.19, and settled around 5.30 av for the next 3, though one of them required an uptick in effort as it was into a headwind. The good thing was I felt like the capacity was there. Mile 4-5 returned into the breeze and that came out 5.38 as I was feeling the effort, but once that was done I knew the pb was in the bag and could relax to the finish! Fast race though and categories in decades from V40 up. Finished 5th V40.
  • Great to see SG at endure. I was plagued by stomach cramps, probably due to over eating junk free on mizunos tab!

    Ran one leg feeling disgusting and didn't feel like I wanted to wreck myself like last year, I was not really in a proper team. The side team with Silva ended up winning nearly setting a record!
    My time wa sonkt a few seconds faster than my 5th (slowest) leg last year after not sleeping for 2 days so I've really gone backwards!! Barely held low 7m/m

    Made the right choice just to relax and enjoy the weekend and get back to ticking over with an aim to run another 5km in 3 weeks. Gosport 5km in the week in just under 18.50 after another month of doing nothing was promising especially after a 3.3x first KM and 5.45 mile. Suitably dying but silly to think with no sessions in over 2 years I still have wheels 

    Shoe choices Wh- Cloud X and Peg 35..

    I'd consider the Pegasus turbo for softer and more flex, plus way more response. Flows I think you'd find firm still after a while. Maybe brooks ghost or the new glycerin although both heavier 
    Pain is weakness leaving the body
  • Also new ride iso 2 Saucony which is  lighter than those brooks options 
    Pain is weakness leaving the body
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    Bus, I just let life get in the way to give me a cutback. I find it harder to string the consistency together with family, work, illness, and injury so just suck them up when they happen rather than plan ‘em. I also like to make hay will the going’s good. 

    That’s an eye-watering 10k there Muddy. Great running. I did one too but so much slower that I’m embarrassed to post about it!!
  • The BusThe Bus ✭✭✭
    I know what you mean Wool - sometimes life just forces a break on you whether you want/need it or not! Oh, and your 10k time today was hardly embarrassing!!!!

    Hi Scott - endure sounded like, well, a bit of an endurance event!!!!!

    Muddy - that a most impressive time and the quality of the field for that to only get 5th V40 must have been exceptional!
  • Forgot to mention your birthday Bus... congratulations. I’m 49 on Tuesday so higher than 5th in the v40s is asking a lot. Hopefully I can get a promotion next year. I do cutbacks after 4 weeks of mileage progression and also when I feel like it if I’m not building base.

    Go on Wool !
  • alehousealehouse ✭✭✭

    Bus: if you are asking the question about a cut-back week I think you know the answer! Difficult I know, but ideally I think we should cut-back just before we need to. Or at least programme a cut-back week in every 4/5/6 weeks depending on the individual. 

    Low alcohol beers: St. Peter's Without; Brewdog's Nanny State.

    Looking to endure a very long report later. And that will just be the parking, no doubt. 
    Progress is rarely a straight line. There are always bumps in the road, but you can make the choice to keep looking ahead.
  • Good win there Reg and a nice TT. I generally drive past some sort of TT on that road once or twice a year (I guess there is a longer one as well as I have seen them further up the A404) and do wonder about the safety: a guy on a bike is pretty fast and many drivers just don't anticipate just how fast they are when it comes to sliproads etc.

    Saw an odd thing on Saturday's parkrun and thought I'd throw it out for discussion. I gave blood on Thursday so was taking it a bit easier than normal. There was a guy with a buggy at about the same pace. parkrun allows all sorts of variations so as well as the regular runners you sometimes see cryptic remarks in the results on powerof10 which indicate canine assistance or wheelchair racers etc. 

    Normally I see a runner with a buggy and, depending on the nature of the course, reckon it is a small handicap and a quick google seems to agree, so if you are a relatively speedy 5k runner then a buggy may add on a minute. This guy was different though: instead of the normal stance which is an upright running position with the buggy out front with minimal pushing pressure, he was hunched over it and was gripping it quite low. Clearly, in that position, he has to be transferring a lot of weight through his arms onto the buggy. We all know how easy it is to run on a treadmill if you take part of your weight on your arms and with a buggy, it is not going to be quite so marked as you have to push the buggy as opposed to the powered treadmill but the rolling resistance is way less than the mechanical losses due to running.

    I reckon if you were so inclined you could actually go faster with a buggy than without if you used it like some sort of partial scooter.
  • Thought I'd get in quick with my report from Saturday before possibly the longest report ever.

    Firstly - nice photos, we need to get some more of us together when we meet up now and again. We really ought to do a Sunday run somewhere and have a bit of food after at a crappy spoons! Reg - Sounding really fit now - agree, NEVER in doubt ;) PeteM  - More bling and a good run. Muddy - great time too, just had a look at the results, 33.13 first V40, so pretty decent and a good course by the looks.

    So, chaotic start. Trains not running to Euston, so got a lift to St Albans with the missus as she was doing SAL there with Bedford. Just managed to get to Guildford for the 800m..didn't have as much time to warm up as I had hoped, but managed to do a 2.08 from a 63 first lap and a 65. It was pretty windy, so not to unhappy.

    1500 wasn't too bad. Legs felt tired after the 800, but we went through in 65, 2.16 and then 3.03 at the bell. The legs and the wind started to bite then, only managed a 70 for the last lap and crawled over for 4.13. The did 60.7 for a leg of the 4x400. So decent days training. Funny old day - left my top on the train, but found a £20 note whilst warming up for the 1500.

    Did a reccie of my leg of the Greensand ridge relay yesterday, did 5&6 together, I'm on the glory leg6 next saturday. Unfortunately went wrong on leg 5, had to through a field and ended up with 'bubble wrap legs'. Not too bad today though after a cold shower.

  • JooliganJooligan ✭✭✭
    Busy w/e chaps. Congratulations on PBs/wins to MuddyReg & Pete. Decent outing SC2.
    Belated happy birthday to Bus. I was enjoying some 12yr Bowmore amongst other things this w/e.
    Just managed to get to Salisbury parkrun Saturday morning. Bit flat after a very late night & fuzzy from booze. Course is very twisty mix of tarmac & grass so not the quickest though the winner managed 15:44! I was well back in 17th with 20:24 so glad I wasn't attempting Speedway. No other running but lots of dancing so the legs had a good workout :smiley:

  • WoolWool ✭✭✭

    SG, one for you when you wake up. I met this guy yesterday. New to the club and in his words running injury free for the 1st time in years. Could be some very interesting competition for you fast boys!

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    Hmm - not sure it would work like that Philip :smile:  Was there a child in the buggy?

    Simon - some quality track work there. As for that £20, I dropped one near there - it had a picture of the queen on it. Did the one you found?

    Thanks Jools - sounds like a fun weekend :smile:

    Wool - some pretty fast times for that guy. Wonder why he never did a half back in the day?

    Aley - I suspect you are right (as always :smile:).
  • Wool - Know the name, not met him though. Not really properly coming back, just been injured then. Decent times too. These 40 somethings who start running again when they should be family men and playing golf, etc, really are a pain sometimes :)

    Bus - f**k me, mine did too. Funny that ;)

  • Anyone noticed this and have an explanation?

    On Strava, they have Grade Adjusted Pace (GAP). Yesterday, my run was 3 miles uphill and then 3 miles downhill. The splits show that as I am running uphill (miles 1 and 2), my GAP is faster than my pace and when I am running downhill (miles 5 and 6) my pace is faster than my GAP. Miles 3 and 4 are sort of flat and sort of similar. 

    The plot below has pace (blue) and GAP (purple) on. Surely they should cross over?

  • Reg WandReg Wand ✭✭✭
    Looks wrong that Phil, maybe if you click the 'correct elevation'it might recalculate it.

    Where's this report then?
  • Stevie  GStevie G ✭✭✭✭
    Alright - let's try and cover off the last few pages in one post - then i'll worry about how on earth I'm going to do the weekend justice in due course!

    Wool - I'd heard a whisper we had a top pedigree guy joining. Will be interesting to see how close he can, or wants to get back to those times. 16.15 5 years ago, into his mid 40s, he can probably get sub 17 again?
    Not sure you mentioned ithe time on here, but a very promising sub 37 10k too - plenty of hope of beating that pb along the line.

    Muddy - that's a superb time, as a days from 49 year old too - wowzers!
    Beat the (long ago!) pb of a certain "legend" (in his own head ;) ) on this thread by about 4 seconds too you cheeky man.

    Reg - well done on the win at a canter - and full respect for you cycling TT guys, sounds a super dangerous course on a non closed road. But then I guess what other option is there - you can't close 100s of miles of roads, or even a 20mile loop I suppose!

    Aley - you know it!

    Scott - great to finally meet after a few disappointing near misses. Loved that we instantly recognised each other from about 50 metres away!!

    Bus - Huge run - 17miles!
    I can see why you might not want to cut down yet when you've had to wait a bit to get fully going again - but every 3-5 weeks for sure makes sense. Like Wool says though, plenty can naturally happen to stall it, and if you race, that'll do it too!

    PhIl - i think you should test the buggy theory out! I'd love to watch you storming round a parkrun, with a buggy, without a kid in it, and see what people's reactions were :D
  • The BusThe Bus ✭✭✭
    Quick post before the epic comes in 🙂
    Philip - I suspect the plot is wrong and should be inverted or have a negative Y axis.

  • The Bus said:
    Quick post before the epic comes in 🙂
    Philip - I suspect the plot is wrong and should be inverted or have a negative Y axis.

    I sucked the data off the page and plotted it myself and I think they are using two axes rather than showing both on the same axis. 
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