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  • First light session in 2 1/2 months then, just a 3mile section in a 6 miler at "steady".

    The beauty of the "steady" zone is it has a large range, about 30 secs, so a perfect light job.

    Went to Dorney, and initially was a bit disturbed to see how hard it was to keep sub 7 in mile 1 as it was into wind, but turning the bend, quickly to 6.35 and 6.28.

    Felt decent, good to have that satisfied feel driving into work after, albeit one of the lighter sessions you could do.
  • WoolWool ✭✭✭
    SG - you are the new Alex Miller. If you're concerned about your vanity then you've blown it....there are defo more folks looking at your Strava than your 'record'. Honestly!!
  • I wish I was as fast as him :)

    And let's all hang on a bit here, I think you're slightly misconstruing things. Not wanting to race when way off fitness isn't an arrogance thing! Quite the opposite - it's a not wanting to be sh!T thing :D 
  • PeteMPeteM ✭✭✭
    Arrogance and vanity are very different; no-one is accusing you or arrogance SG, as you say yourself if anything you always underplay your abilities and worry about being below where you can be when fully prepped. Not wanting poor times on Po10 is vanity, though nothing wrong with that really if you like your records to be fully reflective of your ability. I used to be like that myself but couldn't give a stuff anymore (though my worst parkrun is only 37'37 Joe and Simon and I walked that one ;) ). As Wool rightly says few really care less what is on someone else's Po10; getting out there for a tempo parkrun is surely more relevant for you now than worrying about a time, when probably more than half the field are not "flat out" for a myriad of reasons.   
  • I can see the thinking of when people do HMs at Marathon pace, as 10-12 miles would be a real shift as a solo run. 

    But just 3miles or so at steady, I'd much prefer to just do myself then have to specifically time for a parkrun. 
    I'd typically be well in bed at that time.  o:)

    I wouldn't be against a parkrun at "race" level when the time comes at all, whether that's a mid 17 job, or barely staying in the 18s, as it is what it is.
  • so erm...yes, it was good to get running some moderate paced miles for the first time in about 9 weeks!
    Small steps!
  • I think we agreed a long time ago that a 5k at 10k pace was a great workout Stevie ! Rather than any steady nonsense ;)
  •  That's often how my 5k races come out!
  • SG - Yes, not wanting to race when you aren't fit is definitely not arrogant, but I think far too many people seem worried about getting a crap time on their PO10. Its a bit like, say a local cheap half marathon coming up when you are coming back to fitness. Now I see that as a great chance to get out and get some fitness with some other runners, starting off steady and picking folk as you see fit, and a lot less dull than a long run on your own.

    Eastern Champs tomorrow just outside Bedford. Its incorporating Eastern Masters and the senior mens is 12k. There's about 40 of us in it so will probably be a bit boring and strung out, bit different to last week! My mate is running and a low 15's man coming back to fitness running, both LBAC, so that should make it more interesting.

  • Someone suggested me to do the southern xc.. A 9miler!

    Screw that. That's the fare of proper runners like sc!

    Even the 6m in our league feel long!
  • WoolWool ✭✭✭

    oh, calling someone arrogant would be a really massive deal for me. Modesty is one of the most admirable traits in see in people. I don't think anyone could / would ever fairly call you arrogant SG.

    Per the comments above, you're just vain! Good job you're getting your beauty sleep (in bed at 9am on a Saturday as a V35, FFS!!).

    Honestly though, don't folks just remember one another's' good stuff / best times. Would someone scroll through someone else's Po10 and judge them on their slower parkrun times?

  • I look and feel a wreck most of the time (10 weeks without a haircut, unshaven), so I'd really hate to see what I looked like with less sleep :D  

    I just like to keep races for races is all . And for now I do class parkruns as races. It'll blow my stats if I start sessioning them, and as we all know stats are magical.
  • Fair enough - we tried  :p 

    Did nothing yesterday in the end, so a bit of a swampy slog this morning and similar home tonight. I've not entered Herbert's Hole :blush:

  • Odd. Felt slow and sluggish this morning, but tonight, and despite the wind, rain, dark and swamp like conditions I ran a similar route home almost a minute a mile faster and my best off-road pace for weeks!  Actually, thinking about it, it could be BECAUSE of the weather - it was so cold and horrible to start with that I had to run fast just to get warm :smiley:
  • You're getting the magic back. And also don't they say mid afternoon on is the peak time for action? Just unfortunate most races are morns!

    Anyone else had to change passwords?
  • The BusThe Bus ✭✭✭
    edited November 2019
    Not sure about the "magic" (would be nice mind!) or that 6pm on a dark wet Friday evening counts as mid-afternoon   :smiley:

    And yes, something weird going on with the passwords......
  • It's all that pent up energy after the disappointment of Herbert's Hole Bus.

    16.27 for me at parkrun this morning. Not a tempo  :D 2nd :(
  • Matthew HeadMatthew Head ✭✭✭
    edited November 2019
    I've had a lacklustre couple of weeks, so haven't been posting, but I've been reading through every few days. Good to see everyone keeping at it, even with the dismal weather!
    Congrats on your 10 km Muddy, I'm sure you'll go well on the NYE race, and tidy parkrun! 
    Great training and racing as per, SC.
    Pete, glad to see you return with a classic double!
    All the best tomorrow at Gosport TR - I hope the wind isn't too strong!
    Awesome report on Frankfurt there Joe, how's Katie getting on? The prep for Valencia is looking promising.

    Just to chime in on the parkrun debate, I think they're a brilliant training tool, especially if used for tempo or progression runs. I have a 42:38 to my name on Po10 ;)

    After a good race at Tavy 7 3 weeks ago, I did a session of 2 x 4,3,2 mins during the week, which felt really tough for the pace (av. 5:45s). Lo and behold, 2 days later I was down with a stinker of a cold. Cue two weeks of ~20 mi once the main symptoms had passed, everything was feeling hard work and I still have lingering congestion now. Attempted a session this week, and even dropping the paces (to 6:00min/mi) I only managed half of it, with the strides beforehand feeling pretty difficult. The plus side is that as this week progressed I've been feeling closer to normal, and the congestion is starting to clear.
    Today was a 5km race I'd pencilled in for a while, and figured if the warm up run there felt overly tough, I'll just tempo/progression it (truly!), as for a £1 race, why not. Warm up was fine, a little harder effort that it should be, but that's down to the lingering cold.
    At the off I decided to go for it, try not to stare at the watch and go off effort. Cursory check at 1km showed I was at about 3:35 / 5:50/mi pace. Seemed a bit fast, but put it down to the customary quick start. The course isn't the fastest, with several sharp turns which break your momentum. I just aimed to try to pick people off as I went, which seemed to work. Just under 6min/mi at around 2mi, so it was the case of mentally trying to hold it together. The final 600m of the course is a lap and a half of the track, and a quick glance at the watch showed I was at ~16:30 - could sub-18 be on? I took a couple more places as I upped the ante on my way round, well, as best I could at this stage, with the finish line taking forever to come around.
    Cross the line and stop my watch - 18:04. A bit disappointed that it's the wrong side of 18, but pleased to have finally beaten my PB from 2016! I've only ever run faster for 5km twice - a 17:45 parkrun, and a ~17:30 split at Victory 5mi in 2016. This course is definitely worth a good 10-15 seconds though, with the sheer number of sharp turns.
    Stoked with that, especially given I struggled with a slower session during the week! Just waiting on the official results now.
  • SHows you are in very good form Matt!

    MF - nice :smile:
  • Quality 5K/parkrun MH/MF.
    No magic for me - tried a treadmill session Tuesday but had to abort as it was too much of a struggle then Thursday the reason became clear: struck down by a virus. Cue 2 days off before attempting my local parkrun. Best I could manage was a 22:17 for 9th place. Clearly not over the virus yet & the mud was horrendous. Everyone in the top 20 was over 2 minutes down on their course PBs so my 3:15 isn't quite as bad as it appears.
    I have a 31:31 to my name btw - also on this course. The one time I persuaded my daughter to join me. I've done a 27 on crutches here before :D 
  • TRTR ✭✭✭
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    Thats sharp Muddy, nice.

    Well run Matt - a nice surprise after being unwell.

    Shame about you being unwell too Jools.

    Forecast isnt too bad for Gosport, but im not getting too excited as i live on the coast and it can be windy even when its not supposed to be.
  • Good turnout Muds... Walsall? Think you've said before (so I can excuse myself being a bastad!) that it's a little on the cheeky side disto wise? But probably still in the mixer for an all time pb if it was pro rata?

    Our guy Rob won a bet there once.. He had to get under 1730 at any parkrun to win a night of beers paid for by a couple of others..They were all smug as he was well off elsewhere, and from nowhere produced 17.26 :D  Did them up like kipper! :D

    Good effort MH. I'm probably half asleep after a day lounging around, but the 2016 pb was just from that course then? As obvs if you've done 1745 before, this can't be a pb?!

    I was going to ask what sort of 5k you were capable of when you did that mid 28 5miler, but you answered that in there :)

  • Hope you feel better soon Jools, I'm hoping whatever I've had is the only winter cold I get. Hate being unwell.

    Thanks Bus, TR.

    Well, SG, you see, the 17:45 was a parkrun, and I don't count them for 5km PBs (as Po10 makes the distinction I might as well too). My previous 5km PB was 18:19, so nice to slice 15s off that! Even if it is a slightly cheeky measure for getting back to it!

    In and around that 5mi, I probably would have been a healthy chunk closer to 17. Hopefully I'll be back there soon :)
  • Fair does Matt. I think as long as you know it's 5k, you can count it! Like a guy at our club has 1630s from 2 parkruns. One is actually marked as short - which I've never seen on a parkrun on po10 before! And the other was an early days Bushy Park - which by a few accounts was deffo short too.

    Generally it's pretty clear as he never got near those anywhere else, and hasn't ever again since! And it's more obvious with 5ks as you'll more likely do lots of those, unlike longer races, so outliers can leap out.

    Although I suppose your way I can claim an all time 5k pb last year ;) Rather than the Dulwich parkrun of 2013. That was silly back then as it was one of the few parkruns that was certificed and classed as "road" back in those days - then 2 weeks later they roped it in with everything "parkrun", including nonsense like that one I did the wrong route, and did short, and they whopped an extra 1min 20 onto my time to make up for the 0.1miles I'd missed :D

    All said, you're on the right tracks!

  • TR, just running at steady effort round Dorney Lake for a mile yesterday was hard enough work, so I can't imagine what it'll be like if it is a wind fest!

    My little pen pic is from my last go at the Gosport half, and the expression says it all!

  • Good 5k there Matt, illness sometimes allows the running parts to freshen up. Hopefully this will apply to you Jools!

    Stevie, I have my suspicions about it, just by the sheer quantity of fast times that come up there but know the run director who says it’s measured properly. It’s a three lap curved path job and I can see the GPS trace is short and on the inner side of the paths I ran, and also cut short on a tight corner you go through 3 times. Disregarding GPS, it is a fast course, pretty flat, good surface, and conditions were perfect today. it has a downhill start and finish too which really helps set the rhythm. One day when I’ve got too much time on my hand I’ll get a measuring wheel round there ... ;)
  • I'll have a go there muds and if i can currently go sub 20 it must be short :D 
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  • Stevie  GStevie G ✭✭✭
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    Increased the long run to 11 and the pace jumped up to 7.14, almost 20secs faster than last week's 10.
    Hilly out and down back job versus flatter last week. 58.5m week.

    Getting there week by week.

    Will up the medium quality this week..bit more steady mileage on tue.maybe a few seg hunts or fartlek type reps friday.

    Fb memory came up today. 6 years ago a bit underwhelmed with a 1hr 17 at Gosport! Think that was 1.17.03.
    Obvs measuring against 1.15.41 at wokey earlier that year it felt a bit down.
    But that's still my second fastest one. Although the 1.17.11 feb 2018 shows beating that probably isn't out of the question... Just have to do more than one in 4 years!
  • ML84ML84 ✭✭✭

    Just seen a post about a runner called Jake Smith having a blinder at a half marathon in Paris i think. A quick PO10 search shows he was 9 seconds in front of Phil at Wycombe parkrun back in 2012 as a 15 year old. Also beat Bus and Scott Pulley a couole of years later when he ran 16.44. 

    He's just broke the british U23 half marathon record with a 62.01. 

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