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  • JooliganJooligan ✭✭✭
    Cracking efforts MH. looking good for the 5K this w/e . . . so long as you've not totally trashed the legs :D
    Fair play Bus. Tree came down across the main road outside school at around 4:40pm yesterday but somehow it didn't squash any cars! Fortunately I'd left about 20 minutes previous so avoided the traffic chaos. 
    I got my 13K route done in the dry 1st thing. Did 2x 3x1K off 500m with 1K between sets. Reps 1 & 2 were with a tailwind then 3-5 were straight into the storm before picking it up again for the final one with a tailwind. Pace was really pretty disappointing given I'd done nowt yesterday - all slower than Saturday's parkrun average. Did another 5M at lunch on the TM - lightly progressive pyramid 8 down to 7:30 & back down to 8. Weather looks significantly better tomorrow so it'll be a repeat of today's distances but much slower paces.
  • SCoombes2SCoombes2 ✭✭✭

    Good session there Jools, likewise HM, very promising! TR - The Aussies don't mind it - the thing is they enjoy the club scene here, which they don't have as much over there. SW - That is good for a smaller club in that league. There's 8 in ours, the core is Kent, Hercules, South London, Thames H&H, Belgrave and us. The other clubs like Clapham Chasers, Dulwich, etc tend to yoyo a bit

    The weather is a bit silly now - very wet this morning, just drying my clothes out on the radiator, a manhole cover had just popped up the road.

    Did 8 x 1k on the regents Pk Broadwalk, with 90 secs recovery. Luckily the wind was bowing me back up the 2nd 500, so wasn't too bad. 3.19 for the first, then 3.15 and mainly around 3.13 with a 3.09 for the last one. I think it is properly 1k now., but need to check.

  • Christ - It's impossible to go AWOL for a couple of days, scrabbling to catch up big time.

    Muddy - mega run at the the Brass, and like SG you took down my PB by 1 second.. Nicely done. Really impressive and sounds like more to come given the conditions.

    TR - great work in the 10km, very encouraging. What was your final time in the end?

    StevieWh - I've got a love hate relationship with XC. Love it when it's over :smiley:

    Simon - decent going over at Beckenham. You encouraged me to have a quick look, and 99th is my highest finish (although I don't race XC much). Looks like we had a new lad that turned up and finished 2nd (Johnny). Hope he sticks around. Our problem (Chasers), has always been the top end quality. We usually pack pretty well and our 10th scorer can regularly be above 3/4 other teams 10th scorers, but we just rarely have anyone finishing in the top 20/30, which really hurts us. Nice session in the Pk also. 

    Good luck for the 5km at the weekend Matt!

    Not too much going on here. Bike fitness feels like it's coming along rather nicely. Off to York for the weekend, tempted to dust off the cheat shoes and give it a whirl at the parkrun - fast course apparently. 
  • Stevie  GStevie G ✭✭✭
    Christ - It's impossible to go AWOL for a couple of days, scrabbling to catch up big time.

    Muddy - mega run at the the Brass, and like SG you took down my PB by 1 second.. 

    2 seconds?👼
  • TRTR ✭✭✭
    Good session matt

    Bus - strangely enough the wind yday seemed worse than mondays named storm.

    Simon - i bet the aussies love the post xc pub visit too.

    Joe - 37.04 apparantly i was over the line in 2 secs, im amazed at that as thats what the top few were given, and i was some rows back. Never mind, I'll be 36.XX at Chichester, its much quicker (as long as its no windier). 
  • The BusThe Bus ✭✭✭
    Still a decent session Jools, especially as first of a double.  Blistering session as usual Mr C :smile:

    Joe - I love your idea of "not much going on" looking at Strava :smiley:

    Lunch session today. It was down as a classic 6 x 0.5M, but time was tight and I thought 2x2M would fit in better. As it happened, my legs felt rubbish from the off and and even after nearly two miles warm up I couldn't seem to squeeze any speed in. So the first mile of the first two came out at 6:41!!! Nearly binned the session, but legs came more alive at the end of that mile. So, slight change of plan, assisted by a teeny bit of downhill and I amended it to a 5k tempo, whihc actually came out not too bad - 6:15, 6:21, 6:20 and 38s for the bit (19:35). Given how the legs felt, I'm happy enough with that - the proof of the pudding will be tomorrow!

  • SCoombes2SCoombes2 ✭✭✭

    Joe - the new Andy Maud eh? We have the same problem - our first was 25th and I was last in 52nd. Very good packing, but top end quality not there sadly. We are targeting the southern road relays though, looking promising.

    TR - Yes they do! BUS - Good to stick the session out and get a reward.

    Luton tonight around the golf club paths. First session for the £9.99 specials. Will report back.

  • muddyfunstermuddyfunster ✭✭✭
    edited January 16
    Good double Jooligan, all about the mileage at this stage I think, and it's bound to start pinning you down a bit.

    I much prefer a tempo to the stop start of intervals Bus. 8 x 1km at that pace is amazing Simon.

    So deep breath ... boring running miles coming up:

    My week so far has taken in a rest day on Monday, 30 mins + 60 mins at recovery effort (7.50 min/mile) on Tuesday, then with my legs coming back to me 30 mins easy effort last night (7.30 min/mile) and today will be 2x 30 mins easy. Not sure about tomorrow as have an inset day and child care. Sat/Sun will likely be 1hr with some efforts/1.45 easy.

    Aiming for around 50 miles in total this week, blending recovery from the half with the early stages of marathon training. 
  • The BusThe Bus ✭✭✭
    You need to change your name muddy - mud has now officially stopped being fun this year :smile: Similar aim for mileage to me this week.

    I actually drove a couple of miles away to avoid the worst of the stuff in the field behind my house today! 6.5M with legs like lead and a sore back and hip (ah, just like old times!!!)
     I'm going to do an easy double tomorrow instead of the planned 10 at steady state, as I think that will just be asking for trouble currently.

    Simon  - lets see if the shoes last until the end of the session then :wink:
  • Stevie  GStevie G ✭✭✭

    The extreme engineering of the Vaporflys finally got them banned at elite level long as Muddy, Joe, Wool etc, you asterisk all your pbs gained with them ;)

    Not like back in me and Bus's days, ours were all earnt in clogs. Clogs I tells ye :D

    Muds, you gotta sex up the mundanity son.

    Look forward to my own bed tonight after two days away with work, and a footy trip slipped in too.

    The 3hours 15 to Nottingham was long enough on Tue in rain and wind in a way too flash hire car, but the absolute peak of knackeration came taking 1hour to get the last 3miles to my hotel junction last night... 1 hour..for 3miles! 11pm became 12pm.

    A classic "Let's do this 4 lane into 1 late in the evening as barely anyone will be travelling then" type sod's law.

    The club committee have come up with a "rota" for doing the jibber jabber for 10mins pre session, instead of the old way of the chairman always doing it.

    Fine..for locals - who go!

    Utter ballache for me - 35-40mins away, never go!

    Finish work at 5pm, hang about for 2hours 30 just to do 10min of chat!?

    Not really a goer is it?

    I'll do the proper meetings, which originally I wasn't  - joint men's cap mate was going to do those, living 2miles away...but 10mins of welcomes?!

  • The BusThe Bus ✭✭✭
    Blimey, that was a full-on old bloke rant SG - have you hit a new vet category recently? :wink:

    You're right about the clogs mind!
  • SG - I've got overly excited there! It is indeed 75:42. Sounds like a faff with the sessions - surely they should just get people who actually go to do it - makes absolutely no sense. Fair amount of driving there, I was down in Southampton tuesday, horrible on the roads.

    Simon - remains to be seen but looks hopeful. Will be too late for this season, we've struggled to get our best runners turning out as they've focused on other things. I definitely won't be bailing out of the Southerns though!

    I've only got 1 PB in the clown shoes - my Reading HM. My 2:39 stands proudly with a pair of Skechers!

    Running home tonight, into a block headwind. 
  • Stevie  GStevie G ✭✭✭

     :D Bus.

    Obvs I'm keeping my mile pb though, gained in said aforementioned shoes.

    And I think you're definitely skirting middle aged when the absolute key first question, is "what's the parking like". Never used to give it a second of thought!

    Glad to see a 6miler came out decently today, post drive, post 2nights of fish n chips!

    Joe - i'll be so glad to give this hire car back - super nifty with all the extras, but played havoc with my nerves every time I left it!

    I think these Nottingham trips will be a feature of my the new team I'm joining in Feb, but generally not with the Manchester extra night bolt on after.

    Could be a bit of dotting about around on top of that, but I think we all know I'll find a way to keep training like usual.

  • Stevie  GStevie G ✭✭✭
    edited January 16

    Simon - remains to be seen but looks hopeful. Will be too late for this season, we've struggled to get our best runners turning out as they've focused on other things. I definitely won't be bailing out of the Southerns though!

    Presuming I'm reading this right - I will see you (and SC) there.

    We qualified in 2017, snow called off 2018, and 2019 was a bit of a mix and match job, so we were miles off qualifying.

    However, I'm jointly picking the 2020 team, so you can imagine the chivvying up going on - it'll be a selection job this year.

    We'll also be sending a women's team to a major relay for the first time in my Dasher days, as I refused to accept the "all our fast women run marathons" baloney as an excuse...actually asked good time, and almost instantly we have the outline of a team - it's only 6 needed for friggery's sake!

    So as long as I actually get in our own team (!), any missing out on the top 25 this year will be down us to not having enough quality in the club, rather than not having enough of our best runners there!

  • JooliganJooligan ✭✭✭
    edited January 16
    That's the spirit Muddy. What may seem boring to you is clearly working wonders so maybe we should all take some inspiration from your approach.
    Crockery all round eh Bus ;) 
    Welcome back SG - it's been hellish quiet without your constant jibber-jabber :D 
    Good homes Mara PB then Joe B)
    Big day for me: kicked off with the usual 13K w 8x200m off 300m jog before work but because I wasn't sure whether to a fartlek or the usual regimented strides I ended up doing a 500m effort with the wind then a 300m one into it after a mile steady before kicking into the 200s. 1st 3 were into the wind then 5 with tailwind. Followed that up with a 9K TRunch progressive pyramid 8-7:30-8 with pace changes every K. Then a bonus at work meant I had a free pass so got out with the club for a recovery 9K to clock 19.4M all in. Brings me up to 160M for January too so my 10M a day marathon training is on target B)
  • The BusThe Bus ✭✭✭
    Blimey Jools! Doubles are one thing, but triples, including sessions???!! 

    Joe - I was going to mock Skechers, but having looked about, they seem to do some pretty handy looking lightweight shoes for bargain basement prices. Would you recommend then?

  • YnnecYnnec ✭✭✭
    edited January 17
    Bus - I liked all iterations of the GoRun series until the 6th with it's narrow instep. They're well cushioned, pretty durable (always get 500+), lightweight and relatively wide-fitting (they called me Flipper at school and it wasn't because I had echolocation). Downside is it's getting harder to find GoRun 5s in certain sizes.
    [All the above doesn't apply to the Go Run 400 & 600s - they seem to be more aimed more towards cross-fitters]
  • SCoombes2SCoombes2 ✭✭✭

    Nice sessions there folks, Jules Muddy and Bus.

    Happy to say the Kalenji were fine - A windy 8 x 800 session, 4 one way and 4 the other way round the square, roughly 2.33's I would say. Very light, decent grip. Quads felt it a little as it's a fairly hard ride, it's just a basic EVA sole so that's to be expected. But now the cushioned ones are nearly a tenner too.

    Got them on again today, going to do some short bits at lunchtime, as I'm off to the relegation party tomorrow - Norwich v Bournemouth, so a welcome day of leisure!

  • Stevie  GStevie G ✭✭✭
    Nice un SC.

    Wanted to get my (monster) hire car safely parked up, and also after a busy few days wanted a lightish sort of sesh.

    So a hill reps sesh, 2 parts,  6x0.15m on a nice slope with jog back, then around 6min miling or just under, then harder on a 6x30sec, 1min jog down part.

    6.5m all in, decent, warm up in absolutely pouring rain.
  • SG - was in Nottingham for 4 years (pre-running days), really loved it up there.

    We're talking different events! I was chatting about Southern XC at Parliament Hill next weekend (15km - tasty). Nice session this morning.

    Bus - used to be my shoe of choice for years. Really light and comfortable. Much more popular in the US.

    Huge day Jools!

    Off to York tonight for a cheeky weekend away including parkrun tomorrow morning.
  • Stevie  GStevie G ✭✭✭
    Ah - didn't think 12 stage roads sounded your thing as such.

    These Nottingham things seem to be every 2months, but normally can come back after the meeting. The Manchester extra night added a level this time.
  • SCoombes2SCoombes2 ✭✭✭

    Joe - Yes I did think you might mean the southerns. Just ordered some 15mm spikes! Decent session SG.

    I also lived in Nottm - 96-98 before I went for a year to Pompey Uni. Mainly worked at the UPS call centre and got pissed with my mate from Uni. Did odd bits of running, and the Robin Hood half - in 1.39 I think.

    Just been on the annoyingly busy canal to do 20 x 35 sec reps, off 30. Was a lot easier when it was a dump and a bit rougher. Now it's posh student penthouses for the offspring of Beijing businessmen & far as I can tell!

  • Stevie  GStevie G ✭✭✭
    I must have asked before, but the 35secs presumingly being because you have a certain smooth bit you like to run on? As 30 or 40 would seem more rounded numbers? :)

    Post 4miles at lunch came over a bit "bright eyed" like you might get if you stare into the sun!

    I recognise this as a low blood sugar thing, so a hot choc sorted it in 10-15mins.

    Probably due to the busy nature of the last few days / different food/drink to usual etc.

    Only second time I can really remember that happening.
  • Glad the thread is frothing with more talk about a well designed running shoe that delivers where other shoes are largely marketing bullshit. Hyperspeed ? My arse ! :)

    I think we should also get the debate on the merits of parkrun out of the way early on in the year too ;)

    So I have a bit of a sexy workout to report (is that alright Stevie?) at a January parkrun heaving with nearly a thousand bodies. It was really quite icy so no heroics - I was aiming for a threshold workout of 2x10 mins followed by 5 mins fast, so ran round the parkrun continuously in 18.28 then ran another 5 mins 30 seconds fast to meet, approximately, the workout goals. 6th in the parkrun rankings today, and it wouldn’t be a parkrun without at least 50 people being ahead of me for the first half mile. 
  • The BusThe Bus ✭✭✭
    Was the sexy workout before or after the thousand heaving bodies at parkrun muddy? :smile:

    Usual 15 miles of mud and hills this morning. Nice day for it, but I wish I could have made myself go out a lot earlier while it was all still frozen. There is nothing stickier than Chilterns clay that has just started to melt!!!

    Hey ho - all good for strength I guess!   My biggest week for a while too, at just under 53 miles.
  • Stevie  GStevie G ✭✭✭

    Decent mileage Bus, only slightly under mine this week, in a work/footy reduced week.

    I'm always slightly bemused when people tell me how much better offroad is for your body. I always feel way more ruined with offroad. You can't beat nice smooth road!

    15 today then, for a 55.5mile week.

    2 weeks ago I did a fairly flat 15, out towards Marlow and back for 6.59 pace.

    I fancied the hilly route this time, up tom Beaconsfield, up and downs Penn and Hazlemere, before the huge descent late on, before a flat end.

    Did it about 3 weeks ago in what felt like a sprightly 7.11

    Today ended up 6.59 pace!

    A 7.06 and 7.00 first 2miles set the tone, and just went from there really, slowest mile only 7.20, and the last 4-5miles nicely under 7, obvs the 300foot descent in mile 13 got a mid 6 fairly comfortably, but the last 2 miles flowed too.

    That's 3 x 15 so far this little block, one 13 as well a borderline illness reduced one..

    I'll put a few more 15s in, potentially aiming to end with a few faster miles in the future.

  • The BusThe Bus ✭✭✭
    Goodwork SG. That's a very promising run.

    I think it's the reduced impact and variation that makes off-road "better" for you. It's usually harder though!

    Anyone else use a wrist heart rate monitor like the Garmin 235?

    I've just started to try and use HR zones to try and equate off-road effort with road pace zones a bit more meaningfully. Now I know these are supposed to be 100% accurate, but mine is giving me nonsense readings. For example, avg HR today was allegedly 163bpm, which is faster than tempo zone! I'd be dead if I ran faster than tempo for over 2 hours! I also had a run last week which averaged 185bpm - some 14 bpm higher than my theoretical maximum!

    At no point has it recorded my easy runs as having an "easy run" HR.

    Makes me wonder what the point is!
  • Stevie  GStevie G ✭✭✭

    I wondered if my smaller week than standard, and 1 sesh instead of 2, made me fresher, but in fairness, it probably didn't, as long drives don't help that. And also, I ran a 6miler yesterday, instead of my usual SAT OFF.

    When we've mentioned the optical wrist HR before on here, I think there's been near total agreement that they are totally unrealistic. Even if you have it on super tight, and conditions are dry, it's still not great. A nice idea though.

    I was tracking mid 180s by the end of mine for instance, which I'd imagine would be feeling a little harder!

    I think someone suggested they sync in more with your cadence, which makes sense of why they gravitate to big numbers!

    To be honest, HR, or numbers, both have pros and cons. And add in offroad and it gets even more awks to work out!

  • TRTR ✭✭✭
    edited January 19
    Muddy - nice to see you had a sexy time.

    Bus - no idea re HR, i use a casio sundial.

    SG - i did my first 20 of the year yday in a P and D mp+20% thru to mp +10%, maybe try the odd long run like that, it gets tough in the 10% section?
  • Stevie  GStevie G ✭✭✭
    edited January 19

    If I took 6.10 as the old Moz zone of theoretical MP, that's 370seconds, so 74 extra to become the 20% = 7.24, and 6.47 for the 10%.

    Sounds more a steady sort of run than a hard workout at the miles i'd be using it for in fairness.

    I'm sure over 20 miles with half at MP & 10% it becomes much more of a workout!

    Moraghan gave me a monster session back in the day, of 8miles easy to steady, 3miles MP, 3miles HMP

    The last 3miles I remember averaging 5.57, and then about 8 days later I ran a 5.57 average half marathon.

    I remember that as being the peak of realising the science behind the zones.

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