• Fizz

    The average temp for Orlando is around 70 degrees. Apart  from this year its always been around the mid 60's. to high 70's

    I think you can get away with an extra tshirt at the start and usual running gear for the races  this year was a one off but for the sake of it stick a long sleeve tshirt in your bag.

  • Trying to work out what that is in new money. Why cant the yanks go metric like the rest of the worldimage. Right looking it up now.

    Will just bring vest and shorts. Perhaps I could justify buying a nice top at the expo or at an outlet store if one was required. image

    Is it best to buy sports gear at mallls and factory outlets? I half presume that anything within an asses roar of Disney complex would nearly be twice the price of usual places?image

    Any further tips? My daughter will be 16  and I was trying to find something special to treat her while we were there. And advice or suggestions welcome.

    Not long now guys .

  • Fizz

    The  outlet malls are cheaper than the Expo and  most have Nike, Reebok, Adidas stores in them If your staying on I drive there are a couple of malls at the top of the road and the I drive shuttle bus takes you there

    For your daughter I would suggest doing one of the dinner shows either the Arabian nights if she likes horses or again there are some nice eaterys on I drive If she likes pasta I would recommend Olive Graden or Carrabas bothg really nice pasta resturants

  • Great stuff slowfoot. thank you . Sure  you wont come as advisor?

  • I arrive on the 5th so enjoy New Year Disney style you will love it!!
  • I am not running image but going to fl on the 4th, I am going to be so gutted when I see all thestuff around, guys,please ,please come back and let us know how you get on.
  • griffster

    Im sorry re your body troubles! I am sure you will get through but with a differant attatude from normal, my training went booby up for a marathon once, I walked it mostly,I really never done any training at all really, and I managed it, good luck and enjoy.

  • Thanks for the words Orlys mum and Fizziofin. The hip is feeling better after appprox 3/4 weeks complete rest. Last runs i did were on a treadmill when i realised I needed to stop for things to improve.

    Walk / run it is for the HM with the aim of getting round and being able to start the Marathon. I'll know by the end of the HM whether my body is up for it i guess.

     We fly New Years day to start our holiday image Good luck everybody, i dont know about anyone else but I'm taking a camera around with me!

  • Griffsters

    There are a number of photo stops around both courses where the chracters are available to have your photo and just in case you aren't aware you get a free disposable camera in your race pack when you register.

    The main characters are also available at the end of each race in the meet and greet area however there can be queues as friernds and family have access to them as well

  • Ah, thanks slowfoot. No, i wasnt aware of that!
  • Just want to wish everyone good luck, I really can't wait, this is a holiday of a lifetime for me as I have wanted to go since I was a child.

    Hope all the injuries and twinges hold off.

  • If people  fancy meeting up let me know and I can suggest a few places

  • Did a lovely 10 miles up International drive and around the touristy area today , and then about another 5 hours shopping . My feet are killling me Does this count as training.?

    Happy New year to you all. Not sure where we will go to ring it in , but will do another run tomorow and maybe run over to the Disney area to suss it out. Its fabulous and warm here. Was roasting running in 22 degrees after -15 last week. !

    see you soon folks.


  • my numbers  marathon 8306  half 26835
  • Goodluck Guys and Gals......Gutted, this time last year kids and I were there! Did the goofy and it was great, cold but great! HAPPY HOLIDAYS!! GOOD JOOOOOB! image
  • Is anyone staying near Wet and Wild and interested in a training run with company?

  • Fizz

    I'm staying at a villa on US 27 otherside of Orlando I will be going to the Expo Thursday afternoon I'll be wearing the Inaugral Goofy tshirt so look out for me

  • hi all..very excited and nervous. Not trained as much as last years VLM due to having man flu for the whole of december...still not over it tbh...

    fly out on friday morning, cutting it fine i know,

    i am running the HM in my favourite leeds united shirt and the prostate cancer charity on the full marathon...so if you see me...say hello

    Good luck everyone...looking forward to 12 days of beer and pizza afterwards lol


  • I screwed up my hip on Sunday evening. Have been limping since and munching on Brufen. I cant reach my foot to put on my shoe and it is veeerrrrrryyyyyyyyy sore image IT is getting a bit easier by the day  and I am definitley not fit for either or both runs but having come so far I am going to do them anyway if I can , even if I have to walk shuffle most of the way . WIll take rest then afterwards before training resumes. Bother ! what bad timing.

    Right off for a bath and see if I can get it to loosen up a bit .Didnt go to expo today. IWll venture tomorrow if I can walk around that much.

  • Fizz that's really bad news for you image I hope it starts to feel better tomorrow. Garlic Bread man, I thought I leave things to the last minute but flying Friday morning is tight even for me image Know what you mean about man flu, it hit me (although it was only the womens version so I'm sure nothing in comparison to man flu image ) mid December so I had to miss my last 2 big training weeks which really irritated me and may well mess up my hopeful finish time!

    Picked up my bibs and goodies today and so wish I signed up for the Goofey challenge and not just Marathon. Ah well there is always next year. Think I'm hooked!!

    Good luck all.
  • Good luck to anyone doing the Goofey today, Just wish I was there this year
  • OMG. Went running up to a guy with SLOWTWIN  on his tshirt. I stopped short of giving him a big hug. He hasnt a clue who I was. Apparently there are lots of guys called slowtwin in the USA. OOps. NOt our RW one then image

    HIp recovered enough to run slowly today thankfully. Going to have a go tomroow as well but will take it easy and perhaps do a few walk breaks as well.

    Thought it was a bit excessive waiting so long this morning. Thought I would freeze before we took off. Will wear my feather boa tomorrow as well , might provide some extra heat . image and perhaps a longer wait in the car.

    Very well organised. Great crowd suppport. Unbelievable amount of drinks and loos. DIdnt spot one fella peeing in the bushes.

    Right. Off to carb load for tomorrow.

  • I did enjoy this mornings half, although things havent turned out quite so well for me! the game plan was to nurse my groin and hip with a walk run strategy from the off.. or from about a mile or so in. This was working quite well until around mile 7 or 8 when things started to twinge a little. By mile 11 or so I was really struggling and walking as much as running image

    In a nutshell I'm in some considerable discomfort. I was getting some 'feedback' from my hip whilst trawling the parks so it came as no surprise to have issues during the run. What is worrying for me is that after 5 or six weeks of complete rest to try and be fit for the start line I am still in a position where it hurts. I think some time away from running is required - it just so happens i've bought a new road bike image

    So, i wont be doing the marathon tomorrow. It would be utter folly to do so. Its time to draw a line under this experience and whilst it hasnt ended how i'd like i've learnt some valuable lessons. It all went wrong really when I fractured my fibula in June and lost a couple of months training and fitness - whilst playing catch up my body broke down and it was downhill from there. The lesson is that there is no shortcut running these distances, no matter how hard you try.

    The very best for tomorrow to fellow runners, oh and Fizz - loads of fellas pee'ing in the bushes image

  • Griffsters thats such a pity for you .image

    When you fractured your fibula you would have put huge pressure on your pelvis , if not at the time you broke it then when on crutches and when partial weight bearing afterwards . I ALWAYS do pelvic rebalancing on all my lower leg fracture patients. Most groin issues are related to this anyway. Rest wont do anything except make it inactive and then it will kick right back in again. Get that sorted first and you will bounce back at whatever sport you like without injury or shifting the issues to somewhere else.

    Today was even more manic than yesterday, GOOd JAWHB runners. !! Thankfully will never hear that again. and ...GO MIAMI  ???image ER Must get Ireland written in bigger letters on my top.Better report tomorrow. Enjoy the night guys and girls.

  • Well done fizziofinn.. congrats on a Goooood JAAWHB image..  know what you mean, i've been annoying my daughter with renditions of truuly aawsuuum for the last couple of days. Americans sure do love the word awesome.

    Very interesting about what you say about the hip, when I did my fracture the hip took one hell of a jolt as I came off my bike... then the time on crutches obviously puts more pressure on one side whilst the other wastes away I guess.  I think a visit to the physio is sensible so a plan can be made, not being able to do anything drives me nuts image

    Edit: The hip / pelvic issue is on the opposite side to my lower leg fracture... not sure if that means its an unrelated isssue?

    Edit 2: A quick google of pelvic balancing highlights lower back issues...that I have as well...hmm.. . maybe its time to give my core and pelvic muscles some attention. Keep hearing about them perhaps its time I acted image

  • Very bad luck with the injuries guys and good luck in the future.

    Like JPenno, I ran the Goofey in 2009 and had a great time. Currently planning on returning to Orlando in Jan 13 - will probably just run the marathon next time ..... but, the Goofey is always such a challenge isn't it?
  • Sub 4hr marathon of magic. Will def try to come back next year and next time I'll do the Goofey too. Well done everyone x
  • Congrats to those who finished thgeir race/s, commiserations for those who didn't image

    Hubby and I had signed up for the 5K and the goofy (hubbys first full marathon).

    We've been here for over a week, but I have had a cold for the last few weeks, which hubby then picked up. Then hubby suffered a bit of food poisining the day before the 5K, so we decided not to run that.

    We both ran the Half, hubby did well, stopped for every charater, and did it in 3 hours. I stopped for about 3/4 of the characters, and limped in in 3:23. About 8 miles in my knee was hurting in an unusual place, and the last two miles was limp, limp, swear at the people walking in front of me, limp limp. After crossing the line, the knee seized up, and I couldn't walk. I was clutching a metal railing, balling my eyes out (something I've never done before), when a nice volunteer flagged over the medical team, and they got a wheelchair and took me to the medical tent. Turns out that unual pain was my IT band. Now I understand my friend when she says she crys after a run!

    I decided NOT to run the marathon. A decision that my brain knows was right, but my heart thought I was a chicken. I sat in the runners retreat on Marathon day waiting for Hubby, and found myself in tears after seeing runners with their mickey and goofy medals (I don't normally cry).

    Very proud of Hubby, who had to walk after 15 miles as he ran out of energy, no doubt due to not eating a proper meal for days. He finished in 6:22! and stopped for several characters.

    We can't afford to come back next year as hubby has been made redundant, but fingers crossed for goofy 2013.

  • Griff/Mad Aussie

    Sorry about the injuries but sometimes its better to be sensible.

    Fizz well done,

    Found both runs a little challenging due to lack of training but managed to get to mile 20 of the marathon before walking but proud to say I reamin Perfectly Goofy.

    Will be sigining up for next year. But the next couple of weeks are for  R&R so I'll catch up with everyone when I get home need to go and soak my feet!!!

  • Good stuff all around guys.

    When targeting the IT band. Do your detective work on the areas right up at the pelvis . Dont waste time at the knee. Its usually just referred to there . although it can be painfully miserable at that spot. Especially if you get it down to the side of the ankle, Yo uespecially need to check the hip end.

    If you put your hands on your hips as if you were in a bit of a mood, your fingertips will be on the front edge of the pelvic rim . Now slide your finger tips backwards until it is on the other aspect  facing outwards and slightly backwards. If you rotate your leg unward , you should feel the muscle bunching up under your fingers. Gouge deeply and see if you can find the knots there. You know you are on them as you will generally be able to reproduce the knee pain.

    If not, go further back onto the buttock and        check along the rim of the pelvis again.

    Gotta nail these  as early as you can. do them reguarly  during the day for short periods at a time. Rolling will help but target this area first.

    Griffsters - where do you live?

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