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  • I am sure it will continue Rod.

    I also have rope burns on my left hand but that is a whole other story! image

  • Rio is that from that machine in the gym where you pull the rope for 1 minute, now that is hard!
  • Ouch Rio nasty one but should heel quickly now Jesus turned up image

    Got hit by a taxi this year when I was on my bike, I was in a round about and he just drove in right on me....was screaming angry but luckily not hurt badly...taxis in London can't drive...or bendy buses image

    Have not run a single step yet or been on my bike, but today I can bend my right knee again after plenty of RICE, Ibuprofen tablets and Arnica cream. Toes are less manky with tea tree oil but so not  pretty sight anyway. But it will probably be at least a week before knee is ready for even a slow plodding run image

    Got a nasty cold too as I forgot strainious activities and vaccinations doesn't go together, took a Rabies vaccination 2 days after the marathon which can give you a cold as a side effect....and yes it certainly did.

    Definitely applying for LM next year again, but also looking for another marathon in the autumn, sort of mid Octoberish, would not mind a warm marathon.

  • Lol

    No it was from my wayward horse who decided she didn't fancy walking past a gate that had a rug on it cos it didn't have a rug on it before!  She reared up taking the rope with her because I forgot to let it go!  (Again!)  Still could have been worse because I had a horse in each hand and they both could have done it and/or trampled me in the process image

  • Oh dem horses image

    Zaba is that taxi drivers as in Black cab or mini cab drivers lol

    My experience of mini cabs is you normally have to tell them which way to go, I spoke to someone at VLM last week who had takena mini cab only to be booted out after having to push start it, then the car broke down, defies belief really!

  • Ouch Rio, I'm so sorry to hear it, that looks really nasty. Really sorry to hear it puts Bala in question, the timing is just pantsimage

    Tracey my only GNR tips are 1) watch out for the water bottle tops on corners, it's like running on ice and 2) be warned, it will take you forever to get away by car, the traffic jams are unbelieveable. 

    Zaba hope you feel better soon

    God I'm glad to be home.  Had some ghastly family stuff to deal with in Scotland involving a round trip of nearly 800 miles in two days, and 11 hours clamped in a car. Blouse has, as usual, been a tower of strength, that man deserves a medal and (at the very least) the meal at the Piggie I'm treating him to tomorrow.

    Last night I was seriously worried, the knee was doing the maltracking pain again, I thought I'd put myself back to square one.  Thankfully after doing about an hour of physio exercises and iciing it seems fine now, so hopefully just a blip.  I haven't run since my little illegal poddle at VLM last week because it was yelling, so theory B is that it's stiffened up through lack of use.  A little 4 miler tomorrow and we'll see how it goes, but I really need to stop obsessing about my former target of 100 miles per month.  That's why I over did it in the first place......

  • Black cabs...hate them with a vengance.

    Lol minicabs though are also bad, got chucked out from one a few years ago, he tried to sell us drugs, we turned them down, then he got rude and chucked us out....the fair lasted a whole 100 metres image

  • Oh Hash!!   I think it has probably stiffened up from use full stop!!   Be really gentle with it and forget about targets of any sort for a little while.  Hope the family stufff is ok.

    I will still be able to do Bala but think I will have to not go for a time this year.  Just play it by ear. I think the bike section is going to hurt!!!   I still have 3 or 4 weeks to do some mileage but not sure how fast I will be in that time.   Think the Vitruvian will have to be my only A race this year now.

  • Rio have you tried Arnica cream to get the swelling and bruising down?

    I swear by it I can bend my knee now image My friend even uses it on blisters. Can be found in Holland & Barratts, must work as it is one of the most stolen items in my local H & B...obs not by me.

  • Zaba I can't put anything on it at the moment because the graze stings too much (I am a wuss!)
  • Hey Rio... tell G to leave you alone.... lol.... looks bad just rest up and get better soon. Do to yourself what you would tell others... Mrs G sends her love...... Just baclk from a very wet and windy Nun's Run in London but it was fun. 600 running around in Nun's habits...That is waht running is all about............ Having fun.....
    Hope all is well Hash.....

    At Tewkesbury half next weekend if anyone is going along came and say hello....work tomorrow 6pm-6am......yuk !!!!!!!

  • Oh Rio that looks really painful - really hope it heals quickly and you can do Bala ok. Love the Jesus face, well spotted Rowan!!

    Found this amazing store in Northampton selling fitness equipment - a huge warehouse that supplies gyms etc but open to general public. Superb range and staff really knowledgeable and you can try everything out plus only half hour drive from home. Fitness superstore think its called. Got a BH fitness spin bike with the magnetic resistance, a water rower for the boys (complete no-no for me with my back) and an amazing cross trainer with adjustable stride length. Managed to get the rower and bike in the car and cross trainer being delivered next weekend as it weighs over 170lbs and will take two men to install!!

    Rio I have no idea how you did any spin this week - I did 5 mins on the bike in the store and my quads were screaming!! I think I do take a while to recover though so going to take it very easy the next couple of weeks. Another little jogette tomorrow and then have the tea party in the afternoon for the local charity I ran for and to work out how much money we raised between the 12 of us.

    Rio have you used any spin DVDs at home on your turbo and anything you could recommend?

    Hash that sounds like a very long and stressful time for you - hope everything ok and not surprising your injury playing up with all that sitting in the car - big hugs!!!
  • ouch ouch and triple ouch Rio.
    Rowan, you have made me laugh so much (at Rio's expense, sorry)
  • Rio I just checked your earlier post with the link and thats the place we went to and I think the bike we got!!! Brilliant!
  • Glad it is so close to you Pinks image

    Yes I have used the spinervals dvd's some of them are really hard but are definitely worth getting.  I have the hardcore 100 (very tough and supposed to cover 100miles in the time) I haven't done all of that one.  And I think I have one called mental toughness as well.

    All are very good though.

    HT I will show you my Jesus experience for real tomorrow ( I have a feeling he will be hanging around for quite at while).  Though I am not sure if I will be able to run.  I can still teach though image

  • Evening all - looks like you lot have been busy where as I have done nothing but watch TV and surf internet.  OH is ill so I have been on hot water bottle and hot orange duty. 

    Vik - hope the BF is ok.  Gillingham could still go down next weekend so I may be in the same situation.

    Gatton - saw a pic of the nuns run on the BBC website, looks like fun.  I've paid my money for the Bluwater 10km so hope to see you there.

  • That looks really painful Rio, hope it soon mends.

    Mitiog, I train by HR.  Your calcs look right.  For 65% working HR or 75% MHR then it should feel like an easy plod.  You should be working at running slow to keep below the threshold, not working hard to reach it.  Are you sure of your max and resting HR, or are you just super fit!

    Took the compeed of my mega toe blister from last week and looks like one of my toenails has bought it image.

    Not run yet, maybe a gentle one tomorrow.

  • Morning all

    Back on the Twinings, and plenty in the pot if anyone wants some.  Plus the girls have been busy while we were away, so fresh boiled eggs if anyone wants one, but only if you turn up with a handful of cheese to placate them, I swear they're sulking at being left alone.  There's a lot of indignant squawking going on, I just hope the neighbours aren't trying to have a lie in

    It was so good to sleep in a bed that was firm and comfy and long enough for Blouse.  The one in the hotel wasn't bad by hotel standards, but my feet were hanging off the end of it, so Blouse was sort of folded, with half of him heading towards the corridor.

    Hope the bruises aren't too painful this morning Rio. 

    Eeew re the toenail Scuba, hope it's okay.

    Me too to a little plod later on this morning, methinksimage  One of those gorgeous mornings when it's rained buckets overnight, and the whole place is fresh and quiet and I just want to get out there and run and run and run and run.  Better be good and stick to four miles though, I've had more than enough of this 'injured' label, it has to go for good this time

  • Morning image

    You are up very early for a Bank Holiday Hash!!

    Scuba you have my sympathy with the toe!   I have never lost a toenail yet but understand it can be quite painful too.

    Bruises are still lovely colours and hip is still stiff.  But I want to run so may just try a little jog warm up with my ladies tonight. 

    Be patient Hash and it will be good.  It is great that you are getting back out there. image

  • Morning folks..... positive vibes coming from here to day... I have just dried out from yesturday and have been out for a little jogette along the river. Right have domestics to do before lunch and work from 6pm...... will be lurking as it is always quieter  on Bank Holidays

    Suze 78  will defo be at Bluewater. some peeps will know where I will be but I will let you know closer to the day.

  • Scuba I wore my HR monitor to bed last night (no laughing about my love-life please!) and my resting HR is now 51 so have recalculated...I probably do need to check the max hr figure (just using 220-age for now) but the lower resting hr has given me a lower target zone so will try a run later and see how it goes.

    Sorry about the toenail! That sounds really painful. Do they grow back or are losing them like a marathon runner's badge of honour?

    Rio take care with that bruise - it looks really nasty! Hope the swelling goes down soon image

    We have a Bank Holiday club social run tonight but I've already been for a short run with a neighbour who saw me do VLM and now has the running bug (didn't think me plodding by mile 22 at snail pace counted as inspiring running!!) so training twice in one day probably isn't the best idea but it's such a gorgeous day here! Meanwhile I have a lecture to write for tomorrow.
  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UL3aNWJbXcA...... Gatton having fun yesturday
  • Nun better Gattonimage

    mitiog where are you?   It's alternating between sunny and lashing it down here.  I just got drenched - four and a half miles of very happy drenching whilst poddling through my favourite bit of the village, smelling the damp, fresh weeds at the side of the road and loving every minute of it.  This time I will not overdo it........

    Anyone do latin?  I've been trying to work out what the latin is for "I run therefore I am".  Sounds like a good one to put on a mug.  Curso ergo sum?  

    Bounce, bounce, bounce imageimageimage

  • Hi Hash, I'm in West Wales and it's GORGEOUS!!!!! About time we had a decent Bank Holiday!

    It's curro ergo sum, I think image long time since I did Latin!

    Glad you're bouncing Hash!

  • Weather the same for me Hash, just been pottering about the garden pulling up dandelions and got soaked in a down pour.  Looks like the sun has come back out so must go and cut the lawn.

    Scuba - your toenail will grow back but takes quite a while.  I am currently minus two.

  • Chicken duty for me this morning. Hey Hash my chickens feathers are not growing back, wonder if its because I have perspex sheets on top of the run so thought they may not get much sunlight. WOuld that affect the feather growth do you think? Bald as a bird ready for the table in the rear departments and one on the chest. One of them has been like this since xmas poor thing.  Need to ask a vet or google it.

    Back to running to work tomorrow I reckon after abit of cycling this week. Flippin freezin cold wind here today. Onions and spuds are all in, herb garden planted and even put some lettuces out, probably snow now.

    Great bruise that Rio.......get the peas out of the freezer.....and rest it up.

    Daughter no2 hurt her arch on her foot yesterday coming back from a six miler. Its swollen and looks a bit dodgey any suggestions what it might be she has done?

    Have a good bank holiday team, unless you are working then enjoy whatever you are up to......no pay rise for us this year and our office is under threat now, not surprising as there is not enough work for us really......lets hope it keeps going only another 10 years to go on the mortgage!!

  • Well, I did a good 10k yesterday which has made me think even more about the possibility of running a marathon next year.  (Did FLM in 2005 but did not give it the commitment it deserved).  Have been contemplating Edinburgh or Brighton.  After spending a long weekend in Edinburgh, I think I have made the decision to go for Brighton.  As much as I love E'burgh, by the time I have factored in flights, hotels, food, amusements, car hire etc it wll cost a small fortune.  Also, been to E'burgh each year for the last three years and I am running out of things to do.

    Also, I think E'burgh Marathon will clash with Cheshire Tri, which is on my calendar to do next year as the intention is to also do a Middle Distance Tri (Bala/Vit).

    So Brighton it is then, unless anyone can recommend a similar alternative.  Not Stratford tho as I beleive that clashes with VLM and chances are I will be the at Mile 17 again.

  • We've had a couple of hail showers here!  Nice and windy though so hopefully the sheets will dry quickly.

    10 mile race this morning which measured 9.86 miles (last year was 9.94 but that probably included a couple of detours into fields).  It's a local village race so not sure how accurate the course is anyway.  Did 1.33.35 which would have equated to 1.35 for the full 10 over a hilly course so pleased with that image

  • Fab stuff Bridgetimage  Was VLM really only a week ago?  It seems like a lifetime.

    Schmunkee whichever one you do, see you at Mudchute next year.  Hopefully I'll be on the other side of the railings, fingers crossed

    Mark, try feeding them poultry spice with some calcium-rich and high calorie treats e.g. cheese.  Assuming you've got ex-batts, then their little bodies have been trained to bang out eggs at the expense of their own health, so they need an excess before they can start mending themselves.

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