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  • Zaba/Suze will you let me know what you think of the skorts - I'm most taken with the idea!!
  • Especially if I can get a pink one!!image
  • Mark is Derby close enough for a 10K? there is one  on the 6th June


    The only one in June for Deryshire, gives you 4 weeks to get in training, how good are we to you in here? image

  • Cheers chaps most helpful...........what do I owe you? A pint at the GNR I reckon Rod!!!image
  • That link doesn't seem to work on my computer here at work though we run our servers through Sweden as I work for a Swedish company so will have to try it at home.
  • Thanks Mark although I can't open that link but if you go onto events and search there is an e mail addy too, my thoughts on 10K's when I was training for hm's was that theye were not worth me doing but now after VLM it would seem to be a good idea as the long stuff I am fine at so the short stuff will get me a tad quicker hopefully.As you say though I wouldn't want to travel too far for a short race.
  • Mark Street 2 wrote (see)
    That link doesn't seem to work on my computer here at work though we run our servers through Sweden as I work for a Swedish company so will have to try it at home.

    Oh very interesting...you've made me very curious as I had exactly the same Swedish proxy server problem as you had a little while ago...might I ask which company?

  • Pinkerbelle wrote (see)
    Zaba/Suze will you let me know what you think of the skorts - I'm most taken with the idea!!

    Love my skort and would change it for the world, did LondonMarathon with it without a problem. Comfy, good pockets, not restricting.....but the best part it hide things like wobbles, camel toes and a multitude of other sins image

  • Mark Street 2 wrote (see)

    Impressive List 

    Does no one have any work to do? Lives to live? Families to care for?

    Obviously not! Got any nice single friends to hook me up with? image

    Run To The Beat - 26/9/10
    Berry Nice

    Berlin marathon - 26/9/10

    Budapest Marathon - 26/9/10


    Loch Ness Marathon - 3/10/10

    Southend 10km - 4/10/10

    Cardiff Half - 17/10/10
    Troublesome Knees

    Birmingham Half - 24/10/10
    Basil Brush Mk II
    Hash (if loads of us are staying over the night before, otherwise it's a bit too far to drive and run in a day)
    Rod Goodwin
    Gatton ( & Mrs G as spectator. Will def stay over night and will be first race as a pensioner )
    Scuba Runner
    Rowant Green

    Mark Street possibly???

    Bedford Half - December '10
    Sparkly Bridget
    Rod Goodwin
    Gatton & Mrs G as a spectator

    Mark Street possibly........

    Autumn Marathons

    Dublin Marathon 25th October Sprakly Bridget says "Dublin is nice if you can ignore Americans saying 'Good Jawb'"

    Amsterdam Marathon 17th October Gatton says; "flat, flat, flat, flat"

    Mallorca Marathon 17th October Gatton says; "would be good family weekend"

    Loch Ness Marathon 3rd October jules4040 says; “I loved the actual run, quite hilly at the start and Inverness itself is pretty rough to be honest.”

    Casablanca Marathon 24th October

    New York 7th November jules4040 says; “New York and the crowd and atmosphere is amazing”

    Florence Marathon 28th November Sparkly Bridget says; "was nice, initial downhill but you never have to go back up" jules4040; “lots of flag stones in the later stages”

    Do you know anything about the autumn marathons? Ideally I would like a flat course and fairly warm temperatures.

    Spring Marathons

    Rotterdam Marathon April supposed to be flat

    Hamburg Marathon 24th April supposed to be flat too

    London Marathon April brilliant atmosphere maybe not PB course

    Neolithic Marathon: Start May (week or two after London). Not flat, not crowded, still has chip time/water stations/great support and food and entry to Stonehenge at the end included.

  • Rather mixed race tonight.  4.1 miles with splits of 8.23, 8.52, 8.47, 9.15.  Can you spot where I felt strange and suddenly found I'd stopped before walking for a little bit?

    Then came over all wibbly wobbly afterwards, couldn't find my drink in my bag, forgot I'd but the remaining jelly beans in my jacket pocket, had to be sat down and given some banana.  Drove home but obviously still a bit off as I completely failed to notice 3 flyers under my wiper!

    Realised after that although I ate the same today as Tuesday on both Monday and yesterday I had only had a sandwich in the evening rather than proper food so probably just ran out of fuel.  Lesson learnt.

  • Don't worry Bridget  we are all human image

    You raced Tuesday and raced tonight so how good is that, pretty good IMHO.

    I took a nice easy club run 7.5 miles nice and steady over the fields, during the run Stan one of our club members who loves off road persuaded me to do "Race the Train" in August, it will be perfect as part of my training for GNR and a night bcamping sfter so looks to be a good one! image

  • Rod - I've been looking at race the train, looks like a really fun idea. Fairly sure the train would win against me though. Wish I could say the same about the train i'm on at the moment, the points out the station have broke and have been sat for ten mins going nowhere. Great start to the day.
  • Hope you are ok Bridget!

    I did my first proper workout in the gym last night - 15 min spin session then a circuit of arms, abs etc then bike again x 3.  Certainly realised i need to work on upper body strength and abs need waking up!!

  • Pinks - my skort was delivered yesterday.  Tried it on for size and it fits ok.  Did a few laps of the coffee table and so far so good.  Covers up bum nicely.  Will go for a proper run in it over the weekend. 

    Morning everyone elseimage, anyone racing this weekend?

  • No races here, quite a weekend of indulgence ahead tho, looking forward to finishing work today for the weekend.  I've just been out for a 2 miler with Lil Thistle, he loves it.  It's rare I get time with just one of the children - reckon I love it too.
  • Finally did it (the boot up the backside had a delayed affect) and plodded a little half-hour loop to the polling station and back, my first time of lacing up my trainers since the big day. That was a real mental hurdle!
  • Well done Berry!

    Physio is still advising me not to run between now and Edinburgh to give ankle chance to recover (bone bruise on top of talar dome from skiing injury 6 weeks before VLM)

    been on x-trainer but soooooo boring lol
  • Still haven't run a step....no that's a lie, ran 3 steps to test knee and ankle...bad news image Will probably have to leave it for another week image

    Can't do any other form of training either due to my stupid chesty cold image I feel trapped.

  • Hi all It was a bit quiet here yesterday where is Hash? image

    Suze Race the Train looks a good event but not many beat it, I would have no chance unless I put a sleeper on the track  or it broke down image

    Pinks my limited ammount of gym work during training for  VLM did make a difference, I guess I have a slight advantage in that I do physical work involving the upper body, I'm glad you have the gym soeted you must be thrilled.

    I am doing the Park Run again tommorrow and the Rugby 6 on Wednesday which is part of the East Midlands GP series, I'm now fully into the short distance races image

    Race the Train will be ideal as part of my GNR training as it is 4 weeks before, I am not good offroad so It will help me improve hopefully.

  • I'm not good off road either Rod - not sure what it is but everytime I go on a run ivolving off road stuff I suffer in one way or another.

    Going for a very early run (8am) tomorrow with Mandy and couple of others - 6/8 miles or thereabouts.  Busy weekend sorting house out after builders still plus crosstrainer arriving and new bed - HURRAH I may get a good nights sleep!!!image

    Hash, ...............waits for response..........................helloooooooooooooooooooooooo???????? 

  • Good on you Pinks I am going to get practised in those things I am not so good at, also looking ahead to next year I wan't tro go sub 3 hours for a 20 mile road race, I think it bis possible I was only 3 minutes over at Bramley and a bit more at Ashby so it is realistically possible.

    My right leg is a little stiff after last nights 7.5 miler but then I dd race Tuesday too plus work so I guess that's not suprising.

    You will be finding dust for months from that bulding work! image

  • Think Hash is away for a while...............
  • Hash is probably acquaintaining herself with life away from here and family and food and stuff......enjoy Hash.........image

    You are a busy man Rod..........do you work, family eat or anything else.........good on you. Reckon you will be quick come September for the GNR with all this training........image

    Feeling abit lathargic so must get up early and go for a run on Sunday am. Cycled to work today but didnt feel too great.. Busy day at work. ENJOY THE WEEKEND ALL.

  • Yes Mark I work but only me to worry about so I come and go as I please, I am lucky with work that it is flexible saying that my boss requested a meeting  on Sunday morning at 0900 a two hour drive for me but I will be there! It means on the days  I want to run or hang around in here I can! image

    I like to keep busy, I am waiting for the tiredness after the marathon to kick in........ So far so good! image

  • Suze78 let us know how you get on with the skort, I saw a few of them running around London M and wonderered if they get kinda tangled up , or clingy.image
  • Evening all

    Sorry to be temporarily AWOL and thanks to Pinks for the APB via Facebook.  Haven't flounced, honest, just been having a crap time with some iffy family stuff going on.  It involved an 800 mile round trip to Scotland last weekend which was basically 11 hours out of 36 clamped in a car which did the knee no favours at all as it was clamped in one position.  It started doing that awful maltracking pain again (patella going down the cartilage rather than down the groove it's supposed to), so not just painful but really scary.  I CAN'T go back there again.

    Thankfully now that I have the physio exercises I know what to do, so nipped it in the bud and have managed little runs three times last week, so back on the up.  5.5 tonight, so all's right with the world again

    Just as well as I've got the Sawston fun run with the hashers on Sunday.  Ingredients:  running, beer, friends, more beer, barbecue.  What more is there to life?image

  • welcome back Hash we missed you image

    when you said away last wekend  I never realised you were out if the country image

  • Aye.....

    Annan is the oddest place on earth.  It was one of the few times Blouse and I could go ooot on the toon without having to get a taxi home, so we were determined to make the most of it and put an end to a crap day by sampling the local nightlife despite my moaning knee.  As it was, we were back in the hotel by 8.30

    Watched Dr Who in the town's only central pub-type-pub where there was a choice of either John Smith's or some evil local brew that was even creamier than John Smith's, to the extent that Blouse looked constipated after one swig.  The locals shut up when two strangers walked in, so we felt obliged to order in really bad fake Rab C Nesbitt accents and hope nobody noticed.  It was that or  STFU, which on reflection might have been a less dangerous option combined with pointing and pretending to be Polish.

    In the end we scuttled back to the hotel after one round and had a pizzaimage

  • Wine, luverly wine!!!!

    Had an absolutely c**p day at work today - all went t**s up and needed consoling so WINE it was!! Hmmm.............just realised I am going for a trot at 8 in the morning and got to sleep in daughters bed tonight as I don't have one!!! Charity came to collect our VERY old bed today and new one not arriving until the morning so its either the floor the couch or her room! (Guess its just as well she is at Uni!!) Plus OH has to leave for Germany at 3pm Sunday so kind of cuts the weekend a bit short. Wine looking even more appealing now........trundles off to drown sorrows..............
  • NB Meant to say WELCOME BACK HASH!!!
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