Carver Wolverhampton City Marathon



  • Me too image
  • (we might have to carry the other guy then)
  • I have entered this morning, number on its way in the post, so I'll defo be there. 

     Is it just water at the water stations?  (I suppose the clue is in the name)  And is it bottles or plastic cups?

  • Um, dunno but I have my entry pack which I can look at when I get in.

    I have a feeling that it is only water because I remember thinking I would take gels......

  • It is defo just water ....
  • How far is this race? Will road shoes do or will I need trail shoes?
  • M1- I think Carvers might insist on site boots, hi viz vest and hard hat.
  • That it?

    Gosh image
  • Oooh, I like birds in work wear, reminds me of that video when that women is on the jack hammer!!! image
  • I have that video on my phone courtesy of my husbands iTunes account.

    And assorted other intellectually stimulating videos. image
  • Your husband has good taste in err... stimulating videos. image
  • Missed all these notifications image

    Have no idea why I excited about this, but really looking forward to it !
  • Cos its running......................and we get excited about running here image
  • Not normally about this race ultra but I am this year...
  • ---------- ✭✭✭

    Is this full yet? Think I'll give the office a bell & ask. Did the half last year & suddenly feeling like doing the full.

    Did the Fleetwood marathon on Sunday & feel so elated I ran it all without walking that I want to do another one! Feel I have to strike fast & do another while my back is ok, as normally I can't run for more than 3 hours as my back is too bad. But it feels better now than it has in 30 years, so I think I have another marathon in me!! image image image

  • Thats fightin' talk BB

    Good luck!
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    I'm feeling ninja Hot Tub image  It's SO exciting when you run your first marathon the whole way. I had to walk loads of the Blackpool one last year as I'd not been running that long. Didn't see you at Race the Train. It was good wasn't it? Spoke to you when I did your Ennstone race. That was a nice race too. Hilly...but nice....
  • Glad you reminded me of this one BB.  My fastest time for a marathon last year, let me know how you get on with enquiries?

    Matt The Brum Where exactly do you enter on Sat?

    ECN would be nice to meet up again, its been a long time since Barry the baton set off.

  • ---------- ✭✭✭
    I'm in!!!!! Go Woody go.... image
  • I'm in too, woo hoo image cheers for the info BB

    Matt The Brum ring race office today and you can enter over the phone for £18.00  01902 577000 good luck.
  •  I am eagerly looking forward to this one although I am a little nervous about running non-stop for 26 miles on the road.  I have done many marathons this year  but  most have been off road trail races so there has been a lot of stopping and starting. I expect this to be quite a test for me especially as I entend to stick as close to my 8 minute miling as possible. I know i'll be sound for at least 20 miles, then I may be gritting  my teeth try to hold on.

  • I intend to walk most of it and talk all the way round. I'm glad I'm not running with me and have to listen to me go on and on and on
  • sub 3 you say? i'm up for that
  • Shall we have a race? image
    I intend on trying to talk more than you.
  • do you really really think that is possible?

  • Not really but god loves a tryer.
  • Oh fuck.
  • Hope it's sunny
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