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Gym session for me

Catch you later


  • Morning.
    First attempt at gentle jog since illness. Need all the luck I can get.
  • My kind of title Benz :)

    Morning all!!
  • Good luck with it Nicky - let us know how it goes :)
  • Good morning to you all and hope it goes well TallGirl.
  • Morning to all, have a lovely day
  • Morning all

    Tall Girl have a good one, I'm sure you'll be great - nice and gentle.

    Chewing Rennies like they are going out of fashion this morning. Either I'm pregnant or it's the effects of drinking last night with a former policeman and a guy who isn't working today.

    Umm no prizes for guessing which
  • Morning all!!!!

    Gym session tonight! Grim day sifting through paperwork looking for something positive to pass on to the troops!

    Ah well!

    ( rummages in food bag for something yummy and settls for a geobar)
  • ahh food that's what I forgot last night doh!!
  • Have fun, all! And commiserations to all the daft bats who thought that getting that Monday morning feeling out of the way on Friday was a good idea.

    Raining here. Yuk.

    On the upside, last night I was finally able to lift my proboscis out of the trough and keep it out for a few consecutive hours, and this morning my surgery scales confirm that I'm almost back to my non-running weight. I'm quite relieved because a little niggling corner of my brain was suggesting that I'd be snacking on 200g bars of chocolate and entire packs of toasted crumpets for the rest of my life even though I know why I go into feeding-up mode and that it is always self-limiting.

    Just need to get my head round the idea of training again.
  • Morning all

    PT session tonight so hopefully work will fly by!
  • Anyone want reminding it's 50 days to go for the Trailwalk?
  • Thanks, Nick. Good incentive to get out there and walk, even if it's raining.
  • v- it'll probably snow on the South Downs on 26th July
  • Morning!

    Been to the gym already - good work out today!

    TallGirl - just take it easy, let us know how you got on.

    EP - well done you!! I know EXACTLY how you're feeling - keep up the good work!

    L8r Shambler!
  • Snow's OK. Ploughing through snow is heroic. I can do heroic, on a small scale.
  • 'ello again!

    Nice one EP!!

    Wooooooo HOoooooooo!!
  • Morning!
    Gym in a few mins, then general flapping about as we're off to the out-law nr Loughborough later (and it's mum-in-law's birthday next week and the present still isn't sorted) so I have the car to pack up, Mr frag's car to colllect from the garage, sort out the clockwork ct feeding thingys, etc etc aargh!

    might catch you later, if not see you on monday, have a good one everyone.
  • hi folks FFIF!
  • Morning all

    ... and its FRIDAY
  • Yeah. It's Friday all bloody day before it starts to be Saturday >:-(

    I've got a long weekend, though. Kevin's shrink has put a three-line whip on the entire family for Monday afternoon's session (especially me, because I'm the one Kevin has the problem with at the moment) so I decided to take the whole day off and see if I can round up the motivation to take Mr V-rap out for a long walk with a Starbucks in the middle before the appointment.
  • Not trying to be nosey Vrap but I Asperger's isn't a shrink thing is it, or is it more complicated than that.

    Intended as a general medical info seek rather than a request for personal info.
  • Morning all. I'm feeling a bit 'slow' today - bit of a difference from the rest of the week. If anyone can help with some metabolism ideas I'd appreciate it. The problem is I feel like my metabolism is really slow - when I eat it's taking AGES to 'go down' if you get my meaning and so consequently I'm not eating a great deal. Yesterday all day I had 2 half sandwiches, some salad, a piece of chicken breast and a few (and I mean only 5-6) oven fries and a glass of coke. I had all my bloods done a fortnight ago including Thyroid function (which I thought might have been knocked out with the chemo) but all were okay. The problem is, I'm supposed to be eating 'healthily' and getting loads of vitamins etc but I just can't eat the food to do it. I know it sounds really whingy and I should be glad because I suppose it'll at least help with losing weight but I'm worried I won't continue to get better if it carries on. I suppose really my appetite didn't really pick up again in March after I finished chemo. Are there any other things I can do without shoving more food or smoothie drinks down..?

  • The shrink's to help the rest of us cope with living with Kevin, FR! I'm using the term very loosely, as we usually see a speech and language therapist, a psychologist, and, since there are so many of us, various bright young shrinkettes. The child psychiatrist only saw her a few times, to confirm the diagnosis and suggest trials of Ritalin and Melatonin, neither of which we stuck with for any length of time.

    Seriously, people with Asperger syndrome are particularly prone to mental health problems, and there are identity and self-esteem issues, so many do end up becoming involved with psychiatric services.

    Cath, hang on in there. It WILL get better.
  • Thanks Vrap - makes sense really - having to deal with a world that doesn't make any kind of sense to you must be incredibly frustrating, depressing etc.

    I must read up more on it - we have all sorts of "special needs" kids at my school but Asperger's doesn't get mentioned. Is it commonly found with ADD, dyslexia, dyspraxia etc?
  • It is indeed, FR. Pervasive developmental disorders like autistic conditions, ADD, ADHD, dyslexia, dyscalculia, dyspraxia and suchlike tend to hunt in packs, and the kids have their own personalities and family baggage too.

    Ivor is supposed to have mild dyspraxia, but the only evidence of it is his dreadful handwriting, which could have other explanations, such as being lefthanded, being male, and being taught to do joined-up writing before he could form individual letters properly. He certainly isn't clumsy and his practical 3D skills are spectacular. He's in the sheltered position of not knowing he's different from most other people. Kevin knows a lot, and she goes on the offensive - "Why would I WANT to be neurotypical?"
  • I'm surprised we don't get more stuff on it at work - we get so much gumph on the others - right! I'm off to research this. :o)

  • Hi all. Big hug for Cath.
  • Most of my books on the subject are children-focused, FR, but Asperger Syndrome by Tony Attwood includes issues relevant to young people of the age you teach. Kevin tells me that Freaks, Geeks and Asperger Syndrome by a teenager called Luke something is very good. Schools are becoming more aware now, and Ivor's school has developed such a good reputation that they've had to stop promoting their special needs provision because they were in danger of not having enough spaces for the neurotypical kids who are essential to their integrated philosophy. Not bad for a school that's only just come off special measures.
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