Who else gets up at stupid O clock to run ??



  • Gobi - well done

    PSC - have fun tonight

    feeling tired and didn't want to get out of bed! Had to force myself out for a run, waited till the middle of the day so there was some sunshine, which was nice. My body wasn't very willing and I ended up walking the last few miles, but 10 miles done. Think the kettlebells on Friday left my legs a bit tired!

  • LOL, I have a habit of being beaten by pesky kids image

    No SOC for me today as I was doing my first "proper" mtb race. I have done 3 others since I started training a bit off road training in mid 2014 - 12hr pair 8hr 4 and 1 round of a short course series but this was the first focused effort.

    Came 6th which surprised me rather a lot
  • PSC thanks for that, very well explained and makes total sense...... I got back from the gym about forty mins ago after doing 2000 metersin 9 minutes on the rower and then 5 miles in 39 mins on the treadmill. Had the treadmill up 1 notch, and yes I could really feel the difference (especially in my shins!)

    Never used a rower before so not sure if my time/distance was any good. Thanks again for the tip
  • Nils Lofgren was brilliant. Some new stuff and some old and a great show.

    Morning gang! Bloomin cold here.
  • Morning you lot

    Lots to catch up on then. Morning psc

    Cold when out, white out so could see in distance, which was good. Feet crunching on the icy snow

    NW: 5 snow men, 2 foxes, 1 cyclist, 1 runner, 1 owl, 2 robin red breasts.

    Shower and coffee

    Back later

  • Thanks Kate
  • I have sore legs
  • evening

    Gobi - what you done to your legs? Or just from a lot of use?

    Nothing for me this morning but heading off to spinning and insanity soon. 

  • Just done 5 miles in 42 mins (on treadmill) with the incline on 1, my best time yet and furthest I have ran in one go. Can already feel my legs starting to hurt too!

    Can't waiting get up to your standards Gobi but at the same time dreading it lol
  • haha, I will never be at Gobi's standard....

  • Me neither! Very sore today after my muddy 9 miler yesterday (yes, there's plenty of mud in London if you know where to look!) Achilles and hip are grouchy. After purchasing Kelly Starrett's Ready to Run (he of MobilityWOD) I've started doing a lot of mobilisation work so I did a bit at 3am because I couldn't go back to sleep, then off to gym for squats and spin at 9 followed by Bikram yoga at 12.30. Very bloody sore now. Not sure if I'll be up for my Tuesday run. Don't want to make things worse - another 10K at the weekend. We'll see how I feel in the morning.

  • Haha Mathschick, OK so i read up a bit on Gobi..... Maybe I am being a tad optimistic!! I'll settle for almost lol
  • Evening all - swim this morning, video analysis again to try and sort my issues out. Was really good, in an outdoor pool though, lovely when I was in with the water at 30 degrees, didn't hang around on the edge too long. 6 mile run and spin tonight. Forecast in minus 7 overnight so 24 layers ready to go.

  • Morning

    Still a snow covered West of Scotland. So more crunching along when out. Can see for miles with the current 'white out'.

    NW: 1 owl, 6 or 7 snowmen, 1dog, 1 cyclist. 1 fox, 1 Kingsmill Van,

  • Morning all - no snow yet, but minus 6. Swim this morning, staying in London tonight so hopefully a run there later. SMW - snowman watch this morning then birky?

  • Wow, reading what you lot do in the mornings is very inspirational, am definitely going to get involved. I really want to now take my training to another level. I am trying to learn all this stuff, nutrition, how the muscles and body works, training etc and want to take it seriously so sorry if I seem a nuisance but I do want to do it right.

    I trained last night at the gym and done a five mile run (my furthest non-stop distance so far, followed this up with some upper body weights (first time I have done weights too) I feel fine this morning and feel I could do it again tonight, but don't want to do more damage than good! Can anyone throw some light on the best way to move forward with my training. I know that's quiet a general question and we are all different body builds and stuff, but maybe just as a general guide line. Your advice is very appreciated.

    Thank you, Toby
  • Standards are fluid

    MtB race at the weekend hurt

    Legs are mine again so rode last night and then again this morning.

    Water bottle got ice chilled inside 20 mins from being in a warm hotel room. Not frozen but was heading that way

    tj. I am a coach what are yiur goals?
  • Hi Gobi, thanks for replying.When I started running 81 days ago my aim was to just improve my general health, but as I have done more and more and can feel myself getting stronger and lasting longer I am starting to think that maybe I could enter a few races and actually take them seriously and compete. I am well aware that this is a big task and starting at the age of forty is probably slightly to late to worry the likes of Mo Farah but I would like to test myself against others and see what I can do. My main focus at the moment is the 5k and then building upto a marathon in the future.

    Trouble is i really don't know where to start or how to train, I read tons online which gives me a rough idea but a lot of it seems to be geared towards people who's circumstances maybe are not the same as mine.

    Thank you for taking the time out Gobi, proper info guided at me from someone who knows is just what I'm aafter. I would be happy to pay for training if I could find someone local
  • Email me orangeapproach@gmail.com

    I can reply better there and do more digging

  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭

    Hi all *waves*

    Just lurking for a while as i'm so busy at the moment with work.

  • great stuff, thank you so much. I'll mail you when I get in from work tonight
  • Track session last night held on the road as the track was in use by the military - so not really a track session. Good workout though.

    Club swim tonight at the military pool. 

  • A'noon

    Kate: SMW (Snowman watch): Yeah I like itimage

  • Run around Hyde Park done. Flatness is a novelty! RAHW (Royal Albert Hall) 1.

  • evening

    rest day for me today. Snow forecast for tonight, I am thinking that maybe tomorrow morning will be ok to run on the fresh snow but not the day after when it will have compacted and become really icy. Guess I can always go home and jump on the turbo if it is too icy



  • Email Sent Gobi.
  • Took a rest day as well - calves are still hammered from Sunday and, with my history of injuries and another 10K on Sunday, I tend to err on the side of caution these days. Did a bit of mobility work at home and then a yoga class. Back to school tomorrow.

  • Are these 10k races your doing Cal?
  • Or your own training 10k runs i should have said?
  • Morning you lot

    Off out now into the snowy white out. Will do a snowman watch report when I get backimage

    Back later

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