Who else gets up at stupid O clock to run ??



  • Birkmyre, same here image

    Horses seemed pleased for the early morning carrot delivery though image
  • Happy Friday image

    Sorry Birkmyre and TurboElli, I must have taken your share of the early morning start.  Alarm was set for 6am but I woke at 5am.  Was back from my 7 miler by 6.30am & in work v.handy for 8am.  Not much company other than stalking cats, Milkmen and a couple of surpised bunnies.  Passed 1 Runner who was obviously just heading out, during my last mile - Nice image

    Feeling a bit creaky now, but picked up some nice snacks/lunch on the way to work & am finishing at lunchtime, with the lovely smug feeling that my LSR is in the bag ahead of any potential distractions from The Wine Fairy this evening.

    First time in ages that it was still a bit dark & caught the gorgeous dawn colours - nice to have a reminder of things to look forward to during the darker mornings.

    Have a good weekend, everybody image

  • Managed to knock out 10 miles this morning. Wish I had got up a bit earlier then 5.30 though as it made getting ready for work a big rush!

    Started off very cold this morning, being able to see my breath reminded me of the winter months of training. image Thankfully after a while it was back to a glorious summer morning.

  • Out of the door this morning at 04:30 for an easy 7.5 miler even though I spent last night in the pub with some rarely seen friends until 22:30.

    Tomorrow is my mid morning LSR of around 13 - 14 miles.

  •  Glad to have so many up and out and running early. Kinda motivational !
  • Out of the door at 06.20 for a 15K long slow run this morning. Very grey and soggy this morning in Yorkshire!
  • Me too!

    Up at 6am for a 10kish run for the 3rd time this week and always sets me up for the day. Although when I'm dragging myself out of bed I don't feel that way image 

  • Earliest I've ever got up was 2:30am !!! However it was completely unintentional.  I looked at the bedside clock and thought it had said 7:30image 

    It wasn't until I got back in I realised my mistake....image

  • I love the stillness of the early morning.
  • If you people run that early in the morning before work don't you find by about 9 pm your knackered and ready for bed ?
  • Yes, bed time is usually between 8:30 and 9pm for me, but sometimes my neighbours are active and being noisy so sleep is not always easy despite being desirable!

    Ideally, going to sleep at that time means it is very easy to wake at 4 and be off at 4:30 am and I aim to maintain it over the winter.

  • I'm usually up the stairs by 10pm, but up at 6am every week day.  May sound a bit naff, but I've found that sticking to a regular alarm time then either run/cycle/early start at work allows me to set my body clock.  If 6am feels normal, then it's easier to get out for a run, rather than the alarm being too much of a shock to the system.  I occasionally go mad & treat myself to a 7,30am lie-in.  image

    I'm lucky that I work flexi-time, so having the option of starting work between 7.30am-9.30am does make things a bit easier.  On the days that I can't shift myself in the morning, I'll bagsie the 4pm finish, which means I have to get out after work (which can be a real effort).

  • 7 miles done & dusted todayimage

    Its getting just a little bit chillier at 5.30am

  •  5 miles for mes this morning and saoked through.Later start at work, as going to a meeting locally. Still up and out at usual time though. Habit I suppose. Flo ves will be making a come back soon.

    Tommygun2: It is getting a bit chillier now.

  • My spelling (above)  not very good this morning either !
  • 4 miles at 4.45am!  Woke up just before 4am, snoozed for a while & told myself that might as well get up before fell asleep again, might even get to admire the sunrise to make the early start worthwhile. 

    Didn't catch the sunrise but was spotted a couple of stars & the grass was very dewy, so felt like first taste of dark mornings.

    Back before 6am & back to bed for an hour or so.

    I'll probably be shattered for the next couple of days image

  • Chucking it down this morning but just the sort of weather our springer spaniel enjoys.
  • Soaked again this morning ! Warmer rain than yesterdays though !!
  • nutters all of you image mind you I feel pretty stupid on the winter evenings when its lashing down with rain and pitch black but it has to be done
  • It was dry th is morningimageimage and I also saw 2 deer. Right thats the good news stated. Did a Fartlek session and am shattered. Glad I was out though.
  • Up at 04:30 for 16 miles. Nice and cool this morning.

  • Dino; Cracking long run today.
  • Up at 6am for a few miles with the hound this morning - lovely and sunny (but a little chilly!!). x
  • Len: Yup its getting chilly and dark ish again.
  • Been on a residential course out in the wilds near York for the last 3 days so I packed some running gear in the hope to get some running in.

    Managed to do a 7 miler yesterday at 05:15 got lost and had to do cross country style to get back on the main road. Today after a long night in the residential bar (got into bed at midnight) up at 04:45 and knocked out a slow 9 miler on roads and woods, I have a new sport called badger chasing, they are big bug**rs aren't they I came across 3 on two separate occassions in the woods, along with the obligatory rabbits and small deer.

    The other participants on the course thought I was mad, getting up early running that is, not badger chasing, as they were still nursing hangovers. 

  • Passed another stupid oclock  runner when out this morning. Flo vest on, first time since May ! Darker morningare here...
  • 10 miles for me this morning. No other runners. Just the world and me. Until people started getting to work.
  • Turbo:Its unusual for me to see any other runners when I'm out.
  • 6.45am on Sunday for 13 miler - 4 deer (!)
  • iPlodder; Good run and deer spotting yesterday. 5M Fartlek today. Lovely dry, windless run. Dawn breaking. An 'explosion' of colour. Red, yellow etc. Great to be out.image Legs full of lactic acid now though...image That wiped the smile off my face...
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