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  • Pouring down again this morn but I had to get home from the farm after I'd done horsie ( no car as it's in for its MOT)

    Up hill for 3.5 miles to home - oh boy was I soaked through again!!!! Lol

    Ttfn Nessie
  • Rode horsie this morn - soaked again lol

    Hope everyone ok and stay safe

    Ttfn Nessie x
  • hi Nessie if it carries on like this you may need to fit horsie with water wings

  • Terrible weather at the moment. Had a very adventurous 6 hour drive home from Manchester last night!


  • Ha ha Toby - good idea!!!

    Ran this morn and yes I got soaked again!!! Getting used to it now lol

    Take care guys ness x
  • Afternoon all

    Well did the Longleat 10k last Sunday a good day for all time wise paced my daughter around coming home in 1:07:53 which is a vast improvement on the first time she ran a 10k back in 2010 when it took her 1:41:31

    Marathon trainings going Ok although work has played havoc with it over the last few weeks but I’m now hoping that as i don’t have to work one of my 2 day’s off for the first time this year i can get back to it just thinking about going out for a 22 mile run but the way the winds howling out there it’s hard to get out of this nice warm house

    will have to give myself a kick up the bum

  • It is tough in this weather Toby. 

    Well done to your daughter!

  • Hi Toby you're daughter did fantastically well image)

    4 miles today in the SUNSHINE how lovely was that!!!

    Nessie x
  • Tired beyond tired today

    Ran 4 miles in hail and rain this morn

    Walked to work 2 miles but had to turn round half way and go back home to check to see if I'd left iron on!!!

    Walked to garage this eve to pick up car from garage another 3 miles

    Blimey no wonder I'm tired - LOL

    Hope you all ok?

    Ttfn Nessie x
  • Ran a new route today - some awful hilly bits!!! Almost 5.5 miles - very mild but VERY windy!!!

    Ttfn ness
  • Nice Ness, 5.5 hilly miles is a nice effort. 

    Poor weekend for he exercise wise, being enjoying Mrs RK's birthday celebrations too much. Back to it this week, 4 sessions planned. 

  • morning all

    well still banging in the milage although give a couple more weeks and I'll be tapering down only 6 weeks to go till Brighton wheres the time gone

  • Morning Toby. Yes, Spring Marathon season is almost upon us.

  • Morning guys - I've only managed one run this week - meant to be running this morn but had a bad night last night so I'm very tired now - so I'll see how I feel by the time I've finished doing horsie!!!

    Ttfn messy
  • Hello everyone gosh the days are flying by !!!

    Managing to fit my runs in between work- horsie - dogs and downpours!!!

    Lovely sunny days so let's hope they last!!

    I'm doing a 10k race on 16th - apparently it's a hilly one image( don't know why I entered that one???? Except they give you a cadburys cream egg when you finish - yum yum

    Ttfn Nessie x
  • Hi Nessie, yes, nice to see better weather!

    im still plugging away running in the gym, need to get back out doors. 

  • Helloooooo guys

    Ran 5.3 hilly miles on Sunday

    Ran 4.04 flat miles this round canal route - very cold and foggy!!!

    Hope u all ok

    I'm doing minchinhapton 10k on Sunday which is a hilly one image( - Silly me to book that one!!!!

    Ttfn Nessie x
  • Good training Nessie, hope the 10k goes well. 

    Lovely weather image

  • 10 k didn't happen just too much to do!!!! image(

    Ran a hilly 3.03 miles yesterday morning and will try to do more this week if I can but quite poorly again last night !!!! ( bloomin IBS !!!!)

    Ttfn ness x
  • Sorry to hear that Nessie. 


    Hope you get back on track soon. 

  • Hi everyone only 2 runs this week but one over 4iles and today over 5 miles - just so busy at the mo - off to Paris next week, so will try to cram a fe more runs in before I go!!!

    Hope u all ok

    Ttfn Nessie x
  • Hi all had a wonderful time in Paris - fab sunshine everyday - managed a couple of runs before we went - will run tomo - need to run off all I've eaten !!!! Lol and the wine!!!!

    Ness x
  • Did a run this morn - only 3 miles but a hilly 3 miles!!!

    Back to normal now - in a rush again to go to collect doggies from where they stayed while we were away - then to pick up mum and take her to visit her husband whose in a home - then off to do the horses - phew I guess holiday is over ??? LOL

    Hope everyone ok ?

    Ttfn Nessie x
  • hi Nessie sorry for the absence life work and marathon training have all conspired glad the running’s going well as for myself Brighton a week today so am now well into the taper nerves are being to jangle not going for a time this year but running with my daughter instead so looking forward to socking in the atmosphere this time around  

  • Glad you enjoyed Paris Nessie. 

    Toby - 

    I bet you'll enjoy Brighton even more this year than you normally do.


  • hi Kev if the weathers anything like this weekend it's going to be a corker of a day

  • Good luck Toby -

    Ran 3 mile hilly route yesterday all ok

    This morning did 4 mile flat route and struggled!!!! So deflated - I must try harder I think - mojo lacking at the moment??

    Hope u all ok

    Ttfn nessie
  • Hope today went well Toby?

    Had a run yesterday but today's long walk fell foul to the weather 

    I'm afraid. 

  • Evening all

    well another Brighton marathon done and as i said ran with my daughter Snowmaiden glad to report we got around in 5:26:45 taking 1:44:00 off her time from last year

  • That's great Toby - well done to your daughter she must be so chuffed image)

    I ran 4 miles on Friday - flat route and I struggled!!!

    Today I did over 5 miles on a really awful hilly route and all was fine and shaved time off my previous efforts???? How strange this running is ???

    Ttfn Nessie x
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