2011 Boston Marathon



  • Ooops I'll post on my login now! image

    I'm planning on trying to juggle kids & work to actually be able to run, failing fantastically the last few months image

    Ran 10 miles a fortnight ago and 5 miles yesterday.  Broke Ski maching thingy tonight on first use, cr@p cr@p cr@p

    drawing up plan of action tonight before its too late.  Boston will be 22nd marathon so alls not lost til the fat lady sings and I'm not singing yet image

    Running Liverpool & Silverstone half's, before Boston & Edinburgh Marathons........

  • Nice one Smifffie............. Posting on my login eh !! image.

    Whatever next !!   Just make sure you keep up with me at Silverstone AND Liverpool image ,  it will be good training for Boston.

  • Less than 15 weeks to go now...eeekk. Want to step up the training now as long as the weather permits and the flu stays away. Got in 20k last night and will do the same tonight. Trying to incorporate a hilly route as I'm dreading heartbreak hill. Has anybody hear actually done it? Is it as bad as people make out?
  • Eeekk indeed, my training is pretty minimal at the moment.  Hopefully a 10 miler ish tonght.........
  • Yeah scary when you actually look at it on the calender! Whats scarier is that I've got Barcelona 6 weeks before it!!

    The idea that I'd be disciplined and motavated enough to train through Christmas and New Year turned out to be rubbish so now I've got to catch up! Got 30k in over the weekend but could feel it on Monday! Out tonight to get in 10k ish. Shins were kicking off a bit at the weekend so hopefully they'll settle down a bit maybe I can get a bit more distance in.

     Micromagic - I'd love to know about heartbreak hill to! I think it's not actually that bad but because so many races have been run and lost there it's notorious.

  • Heartbreak hill: no, it's not as bad as people make out.  If it was at the start of the race it wouldn't be a problem.  However you've had 16 miles of generally downhill running (which can really hammer the quads) when the hills start.  There are four separate rises and if you've overcooked the first half of the race coming to a grinding halt on the final hill is not uncommon.  Save something early on in the race and you'll nail it.


  • Good to hear from you guys.

    I'm getting very frustrated at the moment as my calf injury will not clear up (probably as I did not rest it enoughimage) So more rehab before training resumes.

    Its hard when the clocks ticking and the days are getting closer to the start and the training schedule has gone out of the window. Still better to get to the start undercooked but 100% fit rather than still injured.

     Heh ho...........

  • I don't know if anyone else does but I follow DC Rainmaker's Blog essentially a blog ref running,  Tri's and equipment reviews. It is very very good!!!

    Anyway he writes up a report on his Boston 2009 Marathon experience which I found very useful. Includes lots of pictures and information.

    You can find it at Boston Marathon 2009 Blog


  • Great read biggles, thanks for the link. Eases the nerves a bit knowing what lies ahead. A bit hard to tell just how steep heartbreak hill is from the pics but that elevation profile helps a lot.

    One thing that bothers me is the water cups that they seem to hand out in most American marathons, you can see them in his blog pics. I ran the Baltimore marathon as a qualifying race and had to slow right down every time I got handed a cup so it didn't slosh all down my face. Will have to master the technique of drinking out of them.

    14 weeks to go!!
  • Yep I thought the blog was a good read, better than some of the other stuff  on Boston as it was written from a participating runner's perspective!

    Was the same type of cups in Berlin, I gave up trying to drink at pace  and slowed right down to make sure I took on board enough fluids. Perhaps I should line  up a few paper cups on the garden table and  practice trying to grab, drink at speed!!image

  • The blog certainly gives you a good feel for the race.  Boston will only be my 9th Marathon but I think I'm looking forward to this one more than I have the others, just hope I stay free of injury !

    It's early days but the training is going ok so far, had a 2 hour off road run on the South Downs yesterday, the mileage was n't huge but the scenery was spectacular and my Garmin measured 2,500 feet of climb.

    Doing my local 10k this Sunday so should be a good early gauge of where I'm at.

    How's training going for everyone else ?


  • Yeah cheers for that Biggles. A really good read and now making me very excited!

    So who's going to plan to run it hard for a time and who is going just for the day?

    I'm going to do Barcelona marathon in March with the plan to run that hard and hopefully not Boston........well that's the plan anyway!

    Whiteleyox - That sounds like a great run! Some more like that and you should be in good stead for the Boston hills!

  • Just received confirmation that my place for Boston 2011 is confirmed. Lke many others I should have run 2010 but Iceland ash ruined that plan. owing to a complicated communication problem I had given up hope so now I will have to get down to some serious training. The last few weeks have been hopeless due to a serious dose of "man-flue".

    Loking at the list of UK entrants I appear to be the oldest at 68. I qualified at Chicago 2009 thanks to the lax times for geritrics. This will be my 20th Marathon since 2004 andfor me  the final of the "Big Five".

    Should be fun.

  • I'm going to run it hard, all being well with the training of course. It will only be my 3rd ever marathon and I think there's a lot of room for improvement on my PB.

    Congrats on the entry ITC, that will be a major achievement to have run all of the big five. I hope to be able to complete them all on one day in the distant future!
  • Well, back in light training now from calf strain, done lots of rehab and strengthening work so far so good, happy daysimage

    I would really love to get a London good for age time and run the 2012 VLM but I have read up a lot about Boston and the course demands respect!!! The big thing everyone says is to start at slower pace than target and build so that you have the energy reserves for the Newton Hills. Sounds common sense really but the downhill nature of the first half apparently catches people out.

    ITC Fantastic effort. I still have Boston and Chicago to do but hopefully by the end of this year....................!

  • How's every one's training going?

    Managed a 13mile today completely injury free so that was a great feeling. I was supposed to keeping a slowish pace but 7:30 felt easy enough so kept to that.

    Have a couple of races comimg up which should be a good indication where I am with regard to fitness etc after recent injuries. Anyone else doing Wokingham on the 13th Feb or Brighton on the 20th?


  • Biggles, I'll be doing Wokingham. Had a 15M race today, undulating course, bit exposed and windy, so pretty happy with 1.29, even if I did have to work a little harder than I had origninally planned to.
  • Hi JAP

    Impressive running with those conditions at sub 6min pace!! A little too quick for me!

    But I suspect I have a few years on youimage

    I'm looking at 7:25 for Boston which will hopefully get me in at 3:15 but will be flexible on the day. I guess you're after a sub 2:40 ish.

    Lets hope Wokingham is a bit warmer this year. It was snowing on the drive in but just bloody cold during the race.

  • Biggles

    Not made Vet status yet (quite), so you could probably make a fair guess on any age gap image

    Have run Wokingham a few times, from stunningly perfect conditions right through to having it cancelled due to snow, so I'll be happy to take somewhere in the middle since it is just a mara effort (ish) training run.

    Not overly stressed about time for Boston as the main time focused marathon for me this year is Berlin. Just trying to complete a solid training cycle in time for Boston and just let the training take care of the time. Would expect a 2.3x if I can stay injury free and keep things going the way they are though.

  • I am not in "sprinter class" so I am only looking to match my qualifying time (4:15 for 65+) but I think I will be hard pushed to do that. After a bad few "man-flu" weeks I am now hopefully into proper training with 10 miles yesterday at steady 10min/mile pace.

    Hopefully my annual Algarve Training week in March with 209 Events will bring me to peak at the right time. It did last year until the Iceland volcano saga ruined the plan.

    As always I will be grateful to be able to finish.    

  • Good to see things are moving on for everyone. Very impressive pace JAP. I don't think I'll be racing you anytime soon!

    I'm feeling quite behind considering I'm running Barcelona marathon on the 6th March and I'm just trying to keep reminding myself I cant just pile on a load of miles to catch up because I'll just break. Better to be on the start line slightly underprepared than injured!!

  • Hi

    Just thought I would remind everyone that the Chicago Marathon Registration opened this morning. If your'e thinking about entering it might be a good idea to get in early. I don't think it will fill as quick as Boston of course, but I'm sure it will be much quicker than last year


  • Hi Everyone

     I was n't going to take any chances with Chicago so was on the computer at six this morning as soon as it opened, glad that's sorted.

    As for Boston, the training had been going really well untill i ran 18 miles on Sunday with a slightly sore knee which is now giving me a lot of pain just walking, so slightly concerned but wont panick just yet, any advice ?

    I've also got a couple of upcoming races, the Ryde 10 this Sunday (knee dependant) & the Bramley 20 on the 20th, anyone else doing either of these ?

  • Whiteleyox

    Yep I registered nice and early this morning to make sure! It will be intresting to see how long it takes to fill the 45000 places.

    I guess the usual advice is Rest  Ice Compression Elevation and see how it goes. Definately lots of icing! I know it'salways difficult but mayby this Sundays race might be a bit soon if it's still sore!

    Good luck.


  • I highly recommend Chicago for a fast run. Despite the high number of runners the roads are wide leaving plenty room for steady pacing. There is also the advantage of RW Pacers for all standards. I achieved my Boston at Chicago 2009 by being  dragged around by a consistent pacing team who would not let me go when I was struggling over the final mile.

    Incidentally in 2009 the temperature was 0deg C. The previous year it was so hot that the organisers stopped the race after 3 and a bit hours.

    As for this year's Boston my training is not going too well, probably because I am still trying to lose the excesses of Christmas.  


  • LOL ITC that is my excuse also, managed to loose half a stone and training picking up now, LSR tomorrow.........Boston may be my last marathon so want to enjoy image

  • Anyone planning on entering the Boston 5K on Sun April 17?

    I see the entries open on Mar 2nd

    (Edit to correct date!!!)

  • Hiya smiffie image image last marathon my arse image
  • I wanna go to Boston again but am not good enough anymore imageimageimageimageimage
  • Hi,

    Has anyone travelling from the UK looked into travel insurance? I thought I was covered but found out marathon running counts out as a risky activity so I'm gonna have to get an extra policy. Anyone found any good deals?


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