People who walk the Marathon

In 1997 i took up running.My single reason for this was to run the London Marathon.I entered several races my first being a half marathon.In 1999 i was lucky enough to be ecepted through the ballot.


  • and?
  • we're waiting
  • prepare for flak if you post more-------
  • giv me flak please
  • I then decided to join a running club and take the challenge seriously.As any of you who have done this or a simiar event it takes up 4 months of your life.
  • and?still not with you
  • No, its not worht it
    im disabling notification, cos this will only upset me
    i will sya that marathon training DOES take over at least 4 monthes of your life though
  • ph don't go we love you
  • er, yes, and the thread originator is about to belittle plodders like me
    tatty flop!
  • walk run walk run and be proud ph i do and not even very far yet
  • Sorry type one finger at a time.Come the day i was ready.Hopeing for 4 hours i stood in zone 6.It took 12 minutes to cross the start line, then for the next 4 hours and 10 minutes i had to barge past people run on paths etc i was really peed off.Have you guys experenced this it,s so frustrating...
  • Not necessarily Benz.

    And in any case, if it's someone who ends up walking because they CBA to do the training then I think it's a fair point.

    That wouldn't include you BTW.
  • barging is naff
  • Not really surprising from zone six to be honest - what did you pur down as your target time?
  • Plodding Hippo and Blonde Bird - I'm with you on the walk run thing. It got me round the Edinburgh marathon last week. Oooh, such a shiny medal! And well worth the 6 months of training that took over my life.
  • Sorry not belittleing any one.I meant to say if we all stood in the right place for r hoped finishing times life would be a lot easier.
  • good oh faj
  • Haveing a moan and there must be some one out there who agrees with me
  • not just now
  • (shit, cant stay away)
    I was RIGHT at the back of zone 9
    I mean at the back
    And the same thing happened to me too

    Seriously stress man, do a different marathon, all these big events have the same problem.its not as though the problem isnt well publicised

    FAJ, seem to remember you did a very respectable time for your first marathon
  • stratford was good jw did it
  • I maybe worried to much about my time.Maybe i missed the point.If i ever do another one i'll try and enjoy it.
  • Stress man, just do a smaller marathon

    only 900 peeps entered the potteries

    loads of room
  • big respect sm for doing it at all
  • Yep - the London M - like the GNR is a mass partispation even and unless your are a front runner they are no good for fast times

    They are there to have fun and try and encourage the masses to get off ther butts - and they are very good at this

    If you want to race a marathon there are pleanty around to give you a RUN for your money
  • PH - I did not bad, I suppose. :-) There are a lot of crazy people out there trying to persuade me to do another. Can you believe it?!

    Stress Man - it's nice that you can come to the forum to have a moan. Maybe the positive thing to take out of the whole thing is that you got a place and there are (correct me if I'm wrong on this) around 70,000 people who were disappointed for the umpteenth time. That said, it's a shame for your frustration on the day and maybe next time you'll have better luck.
  • what a SILLY idea, FAJ

    You dont need to do more than one marathon:)))

    SM, its perfectly ok to be concerned about your time.
    But as Will says, FLM is a hard course to do a PB in, cos of the sheer volume of people
  • With a name like mine can you imagine me doing another marathon.I've down sized to 5 mile and 10k suits me down to the ground.34 minutes of pain as aposed to 4 hours of stress....
  • SM - get yourself to Inverness at the end of September for the Loch Ness marathon. Only 2000 people. Big enough for a fun event but small enough for plenty room. (Cripes, what am I saying? I'm turning into the very folk I am currently trying to resist!!!)
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