Sub 3h15



  • OO - beats the views from some the parkruns I've done! Must be interesting in a strong wind.

    Minni - I've had a GFA place for the last couple of years and gone off a different start each time, so depending on what happens in April it might be possible to form a train from the word go. If not, we'll try and hook up somewhere en route. Can I leave it to you to carry the large flag so I can find you?!

    Has anyone got any experience of the Stockholm Marathon? Mrs L is thinking of it for her marathon debut and we could tag it onto a half term break (it's on 31 May) but at 112 euros it's not cheap, especially it I were to run it with her. Having said that, I've always fancied going to Sweden.

    If not Stockholm, there's always Manchester!!!

  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭

    Lorenzo - I wondered if I'd get on the red FGFA with my time but my number relates to green again. Not that I'm bothered really.  It seems now that the only way a lady gets on FGFA is if she runs a champs qualifying time but isn't a mber of a cluB. Therefore there can't be many ladies on that start. Unlike back in the day. 

  • TRTR ✭✭✭

    Oct 20 - Abingdon mara –  Moof - sub 3, DS2 - sub 3.10, Blisters sub 3:15
    Oct 27 - Frankfurt - Jools - sub 3
    Nov 17 - Gosport HM - Lorenzo - 1.27.xx (optimistically)
    Dec 8 - Newcastle Racecourse HM - Minni - sub 1.30
    Feb 2 - Kaiser HM - MsE first race post-injury
    Mar 16 Barcelona - Barry B sub 3:15 
    Mar 29 - Eco Trail de Paris 80Km - SJ - uninjured completion
    Apr 6 – Paris mara – Mennania – Sub 3
    Apr 13 - VLM - PMJ - 2.4x, Ant - sub 3, Bike It - 3:05, Lorenzo, Minni - 3:10, Abbers TBA
    May 5 - Milton Keynes - Gul Darr sub 3:15
    Jun 1 - Comrades - Poacher
    July 27 - Outlaw - SJ - 10:xx

    I'm doing Gosport 1/2 too.

  • Lorenzo, I've pencilled in Stockholm pending my trip to the Physio on Wednesday. The course looks very pretty and looks like a good destination race. Maybe see you and Mrs L there....

    OO, 15mins...? Fair enough.

  • TR
    Stop embarrassing me. Get rid of that first line of the chart.
    Unless you want to add succesful times on there.

    Go well Jools

  • Good luck Jools!

    And Lorenzo - I'm considering doing Gosport 1/2 too and aiming for 1:27:xx. image

  • TRTR ✭✭✭

    Oct 27 - Frankfurt - Jools - sub 3
    Nov 17 - Gosport HM - Lorenzo - 1.27.xx (optimistically)
    Dec 8 - Newcastle Racecourse HM - Minni - sub 1.30
    Feb 2 - Kaiser HM - MsE first race post-injury
    Mar 16 Barcelona - Barry B sub 3:15 
    Mar 29 - Eco Trail de Paris 80Km - SJ - uninjured completion
    Apr 6 – Paris mara – Mennania – Sub 3
    Apr 13 - VLM - PMJ - 2.4x, Ant - sub 3, Bike It - 3:05, Lorenzo, Minni - 3:10, Abbers TBA
    May 5 - Milton Keynes - Gul Darr sub 3:15
    Jun 1 - Comrades - Poacher
    July 27 - Outlaw - SJ - 10:xx

    Tiddlies !

  • BirchBirch ✭✭✭

    Great WAVA there, OO. Did my parkrun yesterday (after hilly 9 miles warmup), and scored 71% with a 22:19. Two years ago (before my "down" period), got 76%. So maybe a reasonable goal could be @ 75% as I attempt to build back. The problem I (think) I have is that after so many years, not only am I much slower in absolute terms (naturally), but also in relative terms (PBs from 5K to Half mara in 78-79% range) - never going to get back to those figures. Still, I like the age-grading as a motivator, or even as a last refuge for the has-been, so in that vein I shall content myself with 30th place (age-graded) from 433, rather than the actual 95th image

    Lorenzo - I'm considering Manchester for a Spring marathon - time to make a plan, I think .

    Hope things going well so far for our Frankfurters & any other racers.

    Have a good running week, all.

  • Following the live stats from Frankfurt - there is cause for quiet optimism...image

    Great parkrunning OO - although, how is that a park, exactly?

    12.5 miles for me this morning, the longest for a while. The legs felt good, but more importantly, so did the head. Nicely in progression, first km 4:57, last one 4:09. Overall 7:30mm, av 133bpm. In fact HR didn't get up to 140 until the last mile.

    This should be an indication of improving fitness, but actually I think it explains why I struggle to lose any extra weight I put on. My twin brother has a much higher working HR and is always 6-8kgs lighter than me. It was he who pointed this out and i think it explains a lot.

    Right, off to make Toad in the Holeimage.

  • Stats from Frankfurt - think it's pretty noisy optimism now!!!

    Another 11 miles for me this morning, but felt very lethargic all the way round so apart from the glorious weather, it wasn't terribly satisfactory.

    At least this was the view from near the top: vineyard in the foreground, Box HIll as a backdrop. 



  • A small cheer in this household at 12:30 image


    No running (again) for me - organising the club's final club championship event of the season. All went very well except for a good telling off by the park authorities because we were getting in the way of The Queen.

  • Lorenzo - That's Denbies, I suppose? They make a very decent white. The red's horrible and pricey to boot.

    Good news from Germany, the best since that 5-1 in 2001.

  • OO54OO54 ✭✭✭

    19 for me this morning, think I overdid it, I'm exhasted.

  • I'm having a big cheer for some of the results coming through from Frankfurt - one small one in particular image

    Very tight right calf developed yesterday on my restday - typical.  Nice long run OO to follow up the WAVA.

  • Can't wait for the report from Frankfurt - suspect it'll be quite an emotional one for all the right reasons. image

  • image. Finished my run at the Worksop Half, logged onto Facebook imageimage

    For the record, despite the howling gale I managed 1.26.17 for 4th lady and 1st in the County Champs. No shield this year though, last year's winner still has it. Grrr. 

  • BirchBirch ✭✭✭

    Great result, Speedy, nicely placed on top of the county podium ! 
    Shaping up for a great day on here  . . . . .

  • MsEMsE ✭✭✭

    Good stuff, Speedy.  Woke up to read some exciting news from Frankfurt image.

  • Bike ItBike It ✭✭✭

    Great work Champion Speedy.  

    Good to see you on the comeback trail Birch

    I thought my heart rate was low Ant, but that's amazing.

    Back from the South Coast and took a 20 minute continous run off-road in my trail shoes.  First continous run in 7 weeks so some slight optimism developing that my recent troubles will be behind me. 

  • moofmoof ✭✭✭
    Great time Speedy in pretty windy conditions.

    Nice park running WAVA from OO and well done to you too Birch.

    Just got in and checked out Jools result, I'm sure she is enjoying a drink or three. I look forward to a full report. Bloody fantastic.
  • moofmoof ✭✭✭
    I'm inspired to wash the Abo crap off my trainers and go running.....tomorrow.
  • G-DawgG-Dawg ✭✭✭
    Some fine running in here again, well done everyone.

    Dragged myself out for my first 10 miler since May. Took it slow after a week of good speedwork. Kept the HR in the 145 area and averaged 7.48 pace. Fairly happy with that but will hope to improve over the next few weeks as I start to ramp things up.

    Now for roast beef and all the trimmings. Beer may be involved. image

  • OO54OO54 ✭✭✭

    I'm sure you'll be back Birch- I though the same a couple of months ago then it all just clicked again.

    Ant, there is a park (or grass at least) above the prom- a very varied and challenging parkrun.

    Well done speed- better weather up North.

    Come on Jools put us out of our misery? 

  • Comedy injury of the week contender - while running through Clumber Park today a horse chestnut (is that what you call the spikey things that surround conkers???) blew off a tree and whacked me on the thigh. I have a few holes and a potential bruise brewing. Good job it missed my head! 

  • BirchBirch ✭✭✭

    but you "conkered" your rivals in the County Champs . . . . . . . . . .

  • SJ - the plan is to go up to 64 miles and no more.
    Lorenzo - hope the leg is back to normal now. Stockholm or Manchester? Hmmm.... That view makes up for the tired legs!
    Birch - 75% is a nice target to spur you on.
    Ant - good running. Hope you enjoyed the Toad in the Hole.
    OO - nice long run.
    AR - hope that calf is just taper madness.
    Speedy - fantastic result! Well done. Not so good at conker dodging though.
    Bike It - great news. Steady as she goes.
    SB - nice 10 miler.
    Looks like there will be some good news any time now!!!
    8 miles with a few strides on a wet and blustery morning. Hopefully we're going to miss the worst of the storm here.

  • Waiting for a report on here but FB reports from the weekend make good reading.

    OO50, nice parkrun there. As you are obviously on the other side of 50 to me, I keep an eye on how you are running as an indicator of things to come. Back in 2011 we both had great 10 mile races and that ended up with us 2 seconds apart (and no other runners between) in the V45 rankings over that distance. Looks like your WAVA keeps ticking along nicely. Any plans for another foray over 26.2?

    Gul, impressive first week there, also impressive that you can plan 32 ahead. I'm sort of winding up to thinking about starting to plan mine. I have 4 cross country races between now and Christmas so my main goal will be just getting in miles, enjoy the running and build up to 20 miles by the end of 2013.

    Very quite in the office, I am the only one in so far.

  • BadbarkBadbark ✭✭✭

    Just a quick post from my hotel before I set out to run the dublin marathon. It looks like I've dodged a bullet with the weather as it's fine here. Phew! My race plan is to run around 6:35 pace for the first 20 miles and hopefully maintain sub 7:00 pace to the end. My PB is 2:56:41 and will be shooting for sub 2:55. My number is 1186 and I can be tracked from the main dublin marathon website if anyone is interested. There is no wall!


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