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  • Badbark - you are still mad! I don't know how you can keep going. Did you have any music when you were doing the 70 laps?

    Gul - Like Lorenzo said, I think a trip to the Physio will help iron out any issues you have.

    PMJ - we have a good selection of race distances locally. Some of which there are only one distance in the county like 7 miles and this Sunday I am doing an 8 miler.

  • KR, I used to be based in the Midlands so did all the East Midlands GP races. They still look good: 8 races and only 3 10ks and the other 5 are old distances of 5 and 6 miles.

  • AbbersAbbers ✭✭✭

    OO-51 - nice 10k. What's the diagnosis on the knee?

    GM - speedy sounding 5k there.

    Poacher - trouble with running is there's always something you think you could have done to run better/faster. Don't think we're ever satisfied!

    PJFrizzle - welcome. 21 @ 7:15 would certainly suggest 3:15 is very much on, assuming you taper well and keep a lid on your pace in the first half. As others have said, get to 20 and see how things are going. Those last 6 are hard, even if you get the first 20 right! Think your plan sounds spot on. Await your result with interest!

    Gul - really hope you're back to it soon.

    Lorenzo - 40 bike miles is a very decent non-running CV day.

    BB - just as well you don't have a nut allergy...

    So another tempo session today. 1 mile warm up, 3 hard, 2 cool down. You get faster by running faster, right (at least in small doses)? So pushed the 3 hard, more of a time trial really, and pleased to see 18:57 on the watch (6:19 pace). Couldn't have done a 4th, and was puffing like a train towards the end, but know I need to run these sessions to improve speed & speed endurance. Have always had tempo runs in my schedule, but now deliberately running them harder than I have before. Hoping it brings dividends. By comparison, my 5 mile PB from January is 31:58, so 6:24 pace.

  • Abbers, yes, you need to run faster to get faster. There are also more ways to do that than warm up, hard miles and cool down which is, as you say, a tempo session. You can also do a variation of this by doing a cruise run (hard for maybe 2 minutes and then easy for a while and then repeat) .

    For real speed improvements, you need to run faster than tempo (so tempo feels easy after a while) so intervals or reps (intervals are longer with shorter recoveries and reps are shorter with longer recoveries but even faster pace).

  • AbbersAbbers ✭✭✭

    PMJ - intervals are a Tuesday standard, but again, think I need to push harder when I run them to see continued benefits rather than plateauing. Really want to re-write PBs across the board, so speed improvements are crucial to that.

  • Leslie HLeslie H ✭✭✭

    Abbers - good start on the speed journey image 3 mile hard is what my local coach swears by but it must be proper HARD , you need to ramp it slowly though over a few weeks .

    Badbark- that's a strict diet but its clearly working image

    2 x 10 min/miles for me today , about as far as I could realistically get ..progress image

  • GerardMGerardM ✭✭✭

    Abbers - That's a very impressive 3 miles for a training run. I am aiming at 6:20 flat for a 3 mile run in the next couple of weeks. Not quite there yet but have to be patient. Good luck with the pb targets, well within your range IMHO..

    Leslie - A good friend of mine who is a V50 now, holds the Jersey record for 5,000 & 10,000 14:xx & 30:xx also swears by 3 mile speed endurance runs as well as a mixed range of interval and reps. He is a bit of a legend round these parts as he was more rock n roll than a healthy dedicated athlete. On one occasion when he was running the GNR in the late 80's he went out the night before and drank copious pints of lager and the next day ran the GNR, he got to mile 10 in 50 mins but he couldn't hack the pain any longer and faded to finish in 68 mins. He regrets that as he said he felt like he should have run 64 that day but he liked a good party too much. He is of Irish descent so that explains things!image

    BB - Very interesting diet there.

  • OO54OO54 ✭✭✭

    BB that actually sounds quite nice, just lacking a pork chop.

    No diagnosis Abbers I'll give it a while to clear up. Rest day today.

  • Leslie HLeslie H ✭✭✭

    Gerard-your friend sounds like he enjoyed himself.image He clearly had talent but should have stuck to Guinness!

    00-51 -injuries a right pain in the ahem ...

    I'm starting to think now based on my rate of recovery I've blown this mara image and I'm not really interested in just getting round what with having to take 3 night-shifts of to run it....decisions/decisions ..

  • Gul DarrGul Darr ✭✭✭

    Badbark - impressive diet too!
    Abbers - good tempo run.
    Leslie - I can empathise with that. Don't give up yet.
    I think it's highly unlikely that I will be ready for 26.2 miles on the 31st, so said to Mrs GD that it probably wasn't worth going down to Kent, but she said that she wasn't going to miss out on a shopping trip to Bluewater!

  • PoacherPoacher ✭✭✭
    Good run Abbers

    Gul - surely anything is better than the hell of B***water

    Leslie -night shifts are tough aren't they, I did 3 in a block last week then the 40m ultra, not a good combination. Good luck

    Interesting diet BB, and it clearly works, but isn't it quite time consuming? Presumably one can buy ingredients in bulk to save a few bob though.

    I have just entered what looks like an excellent event for anyone interested in history or with a family connection with WWI. It's a mara along the front lines and through the battlefields of 100 years ago, startng on the Belgian Coast and ending in the centre of Ypres. Middle of September when commemorations will be at their peak. Search "in Flanders' fields marathon" if you fancy it.

    Stat of 3 more night shifts later. Doh.
  • OK, that's done it for me, I just have to post (long time lurker!)

    We're signed up for IFF, having entered it last year as a spot of running tourism while visiting the war graves. Flatter than a fairly flat thing (apart from the odd bridge) and the finish is through the Menin Gate (really, really moving) and into the town square. Fall across the line and into a bar, perfect.

    I'm hoping for a 3:14:59, so I'm in the right place image

  • PoacherPoacher ✭✭✭
    Sounds good. I will be thinking about my grandfather who volunteered in 1914 and survived the whole war, but never as far as I am aware talked about it. His medals are still in their box, never even unwrapped let alone worn. Belgian beer, lovely.
  • I'm in pretty much the same boat; my grandfather survived WW1 fairly uneventfully, apart from once being stuck in a crater for three days and being posted as a deserter in the meanwhile; Mrs CH has a relative listed on the Menin Gate; he never really got to participate in the war, being vaporised by a shell while in a reserve trench. If ever an illustration were needed as to how bloody pointless it all was...

    Have you paid for the race yet? They were quite happy to take our money on the day last year, to save us from the rather horrendous international money transfer charges.

  • Abbers - looking good on the speed front, just remember it takes a bit of time. Mixing up the sessions is good too, so you get  bit of variation of pace.

    Gul - never say never on the marathon start, but I guess you know what your body is telling you on this occasion. Just remember to take your running shoes with you to Bluewater, as that sounds like a marathon shopping trip!

    Badbark - that's a lot of fruit & veg in your diet, just as well you run so much to counter balance itimage

    PMJ - East MIds Grandprix is good to do, but I've only done a few as the logistics and journey times mixed in with family commitments makes it more difficult these days.

    Sounds an interesting route Poacher along the Belgian coast. I'm guessing it is fairly flat?

    Welcome to the thread Crash Hamster, you are in the right place for sub 3.15 advice.

    Not clear if I can do my League 8 mile race on Sunday as junior KR has a football tournement and a 9am meet, so will have to see if I can sort out a lift.

    Good luck to anyone that is racing this weekend, looks like the weather will be warm again.

  • AbbersAbbers ✭✭✭

    GM - your friend clearly has/had talent to burn!

    Leslie & Gul - sorry to hear of your mara dilemmas. You were both putting together impressive campaigns, so I hope you can salvage something.

    Poacher - wow. That sounds like a seriously evocative event. Bet there's not a dry eye in the house, and a very different feel to most events.

    Crash - long time forum contributor, but welcome here!

    KR - thanks. I'm happy to build slowly, been following structured training for about 8 years, just need to take everything up a level or two to see continued improvements.

    Rest day today. 10 early doors tomorrow, then first league match of the season in the afternoon. Missing a few of our better players who are still away at uni, but we'll see how we go. Good luck to any weekend racers.

  • GerardMGerardM ✭✭✭

    Gul - Before you write yourself off I urge you to spend some cash and get a professional opinion, you have invested so much time, energy and are clearly in the form of your life! It sounds like your wife is gonna splash the cash regardless of whether you decide to run or not, so what's to lose? When I was training for my last marathon I missed nearly a month of training at a critical time during my training and was convinced I would not be able to complete the distance. On my 1st visit to my fizz I was checked over and told that I would be ok to do it but just needed to be less ambitious with my time but would get round and it panned out exactly like so. For your sake I really hope you are ok and your self diagnosis is not correct. We anxiously await to see your mext move......

    Poacher - I've heard of the Flanders marathon, It sounds very interesting. I have family in Brussels but I have never been.

    Abbers - Good luck with the cricket!

    Who is racing this weekend?

  • 10k pairs relay last night so 5*1k with 1k rest for the other runner. Times were 3:27.5, 3:33.5, 3:37.9, 3:39.5, 3:39.0  which is 17:57 for a 5k so good pace over a tight course that filled up with lapped runners pretty quickly. First leg was probably a bit exuberant but it worked out well as it sorted the places out pretty quickly and my partner and I came home in third place over a half minute ahead of fourth with a combined 10k time of 34:53.

    Easy parkrun tomorrow and then 10k on Sunday at Staines.


    Is it OK to read Ypres as Wipers?

  • Compulsory, I think image All the road signs refer to 'Ieper', which caused us seconds of mirth last year...

    Thanks for the welcome, gentlefolk. I assume that lots of you are a fair lick faster than 3:14:59 now...


    That 10k pairs relay sounds like a fantastic idea and a good session to boot!

  • AbbersAbbers ✭✭✭

    PMJ - Speedy stuff there, especially the first rep. Good work on the podium finish & impressive combined time.

    Crash - some are waaaaay faster than that, most somewhere in the 3:00-3:15 ballpark and a few of us (I feel more than adequately qualified to state as much) still trailing along in their wake image

  • Leslie HLeslie H ✭✭✭

    PMJ- sub 18 5k looks near now for you , your getting some benefit from the mara training fitness gain now.

    Crash-if you think of this as the sub 3 wannabes and the sub 3 thread as sub 2:45 you wouldn't be too far wrong .Everybody gets faster just by being on here , its the rules ! image

    Poacher-12 hr nightshifts are a disaster for training but needs must.

    5x 9 min/miles today , much easier to keep going that yesterday .image

  • OO54OO54 ✭✭✭

    You are welcome to crash the party CR- the humour is dubious warned

  • I can do dubious humour and I am a wake-trailer of the highest order, so I'll fit in just fine image

    PB 3:29 and change, should've done a 3:20ish this spring but had a total mare and couldn't work out why... until I became ill a couple of days later, so probably incubating something. Now, I'm hoping to put together back-to-back training blocks and get 3:14 in September. A stone to lose, about 30sec a mile to improve, plenty of strengthening to do.

    Tonight, 9 miles at 9:05s for HR ave 138; first decent easy run since giving blood 2 weeks ago.

  • GerardMGerardM ✭✭✭

    Crash - Hi there and welcome. Sounds like you have the tools necessary to achieve your goals and your 21 @ 7:1x sounds very quick for a long run. When was your 1:30 half?

    4 miles for me tonight with 2 along the beach and backed up by two along country lanes. Legs felt a bit stiff tonight, think I need a recovery run soonest!

    PMJ - Good K times there and sounds like a blast, is your running partner a Veteran also?

  • Thanks Gerard! It was PJF with the quick 20 miler, not me, unfortunately; 7:1x is about my half PB (1:34) though hopefully that's up for change in the next few weeks!

  • GerardMGerardM ✭✭✭

    Sh1t, I must have been high or something!image Will read back properly!!

  • I'm in major taper mode with a week to go, couldn't resist 12 x hills yesterday tho. Picked up a fetching snug white vest today from my "sponsors" all thats missing is Frankie says relax on the front. 

  • OO54OO54 ✭✭✭

    I'm planning to go hard atthe parkrun. Unfortunately 10 miles todaymight not help. This includes 2*1 mile on the track with junior OO at 6:30 pace.

  • GerardMGerardM ✭✭✭

    Crash - Apologies! I got my Frazzle, sorry, Frizzle and my Burn mixed up!image

    Had a glorious 4 mile run tonight, two along the sand and two back along the country lanes. Sea breeze and then a waft of bucolic air does wonders for you. I feel totally revived. image

  • Poacher - hmm. IFF marathon looks very interesting. Are you heading out there for the weekend?

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