Sub 3h15



  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭
    I think the baby no 2 news is old news to him speedy! He was definitely taking it seriously and was right to do so. Fantastic position and awesome time. It's been a great day. image
  • Race JaseRace Jase ✭✭✭

    My ears were burning. image


    minni, thanks so much for putting me up and coming to support and getting me to the start and train station on time. really nice to spend some time with you and your family. 


    i was really pleased with the result as the first 17.5 miles we had a pretty vicious headwind and I've been pretty injured of late with glutes, hip, quad troubles. Not dissimilar to what minni has it would seem.

    scores on doors 2:28:33 and 8th place, for a pb by just under a minute and third brit. image brings up a hatrick of sub 2:30s which is nice to keep the run going (Although Tbf I did drop out of Manchester this year so not sure if that blemishes my record).

  • Cracking stuff Jase - amazing time. You just keep going from strength to strength. What's next on the hit list?

    Good going from Birder (welcome) - 2 HMs in one week is tough. What are you aiming for marathon-wise?

    How's everything feeling Gul?

    Keep the faith Ant. You've had downs like this before and recovered to be fitter and stronger so it's just a matter of time.

    Congrats (again) to Speedy. Yet another gold medal!!

    Easy 4 miles this morning for me, then off to support younger Lorenzito in his 3000m County Champs race. Exceeded expectations with 10:17 (a big PB) and 3rd place despite competing against lads in the year above. Proud Dad moment! image

  • Great run there Jason and bling is bling even if it looks like all the other medals you have Speedy. I have 2 county medals from different counties so don't have the same problem as you. Daughter #1 was racing today and at the last count she was two races and two county golds and 2 PB's (100m and 200m) so we are waiting to see what the 400m brings. By the end of the day she may have done a mile if you add in the strides etc. 

    Gul, going in the right direction at last. Any decision on the Roadrunner yet? May be time to find another later in June: shame to waste that base fitness.



  • Another matching gold medal today - senior women's 1500m (there was no separate vet category). This time however I was soundly beaten by hoards of under 20s. I should stick to longer stuff! 

    Great to hear from RJ again! Nice result! You need to post more regularly.

    Lorenzo, your youngster is faster than me over 3000m by quite some margin. I think I'd best go back to marathoning!!!

  • BadbarkBadbark ✭✭✭

    This is just a flying visit to say that after running 20 miles on Saturday and 90 miles total for the week I still managed a comfortable 2:56:29 in the Newry Marathon today. I can’t believe how easy it was and only 2 minutes outside a PB despite never pushing hard.

    My average HR was only 143 bpm which is 12 less than my PB marathon last year. I’m in the shape of my life and can’t wait for the 100k in 20 days! I’ll read back tomorrow but now it's wine time.image

  • That's awesome Badbark!


  • PoacherPoacher ✭✭✭

    Excellent BB, you will be podium over 100k too

    Excellent CC

    Excellent miles Birch

    Excellent by Lorenzito

    Super double excellent Jase, very classy running, did Minni put an intravenous beetroot drip in your arm?

  • Badbark, much wine is needed: quality running, and the 100k looks to be a good one.

  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭
    Poacher - I did actually have beetroot juice in the fridge but we cracked open the wine instead! I have to say Jase was completely chilled on Saturday night. It was more like having an old friend to stay than an elite marathon runner who was about to finish EIGHTH with a pb of 2:28, that's TWO TWENTY EIGHT I say.
  • BirchBirch ✭✭✭

    Great race,Jase! Particularly in circs, what with headwind & recent injury niggles.
    Fantastic effort by Badbark - looking good for the 100K  . . . .
    Getting near for Poacher's ultra challenge, too  . . . .
    what with Speedy's double, a fine thread weekend  . . . .

  • guys I fear I'm about to be ejected from this group. Edinburgh was tougher than I had remembered today 3.21 with some comical splits over miles 23-25! Was tracking 7.22mm til then. It's not a 22 mile race tho. I'm sure you catch s YouTube video of me crashing to the floor epic fail style at port seton bursting the gels stored the pocket. That's what slowed me down...when the gels dried in to my shorts it was like wearing sandpaper! Need to bust that 3:15' so looking for the next one to do.


  • GerardMGerardM ✭✭✭

     Badbark - That is brilliant! Well done and you have really gone up a level. Fair play to ya!image

  • Gul DarrGul Darr ✭✭✭

    Birch - nice mileage.
    RJ - congrats on the PB and third brit placing - that's a fantastic result especially given that list of injuries.
    Lorenzo - well done to younger Lorenzito - that's a cracking 3000m time. How old is he?
    PMJ - hope your daughter made it a hat-trick - excellent day whatever the 400m result.
    Speedy - congrats on the second gold - just like Mo, only stronger at the longer distancesimage
    Badbark - just incredible. You are on course for a stonking 100k race.
    PJF - good effort. You're definitely not being ejected or I'll be joining you - sub 3:15 next time!
    No sign of the injury flaring up, so at the moment I'm planning to go ahead with the marathon on Saturday. 6 laps = 2.75 miles d&d this morning.

  • Lorenzo - well done younger Lorenzito, unfortunately my son isn't a runner but he has just been accepted on a PhD course at Liverpool University (mega proud Dad, I remember teaching him to read!).

    I ran 3.17 at London last month so my primary aim is to get back under 3.15. I ran 3.03 in Manchester last year, but increasing work commitments and age (I'm 52), might preclude another crack a sub 3.

    Will try and post more often but I'm moving house at the moment so time is at a premium. image

  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭
    Lorenzo - congratulations to the boy and to you! My own boy has just qualified to run at 200m at Gateshead staduim in a couple of weeks after running at pb last week of 27:07. image
  • JoolskaJoolska ✭✭✭

    Congratulations to RaceJase and Badbark on their marathon performances yesterday.  Nice 2.30 streak and amazing powers of recovery, respectively.

    Well done to Birder on the significant improvement within a week.

    Congrats to Lorenzito, too.

    Much bling, Speedy.  Great work!

    PJF: sub 3.15 will come.  

    Bupa 10000 for me.  Split in 20.06 and so continued my sub-40 streak the hard way, negative splitting for 30.52.  Still coughing a bit so suspect the lurgy hampered me, but at least I know I can get back to proper training now image

  • Jools, I assume you mean 39:52 else we'll have to call you Jason Scotland-Williams for that 10:46 5k!

    Being oldish, we never had 10k races when I was young so the traditional achievements were a 4 minute mile, sub hour 10 mile and sub 3 hours marathon. Are there equivalent ones now for 5k, 10k and half?


    Here is what was on the table when I came down early this morning: official haul was 3 PBs, 2 golds and one bronze at 100, 200 and 400m respectively. 26:27 for 200m down from 26:71: she can race the young male Minni.


  • marrowsmarrows ✭✭✭

    PJF what made you fall over? Hope you didn't hurt yourself!

    PMJ please tell me you mean 5 minute mile! Nice haul

    Badbark wrote (see)

    This is just a flying visit to say that after running 20 miles on Saturday and 90 miles total for the week I still managed a comfortable 2:56:29 in the Newry Marathon today. I can’t believe how easy it was...

    goodness is this some kind of joke?! wow

  • marrows wrote (see)


    PMJ please tell me you mean 5 minute mile! Nice haul

    No, I do mean 4 minute mile. I used to train on the south coast with a bunch of fast lads and a few broke 4 minutes. 5 minutes is fast but nobody I knew shouted about going sub-5. The issue is finding a natural break that is a whole number so looks nice. On po10, the annual rankings for the mile go down to 4:30

  • Fab stuff Badbark - looking on great form for the 100K.

    Great to keep the streak going Jools.

    Minni - impressive from your lad. Great for him to have the chance to run at Gateshead. Another good haul for Miss PMJ as well.

    Gul - sounds promising for next weekend. Still worth going easy for the next few days to make sure you toe the line in one piece. Any strategies for race day? Younger Lorenzito is 13 and a half and fortunately has a really positive approach to training, whether it's with the club in the evening or heading out for a run before getting ready for school (not at Gul o'clock I hasten to add!) - I was definitely not like that at his age.

    8.5 miles for me this morning with a burst of 4 miles at MP in the middle of the warm up and cool down. Ran to feel (I'm still planning on doing Stockholm without a Garmin or a watch) so pleasantly surprised to average 7:15 for the whole run. 

  • JoolskaJoolska ✭✭✭

    Err, yes, 39.52!  

    6M recovery this morning.

  • marrows wrote (see)

    PJF what made you fall over? Hope you didn't hurt yourself!

    PMJ please tell me you mean 5 minute mile! Nice haul

    Badbark wrote (see)

    This is just a flying visit to say that after running 20 miles on Saturday and 90 miles total for the week I still managed a comfortable 2:56:29 in the Newry Marathon today. I can’t believe how easy it was...

    goodness is this some kind of joke?! wow

    Marrows I was trying to squeeze the last bits of gel out of the packet and the next thing I knew I was on the deck! It was Ok tho everyone was really helpful they all stopped to check if I was Ok... NOT

  • PJF, don't worry... I did very close to 3:21 (at Edi!) just before going sub 3:15 (by all of 3 seconds, I should note) at my next.

    Impressive runs all around, but particular congrats to RJ and BB.
  • Gul DarrGul Darr ✭✭✭

    birder - hope the move goes well and you can find the time to put together a decent campaign.
    Minni - congrats to Minni jnr.
    Jools - well done on the sub 40.
    PMJ - mega medal haul - you must be very proud.
    Lorenzo - nice run there; you should be feeling confident. I'm not sure what my strategy will be on Saturday - maybe head straight for Waterstones? Oh yes, the marathon - might start off a bit more conservatively than originally planned.
    8 laps this morning and all is still well.

  • Thanks for the encouragement Gul and Rennur. Can I ask some advice? If the long term goal is to get to beat 3:15 and then faster should I ...

    1) get straight back on it and run Inverness Marathon in 17 weeks, using the current training as a base and building up stronger and faster

    2) Focus on fast half time (for me) sub 1:28 at the Great Scottish Run, use this as the base for a an early Spring 2015 Marathon?

    Any guidance would be helpful

  • PJF, if your body can take it, then spring and autumn marathons for a few years in a row will get you sub 3:15. The half time has little bearing on a full marathon: of course if you have a fast half it will help but half and full are very different (as you discovered, you were ahead of pace for 22 miles+) and you need the endurance for those last 6 miles and not the speed for the first 13.

    If your body can't take it, then back off and enjoy the summer and start a base build in the late autumn and then campaign in the new year.

  • AbbersAbbers ✭✭✭

    Morning all, checking in & reading back after the long weekend.

    KR - odd blip mid-race, but finished strongly.

    PMJ - decent Hyde Park 5k and congrats to daughter #1 on her county medal haul.

    Leslie/Gul - good to see your respective comebacks continuing.

    Menn - very speedy 5k there.

    OO-51 - good running from you & Jr.

    Lorenzo - another with family success, between your parkrun exploits and Jr at the county champs.

    Ant - sorry to hear of your woes. Fingers crossed that medical science can put you right again.

    CC2 - county gold? Outstanding. Events like that are about placing, not time, surely?

    Birder - excellent double HM results. And a great proud Dad moment too!

    Birch - good, consistent mileage. Going nicely.

    RJ - incredible time, and great position. Huge congratulations.

    BB - brilliant stuff. All your hard work is turning you into a bit of an aerobic/endurance monster!

    PJF - 3:21 is still a very decent time, and gives you something to build on. Hope your fall wasn't as damaging as mine at VLM!

    Jools - good running to keep your sub-40 streak going.

    Nothing too eventful to report from me. A pair of 10 milers early on Sunday & Monday was the sum total of my Bank Holiday training, and cricket was again cancelled on Saturday due to the weather. Had enough of the rain now!

  • Do you find benefit in running as a group both in training and on race day. It seems logical.. a la cyclying, there is benefit from being in the peloton, can you put an "efficiency gain / benefit" from running in the pack over longer distances?        

  • Abbers - did you do some real damage? mines was just some cuts and bruises, my elbow is sorer than the hamstrings today.

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