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  • AA - won Berkshire's Best Body Popper in 1988 image

  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭

    Shildon - I really hope you get that sorted.  Yes, will be at Jed. You? 

    AA - image  Keep up the Xtraining.

    Carrot - come on! Details of the weekend please. When are you leaving? Is there tracking? Etc etc

    Spoons - good luck with the cleats.   You will fall off... at a junction, when everyone is watching, I guarantee it! image

    Nice XC Bro and speedy run. Good luck with the 10k on Saturday. image

    Ant - is that what Macmillan calls easy these days?! 

    I might hit the parkrun on Saturday. You know, just for fun. image



  • My core work has been lacking of late so I've restarted my daily plank with some other bits added in. I'm keeping a diary. I was avoiding lunges because i hate them. Then I figured I must confront my weaknesses. Obviously lunges is x 2 (per side):

    9th - 1.40 plank, 40 press up, 20 squats   10th - 1.41 plank , 41 press ups, 21 squats   11th - 1.50 plank, 42 press ups, 22 squats, 5 lunges   12th - 1.55 plank, 43 press ups, 23 squats, 6 lunges   13th - 2.00 plank, 44 press ups, 24 squats, 7 lunges   14th - 2.05 plank, 45 press ups, 25 squats, 8 lunges   15th - 2.10 plank, 46 press ups, 26 squats, 9 lunges   I do other stuff occassionally but I'm not logging it as it's not on my daily must do list. 
  • Copy and paste converted it all into 1 paragraph image

  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    Minni-how long since youve done a YKW? Is it a pb course?image

    Bro-Ive sent her the 10k details-its a question of what time she feels like dragging herself out of bed I suppose. You seem to thrive when the going is tough-seems like your in good company here

    Spoons-interesting-Im bad at strength work but wonder if I might be more disciplined if I keep a diary?

    Ant-no wasps on the canal this time?

    KFC-3.18 is a VLM GFA for me so congrats.If the paper is wrong complain to Hackedoff

    Pink-Im imagining you and B doing the insanity -he taking the SeanT role and you his assistant but definately not poutingimage

    Saw physio today who dampened my enthusiasm about making a quick come back...slowly does it are his those HM applications I printed off are going in the binimage



  • 2old - if you write something down you're more likely to do it image

  • The Greensands mara is definitely one to do at least once - you even get to sing Jerusalem before the start.  My calves are still telling me that they're not so keen image

    Oompa - similar to MK last year but not nearly as cold so actually pretty bareable....

    2Old - re plan for Brighton, am making up my own based on the principles of P&D but tweaking for what I know works for me.  Base phase from now to Xmas, concentrating on endurance but with a little bit of lactate threshhold in there, in NY build the mileage with a shift to more lactate threshhold, a bit of speedwork and then a couple of months out, throw in a lot more speed..... With the long runs I'm following the McMillan article this time (tried for Manchester earlier this year but wasn't disciplined enough) particularly with the progression runs - aiming to do 4, at fortnightly intervals ending at the start of the 3 week taper.  That's the plan anyway - still under pressure at home so we shall see!!

  • 2old - printed paper applications! haven't done one of those for a while. Wasps still lurking around the canal but I know where their base is now, so am keeping a beady eye on them.

    Minni - McMillan's "easy" does seem to cover an awfully wide spread of paces nowadays.

    Bro - another 10K! you're a sucker for punishmentimage

    Off mountain biking in Wales this weekend. Looks like it may be rather wet.

  • AA - "Danced the night away at my daoughters 16th on Friday noght and ended up totally unable to walk on Saturday"... Wasn't that pint of Bacardi & Tizer was it???image

    Spoons - Jeeeez.. how many??? I take it these are total numbers of reps and not individual sets that you do x 5?!image

    Ant - Have fun(imageimage) at the track.

    Pink - I share your sentiments about Prawn T or whatever his name is! Even the continuous advertising for Insanity makes me wanna pluck his eyeballs out with a pick axeimage ... Yes, the anger management classes are going very well thank you.image 

    Cooks - Jerusalem? Are you sure it wasn't the Twickenham to Dorking mara??image

    Heeeeeeuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuge gym workout from me last night and i'm expecting the phone call from Forlorn P any minute inviting me to be a guest p t on the next Insanity dvd...

    5 mins walking at no more than 4km/h

    10 mins on spin bike (level 10) at no more than 60 watts (whatever they may be?)

    6 sets (15 reps) Left leg presses with 10kgs weight (really felt odd)

    5 mins X-trainer @ r-e-a-l-l-y s-l-o-w

    15 mins core

    and finally 15 lengths of the pool.

    ... Must go, i can hear the phone... Could be Torn Free?

  • managed to break outimage and so glad to have got home last night. lost 4.5kgs on the 'drip diet', certainly won't be running for a while!

    K.F.C lol, love the fact that a) you tried to cycle the day after a marathon and b) you fell off whilst trying to get on image

  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    Ant-I do do internet applications but in my injured state I will leave things to the last minute and even sign up on the day if its not full. Im accumulating running numbers and swim hats for events I DNS a lot these days. The bikng in Wales sounds fun -youll need access to a pressure washer to clean up

    Cooks- looks like a good plan- a bit like I tried last year before injury kicked in

    Oomp-that first session back always feels good- a huge release of endorphins and relief.ILooks like you did a mini pentathlon

    Did 10k easy on the TM followed by 10.5k spinning. The run reinforced my realisation that Ive lost a lot of fitness and have a good way to go before Im fixed


  • Oompa - I only do 1 set. It's just a quick 10 minutes in the morning before breakfast

    Swimming tonight for me as I'm have a few rest days to try and get the foot sorted

  • snap 2old - did 10k too this morning albeit outside in the rain. I have lost about 1 minute per mile on my easy pace image  but I had no pain while I was running image Right now I'm not too hung up on being slow. If I had run an autumn mara I would be slow at this stage too. Being pain-free is all I care about.

    A bit of pain came back today as I'm sitting on my ass all the time ... work is sooo overrated image

    spoons & redders: can't believe we have 2 more on the bench image

    AA: were you dancing in your fancy boot image

    Nice strength workout oomps and spoons image

    kiwi: you must be really weakened after your crash diet image  make sure you don't get anaemic ...

    Bro: that was a brilliantly fast run by you image  completely agree on the cold and rain making running so much easier. Been trying to get fast over the summer for donkey's years now and it never worked. Next year I will simply stick to maintenance mileage in the summer and start proper training again in September.

    Cooks: congrats on your marathon feat. Sounds a right old beast that one ...

    KFC: it it's in the paper it must be true image

  • Spoons/2old - You need to get one of those fitness apps, where you log everything you do, then it will give you graphs etc, showing your progressimage

  • Simon:  you have been at home too long!!

  • Hi everyone, sorry, haven't checked in for a while. Sounds like I've missed a great weekend of racing.

    kfc - absolutely brilliant performance from you and a big chunk off your pb image

    Pinklady - well done on your pb too!

    O4S - you never cease to amaze us all. That is a cracking time and I'm sure if they'd had categories you would have won quite a few below yours too!

    Freemers - nice HM off no specific training.

    DD and Cooks - they sound like really tough events, although Cooks your marathon PW is still better than my PB image

    Spoons/Redwood/all others on the ever-growing injury bench - best wishes for a speedy recovery. There will only be about 2 of us running in Oxford at this rate!

    Kiwi, hope you're feeling better.

    Well, after sulking a bit after my Southend 10k disappointment, I've had 3 very encouraging sessions since - club reps on a hilly course on Wednesday. 8 x 800m - averaged 5:52 and was up amongst the sub-40 guys again. Then two tempos. On Saturday, I did 7k @ 10k pace which came out at 6:26 (despite losing about 20 secs helping a woman find her dog!) and felt a lot better than I did at 7k at Southend, despite the time being exactly the same. Then on Sunday evening, I did 7.5 miles at HMP - averaged 6:52 on an undulating route and again felt strong.

    So, I'm writing Southend off as an anomaly due to warm weather and bad pacing - but I guess we'll find out on Sunday at the Yarmouth 10k!

  • Warm up the bench for me. Woke up this morning suddenly, cramp in calf.. Limping on way into work. Rotherham might just be a weekend away. image
  • FRC - Hope you get it sorted for your next 50. From what O4S reported about it last year, you'll be knee deep in ploughed fields, so you won't need to go too fast anywayimage.

    O4S - Talking of which, I sent Minni a pm asking her who HH was, and was she an axe murderer. I now realise you areimage.

  • Simon: image


  • Chick & 2old - That's great news that you both managed 10k

    2old You're right - I don't pout & couldn't match the sidekick trying to image 

    Oompa Your anger management classes seem to be going well - just don't mention Prawn T image

    Kiwi Glad your feeling better

    Carrot not long to Amsterdam now for you

    FRC Hope the calf is ok

    No running for me today as temporary on the sick bench, still have a heavy cold & headache so spent today at home - yes Simon I watched Jeremy Kyle but had to switch it off due to too much shouting!





  • There are WAY TOO MANY people on that injury bench!! Is there anyone left still running?

    That's a nice even paced race kfc, well done again.  Bike the day after a marathon?  Have a few days off!

    Peterborough will have been a decent training run for your next HM Free.  Which one is next?

    Good to hear you're getting more pain free miles in Chick! The little things we take for granted...

    Ankle doesn't sound good at all Red! Hope it's not ligaments or tendons if you heard a loud crack? Just plough into the dozey tourists!!

    How is the foot today Spoons? You'll be ripped by Christmas with your new core programme image

    Food poisoning sounds horrendous Shildon, glad to hear you're feeling better.  The run on Sunday was only 6M so not so long!

    Hope the appointment with the consultant goes well tomorrow AA.

    Good running from you two Ant and Bro.

    I don't think there is tracking Minni, we leave on Saturday morning.  Number 3899. Yes do the parkrun!

    Sounds like a good plan for that sub-3 Cooks.  Progression runs are really good.

    4.5kg Kiwi!! Nothing like being looked after...  Glad to hear you're home, hope you're getting better now.

    10K is better than nothing 2old, pace doesn't matter when there's no half marathons coming up.

    And Daren is back in the game! Pleased your confidence is back.


  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    Chick- maybe we will coordinate your recovery all the way to Boston?

    simon- I've got enough logs at the moment...but then again I'm not logging my weight meals sleep blood pressure alcohol consumptionimage...don't think I will either 

    FRC - get off the bench's full ..and you've got an ultra to do

    simon- doesn't O4S spend a lotof time Near Broadmoor? It's her part of the worldimage

    O4S- Facebook ? Next thing will be mudguards on your bike

    Darren-don't force the next 10k ...relax and you will nail it

    Pink- same as FRC- good thing B stayed in the car on Sunday

    carrot- there are two possible HMs in the next couple of months..

  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭


    Carrot- typing froze- but I won't be doing them seem pretty need to pop into a coffee shop for a relaxant image


  • 2old - No idea what's going on with calf, thought initially it was muscular, but not sure now as no pain when walking or to touch,  but feel it as soon as I try and run, so the impact or running motion is causing issue, discomfort is at top of calf near to knee and deep.

    Stretching, core and rollering for me today.


  • Swim done - 2km. All OK. Foam roller then bed.....

  • I'm still running!! Took BA out for a slow 5 mile recovery and he demanded to know why we were doing a tempo run image

    2old: of course I have mudguards on the bike ( or fenders as my American friends insist on calling them)!

    Have just entered another half marathon a week after the 50 miler in Rotherham, with a 5 mile race on the Thursday between the two. image

    I think we need some fluffy cushions for the bench..................

  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    Here's a way of making a treadmill interesting-

    hope the link works

    O4S- mudguards? I'm having doubts about you now image the HM is a recovery run I suppose ?

    Spoons- good paddle 

  • 2old: mudguards and panniers go together, a different story perhaps when I get my speed machine. The HM will just be a tempo run - entering a race makes me run a bit further and a bit faster than I would otherwise, but none of these are target HMs. My only target was the 10 mile County Champs

    nothing could make a treadmill interesting!

  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭

    Barry - that sounds similar to my calf problems after London. 6 weeks rest put it right And it's not been an issue since.  Just give it time to heal and you'll be back stronger than ever. The break did me good.

    O4S - pleased to see you're not slacking! image 

  • Morning!

    16th - 47 press ups, 27 squats, 10 lunges
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