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  • 2old - No don't bake, any cooking is care of Waitrose.

    Glyn - Don't forget I had to start from scratch after shoulder op, so keep at it. Then just when you're about back to 20milers, you can get injured again lol.

    AA - Ride London, is that the easy version of 'ride to London' that I did lol.
  • AA: wot 2old said. Take it easy the next few days and you'll feel fine again.

    Amazing run, Bro image

    Dog tired today - 14 miles done in the middle of the night. Now I have to get through the day at work without falling asleep. I'm having a hard time concentrating :-/

    Good stuff, Simon. You've put in a good couple of decent sessions lateley image

    Glyn: patience is the key. I'm sure a few months down the line you will have one of those holy shit runs and then there's no stopping youimage

    2Old wrote (see)


    Today-13k on the TM for me 10k at 12.1kmph  then 3rd from  last  at 14.5kmph and the final 2 at 15kmph.The last 3 seemed easier than the first 10 so that confused me.

    I find the only running I can tolerate on the treadie is fast stuff, so it's probably normal that those bursts of speed felt better, because the are less boring? I remember when I was still in London and a gym member I used to do the bulk of my daily mileage around Canary Wharf and hop on the mill for the reps and LT work.

    Very wet and windy weekend is forecast so I've just signed up for a low-key 14 mile race on Saturday to cover my 17 with 10@MP. It's laps around a lake so the trees should hopefully shelter us from the worst.

  • Quick check in to see how Spring training is going and despite only doing a quick read back, there's some good miles being logged as well as some good quality sessions as always from TM.image

    Hope that the niggles clear up quickly.

    Is Brol the first up at Seville, or is anyone else's Mara sooner?

  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    Simon-cant bake? What did you do with your time recovering from that bike injury? image

    Chick-you are right about faster running breaking up the mind numbing boredom of the TM/ Looks like a good paln for your LR-feeling better now?

    10miles TM session including intervals of 5x5mins at 15kmph with 2 min jogs in between. Heart and lungs didnt feel over taxed but did feel a few niggles in my right ankle and my right hamstring which is probably causing the problem.

  • 2old/Simon - Good TM sessions.

     4 miles slow for me into work last night and 8 including 6 fartlek home this morning.  Abingdon entry is open and I'm in.

  • Col- well done on the 1st 20 miler.

    Barry- falling asleep at the dentist is a whole new level of tiredness!

    AA- you'll be fine without the garmin, you've done it before!

    O4S- fast and hilly 10k should not all go in one sentence (green face). Good session.

    Simon- nice progressive session.

    Chick- hope you managed to stay awake at work!

    2Old- speedy TM intervals.

  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭

    Chick - good idea to book the race for the quality miles. I'm getting rather sick of the dark mornings and running the same routes. Well done fur doing the 14. 

    Freemers - take care if that foot. The GP prescribed Naproxen, which I now swear by. Might be worth seeing if you can get something? 

    AA - I'd like to say don't be nervous but I know I'd feel the saMe. Just try to remember that a few months ago you didn't know if you'd be running yet. 

    Brol - how's the taper? 

    I'm pleased to say I'm feeling much better, fingers crossed. Even my hip feels much improved.  Hopefully whatever is was was flushed down the toilet at the weekend! 


  • Freemers I've been pretty good in sticking to my training plan & you're right whatever happens on Sunday I should have a PB! image Tempted to enter another half but waiting to see how I do on Sunday. Look after your foot

    Col Nice 20 there. My attitude to hills is to tackle them head on & to have a sense of achievement when you reach the top

    Chick how's the hip?

    AA I'm just about calm by not thinking about it too much. I will probably drive Barry round the twist the day before. Yeah he will definitely have a good race.

    Cheers KFC

    Brol It's not the first time Barry has fallen asleep in the dentist! image

    Minni Good your feeling better

    It's absolutely chucking it down tonight & I'm hoping the weather will be kind on Sunday.

    Had to abandon hill work today as I hadn't packed some essential kit! I had trainer's! Very disappointed with my stupidity but have all the correct items packed for tomorrow - so hills here I come!

  • Barry - I used to work in retail years ago, doing 60+hr weeks. I used to fall asleep everywhere, in the cinema watching Aliens3image.

    Minni - Glad your feeling better. Naproxen is good, it's one of the meds my girlfriend takes when her back goes into spasm.

    Pink - No barefoot hill sesh?

  • Minni - glad things have settled down. Not sure I want to go onto the hard drugs yet (I mean, how well do they mix with wine?), but I'll keep it in mindimage
  • Minni- glad to hear you're on the  mend. The taper is going well. I'm feeling fat, slow, unfit and bored... so everything seems to be in order!image

    Tube strike today so working from home. Need to pop out for 6x 3min intervals but it's looking rather windy out there at the moment.

  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    Minni-pleased to see you are better--you need to be with all the runs you are doing.HM back on Sundays schedule now?

    Simon- I found Harry Potter and Lord of The Rings good for sleep. I get an allergic reaction to Naproxen

    Bro-how I wish I was on my taper now-where is Mr Z-we need a taper now? At least the strike has justified a run you would have done anyway

    Pink-oops-you are as bad as me for forgetting things-I always leave spare stuff in my car-just in caseimage

    Barry-nice double

    A windy 12ish  miler planned for later today


  • Minni - Good news.

    Think me running doubles around my night shift has caught up with me, ran into work last night in the wind and rain.  Did n't feel right, worse than normal, only 6 miles with middle 4 quick,  could n't achieve any sort of pace and  the outside of my right ankle was v painful from halfway, tightened up over night at work.  The run home this morning was a jog/walk effort with the same pain so a couple of days rest is required.

  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    Barry- I agree,back off a bit,you'll soon recover.Dont blow it just as your taper approaches as I did last year. Looks like my run tonight is going to be in the same carp conditions as yours.  Ive signed up for Abingdon too but Im not 100% certain I will get to do it.

    So my year is starting to take shape-Feb Maddog 10k, March Liverpool HM, April Boston , May Edinburgh HM, June Southport/Windermere Tri, October Abbingdon, That  leaves the Summer though I have a few ideas..

  • Minni - good that it's all feeling better. 

    Bro - sounds like you are right where you should be. 

    Barry - noooo... Defo take some rest now. 

    Pink - hope you are feeling good. The road signs are up (scary face)!

    took yesterday off and did 7 miles with 5x1000m efforts today on the tready. 

    The wind looks like it might be an issue on Sunday now. I have decided to "run on feel" and only have the garmin on Stopwatch. We have been battered with the storms an the lanes are all flooded again. (Angry face)!

  • 2old - pray tell! A summer triathlon!?

    i might enter Abo...

    still not heard about the ride london 100 yet. Simon - it's 100 miles @ London and the Olympic route up box hill. Not as hard as your epic last yearimage

  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    AA-How were the reps? You arent complaining so must have been good. No floods here just storms. At least you will fly in the HM when the wind is behind you. Do you know the route? Maybe its wind behind you all the way and downhill the rest. My plans for the Summer are developing subject to a need for considerable flexibility (not telling!image  ) and anyway I havent had a swim since November and only been on a bike once since then too.

  • Brrrrr it's vile out there. Back from my 6x 3min efforts at around 6.40mm. It wasn't pleasant. Firmly positioned on the sofa now.

    AA- hope the wind dies down by Sunday.

    Barry- ouch, watch that ankle. How long until the taper?

    2Old- enjoy our 12 miler if it's at all possible with this weather.

  • Weather here is apocalyptic!!  I am going out - I may be some time...................

  • 2old- Very mysterious but good set of races planned. Yeah I'm also kinda getting used to injury hampered campaigns, broke down after Wokingham last year which wrecked VLM training, then 4 weeks before Berlin had issues which were n't as bad but caused problems come race day.

    Brol -  Nice repeats in the naff weather.  Barcelona is 5 weeks this sunday, plan was Wokingham this Sunday followed by 2 more 20's then tapir.

    AA -  Looks like a strong wind from the west Sunday, if I remember right the long straights of the race are north/south, just got to find a pack to run behind.

  • Barry - yes we are north / south aren't we.

    2old - done it many times. Know the course well. 3-10 miles is pretty flat. 

    Ive just entered abingdon. whoops!

  • AA I'm feeling better than I was about it. Still apprehensive. Looks like i'll be meeting you at Abingdon too then as I won't be running but will be there to support Barry.

    Simon No barefoot - I'd be worried about stepping in something image

    2Old how did the 12 miler go? I was mad at myself for not packing the kit I needed. Made up for it today though!

    Spent today listening to various bits of advice for Sunday - the main one being not to set off like i'm a crazy person! Then said crazy person (me) went out for 3 miles of hills at lunchtime in the pouring rain & heavy winds. Looked like a drowned rat when I returned but I'm guessing that maybe a practice for Sunday as the weather is not going to be kind! (sad face)

  • Eek, AA and Barry you have spured me on - very excited just entered Abingdon too image Still not running this week, was at the fizz last night, another week of exercising and icing, but feeling hopeful that will get it sorted once and for all.

    Pink - you will be fab on Sunday, your training has been going well, as they say - 'trust in the training'.

    O4S - you are very brave, venturing out in the storms!

    Brol - nice reps, not long till tapering now.

    2Old - all very mysterious, an iron man in the pipeline......?

    Barry - hope resting up does the trick.

    Minni - must have been horrid throwing up after your runs, good you're feeling better now.

    Freemers - is your foot settled now?

    Time for me to get on with the boring physio exercises, will do anything to get this knee back up and running!

  • Kiwi - whoop whoop. Team minni represented at Abingdon and a week earlier in York! 

  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭

    Hey that's brilliant news AA and Kiwi!  

    10 miles done this evening and feeling much stronger all round. image 

  • kfc.kfc. ✭✭✭

    Glyn - yep, I was on the comeback last year.  Built up really gradually over the 4 months to VLM and gave myself some strict rules - 3 runs a week, at least 1 day off between runs, and very gradual building up of my long run distance.  Given that didn't add up to much I tried to make sure each session had a specific purpose.  I was doing something quite different to lots on here, but found what they were up to inspiring for what I wanted to aim to get back to.  Sounds like your comeback is continuing well!

    Hey oompa - hows knee 2 doing?

    Eek Barry - hope a couple of days rest does the trick.  Running to and from night shifts = brutal

    Exciting seeing entries for abingdon!  


    Ran too and from work yesterday - 13M total, heavy tired legs.  Rested today.  Thinking of doing a progressive 10 on Friday, parkrun saturday then HM Sunday.  Ideal taper? image

  • kfc.kfc. ✭✭✭

    xpost minni - great news

  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    Kiwi- me IM ha ha . Another Abbo convert. Do the exercises they should work for you...keep the faith

    pink- loved my stormy run tonight ...looks like you did yours too

    Barry-injury will not affect this one negative thoughts now . Miss the HM if necessary ,it's not important as far as your marathon is concerned . I didn't do any races in 2012 before VLM fearing injury and did 3.14

    AA- will there be a pack to shelter behind who can run as fast as you...or will it be a line of single shivering racers?

    really enjoyed my 12 mile run ... Mix of hills and  bits around MP. Very windy and heavy showers. 7.34 mm av




  • yes you are right KFC its why im posting on here despite having no right to be hanging around  with the achievements and performances of folk on here ....its something to aim towards for me and making each small step worthwhile while I try and kick start the engine again.

    bagged another 5 tonight and I can feel some major changes after just 3 weeks to be honest considering  5 runs per wk now !!




  • This what you racers  need........



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