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    Hey all, hope everyone had a good weekend. 

    I finally got my shit together, went for a swim on Friday morning and then participated in my supersprint tri on Sunday. 400m pool swim, 20k bike and 5k run which is actually short.

    And I can't believe it but I actually managed to do my swim in the 10:30 that I put down when I entered (3 people overtook me, but I managed to overtake a lady who did very slow fc). Bike had some really hard bits, quite soon after starting there is a  long, long uphill and both times I've done this tri I just can't get up it in one go. I did actually walk a little bit before getting back on. And although the garmin connect elevation data wants to tell me that the run is almost flat, that is so not the case, the first half is very steady uphill and my legs were just like wooden blocks when I set off. I always run more and more on each of the 3 laps.

    But I finished, and I was only about minute slower than in 2014 and this year I beat a lady I know by about 4-5 minutes. My total time was 1:39:49 and I'm very pleased with that. :)

    All thoughts of maybe doing a half ironman next year have been knocked out of my head though. Not a chance I'd be ready for that. Funnily enough, I have had no ill effects from the tri, no doms or anything and I'm quite surprised. I can feel my quads are bit tired and I can feel my triceps but nothing as bad as I though.

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    That's great news Mikasa!

    Congrats on the swim and even better that you had no doms. Could you not do a half event later next year?

    I have not done much since my tri, injured my wrist at work so can't handle going on the bike due to the shocks going through it and it also means I've not been swimming since.
  • Like to say hello to you all.
    My plan was to enter my first tri in September in the hope that I could build up to 16 lengths crawl. Then I went mad and entered the Miners Trial sprint in Highley, Shropshire which took place in May - probably a bit more challenging for a newbie due to the hills but the aching was nice kind of pain. So hilly that the run had a seperate time result for the hill at the end, there were a few folk actually walking it in places it was that steep. Swimming was in an outdoor pool which for some reason seemed to look like it had a wave machine on the go. It was a struggle but managed a slow crawl without stopping. Having done the swim I tried pushing the bike by the saddle like a real triathlete running up to mounting line but it turned in to me and I crashed over it in a heap - got a few war wounds still to show for it. Then when I got on it the bike went nowhere, the fall had taken the chain off probably explaining why I had a gashed ankle. Finally got going on my wifes hybrid - I had removed the pannier and mud guards to try make it look a bit more like a road bike. She said that she could spot me easily because I was the only one sitting upright whilst everyone else had their head down. But managed to finish and really enjoyed, saying hello and thanks to everyone on way round, especially the wonderful marshalls.
    Inspired by all of you here, not forgetting my son, who competed at Kona last year.
    Since then have talked my running mate Steve into doing sprint tri with me in September. Mate, if you read this you need to get yourself registed here and post an intro.
  • Hi mate. Will post an intro when i've worked it out. Training again tomorrow.
  • Hi all. Started training for Sprint triathlon in September. Managed to do 16 lengths of the pool yesterday and then went straight into the gym for twenty minutes bike ride, best I can do as my bike was stolen out my shed.
    Hopefully same again tomorrow 16 laps of the pool and more indoor biking. Anyone got any training plans or advice would be great. Thanks. Skin and bones you are to blame for this madness.
  • BrewyBrewy ✭✭
    Welcome skinandbones and greeny!

    Which Tri are you signed up for in September?
  • Wombourne sprint triathlon on 3/9/17  brewy. Its on the outskirts of Wolverhampton.
  • Thanks for the welcome Brewy. Will be with Greeny at the Wombourne Sprint. Its run by Black Country Triathlon and they are also doing a free novice/newbie training day in August for all entrants which is a great idea.
    I'm half thinking of a couple of last minute entries to a couple sprints before that. I did my first open water swim at a nearby reservoir organised by the lovely people from Warley Wasps Tri Club. I hired a wetsuit from them and did a 400m circuit. Think I actually swam a lot further as I kept heading off course. Totally true what they say, legs stayed up with the buoyancy, way easier than in the pool. It was a Huub with 5mm in lower half, keeping the legsup. So would like to try an open water Tri, think it would probably be 75m. Looking for a suit now. I'm 6ft but only just over 11stone, have even gone under this a few times this year - hence why I called mysel SkinandBones. Call me Bones if you like less typing.
  • BrewyBrewy ✭✭
    I've just got the days off from work to sign up for a sprint on 10th September in Fleetwood.

    Now I have to find my training mojo again, 2 weeks all inclusive spoilt me and ruined my training.

    I've not tried open water yet, the place near me has had to shut due to algae.

    I wish a few more would do that novice training day, I didn't have a clue when I turned up to my first one
  • mikasamikasa ✭✭✭
    Hey everyone! Bit quiet around here nowadays.

    How is everyone's training going? I signed up for another sprint triathlon a while ago and now I'm slightly regretting it. It's on the 10th of September so just two weeks away and I realised  the other day that I haven't run or cycled in 6 weeks (well, I did do a week of downhill mtb but it's not quite the same) and I haven't swam properly since the last tri. But there is chip timing, a medal (never had a medal yet from any of the tri's I've done) and a BBQ all included so I guess it'll be worth it even if I'm going to be the slowest ever!

    I've also booked a half marathon for 8th of October and the training started well for that but my longest run has been 11k. So this week I had a very short run to get the legs moving again (1.3 miles, just to get me out of the door really) and then yesterday I decided I needed to do a longer run, plan was for 6 miles. Sensible I decided on 5min run/ 1min walk from the start. I think it was at about 4-4.5 miles when my outer thighs started to get tired but I carried on and managed 5.5 miles altogether. Had to have a cold bath when I got home to sooth the legs. I was pretty stiff this morning but starting to feel better already.

    Now I just need a plan of what to do in the next 5 weeks to get me ready for this half mara. Any ideas more than welcome!
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    Hi Skin and Bones and Greeny45, welcome, its a bit quiet in here with holidays and stuff.

    Mikasa, I know you will enjoy the tri, I would have entered it but have a celebration event that day so logistically could not be in 2 places at once.

    I have been doing little. Very few rides, still trying to run/walk and managed 2 open water swims. The tendonitis in my arms has flared up again after it seemed to get sorted.
    I have managed to get to a pay as you go gym with some really keen trainers so going to a spin class tomorrow and it has power readings which I have not looked at before, expecting to be very poor and beginner level.

    Must start looking at some more events to aim for, otherwise I will become a couch potato.

  • Currently doing no training due to my arm being in a sling. Been about 3 weeks so far and got another 3 to go, and I'm fed up of it.
  • SteadyCJSteadyCJ ✭✭✭

    Aww Mallowpuff, I know that feeling well after breaking my wrist in 4 places and not being able to do much. You will get back no problem, just start planning all those mad events you want to enter for next year.

  • I've already entered all my mad events for next year ;)
  • mikasamikasa ✭✭✭
    Oh that's a pain Steady and Mallowpuff! Wishing you a good and speedy recovery.
  • SteadyCJSteadyCJ ✭✭✭
    Hope that Pete in the Hills that used to post on here is Ok, he is out in the Houston Texas area.
  • SteadyCJSteadyCJ ✭✭✭

    Mikasa I broke my arm a few years ago but Mallowpuff is the one with the current injury.

  • hi all

    I have been away for a while, not done much for the last 3/4 weeks and have a marathon on 8th October!

    Yes, I have been thinking about Pete too, hope he is ok

    mikasa - you will be fine at the sprint, who cares if you are slow? No-one except you, so just tick over until then, nothing big, and do it :)
  • Hi MC. But you have been consistent before and it's not your first marathon so you'll be fine no doubt.

    Yes, I will be fine for the sprint. I think this year the point has been just to enter some events as I know I'm not fit enough to be happy with my results. But I'm always happy when I've completed what I set out to do. Don't even care if I'm last as long as I get my medal! :)

    Did my first run commute from work to home last night. Set out bit too fast but it is slightly downhill at the start. Managed to run all the way as well which always makes me happy. 4.6 miles and may start doing this as a regular midweek run. Not been running enough recently though and my hips were very achy during the night. 

  • My next sprint tri is this Sunday. And my swim time is at 07:15! Omg, I'm hardly ever wake at that time, much less ready to start a triathlon. Well, I'm going to do my best... 

    Had some kind of 24 hour bug as well between Sunday night and Monday, was throwing up during the night and then stayed at home on Monday. No after effects though and managed a short run today. Can't wait for this tri to be over and then I can just concentrate on the half mara training (not that I've actually done anything towards the tri but at least the stress of it is out of the way).
  • Ok, I did it. And part from the run, I enjoyed it. There were only 3 in my lane and I decided to take it easy (to save my legs as I do breaststroke) but manage to do 10:36 (10:30 being the time I put down). Cycle route was nice as well, just one hill really which had to be done twice as the southern lap was done twice, time was 56:53 for 23k which I was very happy with. Manage to mess up my garmin so no route but the event had chip timing. Though I couldn't feel my feet, I manage to start running straight away and at the start I really thought that if I took it easy, I might be able to run all the way (something I've not manage to do in any of my tri's previously). But it wasn't to be. I was definitely the slowest runner out there, but I was happy with my 35:52. My printout said I was the last of my age group but hey ho, we can't all be winners. Really happy I did it but so happy I don't have another one booked.
  • yay, well done mikasa!! The run is always a bugger if you haven't really been training - the bike just takes it all out of your legs

    I nearly spent the day in bed, but then the thought of a marathon in 4 weeks forced me out and I did a 10 mile slow run/walk
  • Hello! (Long time lurker - New poster). I did a relay Ironman yesterday and my top tip would be do a cheap local course first. There's so much to get your head round, I think it takes a race or two before you'll be able to achieve times you're not a bit disappointed with, as you'll forget your ankle chip, or miss a time barrier, or draft, or break some rule or other! A bit of trial and error to get you warmed into the sport before you go for a more serious race!
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    Hello Patmo. I've done a few sprint tri's now, all of which have been more low key so it was really nice to do a 'proper' chip timed one and I finally got a medal as well. I'm not really disappointed as I'm rather unfit at the moment. I'm actually really pleased how well I've done considering my training. I'm entering events to get myself going again. I would have given this one a miss probably if it would have been cheaper but really glad I did it now. It's being outside, doing some exercise and doing your best. I doubt I'm ever going to win races/ age groups so happy to just take part. And got to talk to lots of nice people too.

    Thanks Mathschick and well done on getting out there! Which marathon are you doing again?
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    Results are in, I was the last of the women (36/36) but not last over all (88/91) and not even last in my age group (43/45) so I must of beaten some men! :smile:  My time was 1:48:52. I did notice that I was definitely the slowest runner in the mix but I did overtake a guy on a road bike. Small victories...

  • Hello all, not done much training recently but I did a sprint tri today.

    Wet is an understatement! No idea on my time as I stopped my Garmin mid bike! Doh!

    Still enjoyed it even though I was very soggy.

    Great work Mikasa, especially after the bug!
  • well done Brewy!

    mikasa - I am doing the Yorkshire marathon in York. I did it a couple of years ago, it was great
  • Great stuff Brewy. Where was your tri?
  • It was in fleetwood, official time 1:30 
  • I did my first triathlon event this Saturday - called the Evergreen Endurance 228. Was in Chamonix and probably the worst weather I've ever been out in. Torrential rain that turned to snow. But they shortened the run from marathon to a 10km with 1800ft climbing, and I won it! I guess that's the joy of being in a relay team. Most people's legs are in bits by the time you get to the run. Very expensive way to run a 10km race, though!
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